Back to the grind

Good evening and happy Monday! The vacation is very much over… I’m going to my internship tomorrow and waitressing three days this week.  No matter… 10 days was just the right amount of time, and it feels good to be getting back into the swing of things again.  My schedule’s going to be a little funky for the rest of the summer (and probably longer…) since I’ll be working nights a lot, but… welcome to the real world.

Yesterday (it already feels like so long ago!) we woke up bright and early for one last breakfast in Berlin.


I got my usual: sunflower-seed roll with jam and honey, one egg, veggies and fruit.


One last cup of coffee for the road…


I’m really going to miss this bread.


When we got to the airport, [after stopping by duty free and stocking up on Haribo gummies and dark chocolate] we hot-footed it to an outdoor café that provides a literally front-row view of all the planes taking off.


My allergies have been terrible recently, so I ordered a glass of freshly- squeezed orange juice.


Word to the wise: when you travel on a flight long enough for a meal, order the Asian Vegetarian option.  It’s usually Indian food, and far more edible than the other cheese-packed options.


I didn’t take photos the rest of the day because it was completely out of whack.  I’m still feeling pretty shoddy, and the airplane ride (during which I was surrounded by screaming babies on three sides) surely didn’t help.  Even now, 36 hours later, my ears are still stuffed up and I feel like I’m under water. Whine whine whine…  I did, however, get whisked away to a BBQ at Ari’s house, which was lots of fun.  (I had Modelo & cheese, in case you’re wondering… a perfectly balanced meal if you ask me!)

This morning I made a breakfast sandwich with a Flatout Kids wrap, egg whites, pepper jack cheese, arugula, and hot salsa.  Green grapes rounded out the meal and quenched my thirst… I’ve been so dehydrated lately!


We lounged around this morning and caught up on some Netflix before I finally hauled my booty out of bed and went for a run.  I haven’t exercised in almost two weeks, and it felt great! I only went out for about 20 minutes, but… sorry to be gross… it felt so good to just sweat. My heart rate monitor was working, which helped make it a stress-free workout.

Total time: 25:13 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 202

Average heart rate: 180

Calories burned: 315

I was craving green things and vegetables, so I went to a make-your-own salad place for lunch.  My bowl had mixed greens, grape tomatoes, carrots, kidney beans, cucumbers and hummus.


I drank a large iced coffee with skim milk and Sugar in the Raw.


I got honey mustard dressing on the side, but I didn’t end up using it…  I really like mixing the hummus into my salads instead.


Ari and I both had some work to get done, so we went to Starbucks.  It’s the only place in our neighborhood that has WiFi, but it’s $3.99/2 hours! That’s half of what I paid for an entire MONTH in my apartment in St. Paul. We got robbed, huh? The AC was on full-blast, and totally uncharacteristically I neglected to bring a sweater.  It was pouring outside (also no umbrella!) so we stayed in the Bizzle for more than 3 hours until our lips turned blue.

We haven’t gone grocery shopping and the boy was really hankering for Panera, so that’s where we went. I got 1/2 Strawberry Poppyseed Salad:


And 1/2 Veggie Mediterranean Sandwich.  Yeah, I can eat hummus 2 x in one day if I want!


The apple tasted strangely like butter…


I just snacked on a Pecan Pie Larabar while packing, cleaning, and watching Fanboys… how’s that for multi-tasking?


Work is going to feel pretty early tomorrow morning, so I’m off to beddy.  I’m ridiculously behind on blog reading, but know that I’m thinking about you! I’ll catch up ASAP 🙂

Bonne nuit 🙂


13 responses to “Back to the grind

  1. I would miss that bread too! I also just wanted to comment on the complete bright orange color of that fresh orange juice!

    I could eat hummus 3x a day. Yippee!!!

  2. welcome home!

    I am now obsessed with using hummus instead of dressing- so good!

    I think that if you get a Starbucks card (you only need to put like $5 on it) you get free internet once you register the card- also get free refilles (as many as you want), free syrups, etc and some other perks 🙂

  3. So I definitely think I had a similar experience at panera involving a butter-like tasting apple! So bizarre!?!

    I’m sorry the plane ride back was a bit hectic, crying kids are NEVER FUN…in my opinion! But now you’re back home and safe, and hopefully getting back to work won’t be too brutal!

    But glad you got some nice Ari time in too! Being stuck in starbucks isn’t the worse thing in the world…..relaxing music, WIFI & warm, comforting drinks! Sounds good to me! 🙂


    I hope you feel better soon so that when you have some free time we can hang out 😀

  5. So fun! I always hit up the duty-free shops for candy on the way home… gotta use up those extra Euros.

    I just booked my flight to Nairobi and I think I got the Asian veggie option! Yours looks good.

    Hope you have a good re-settlement at home.

  6. blueeyedheart

    Welcome home!! 😉 It’s always hard to get back in the rhythm of things after a vacation, isn’t it??

    ❤ ❤

  7. Its always tough to get back in the swing of things after a vaca- especially a fabulous one like you had! That sunflower-seed roll looks fantastic. Hope you have a good one

  8. oh Katie, my love—I am so glad that I can share a little secret with you to make your life that much better. BUY A STARBUCKS CARD! then all you have to do is register it and you get free internet (and other stuff too—like free soy milk and sf syrups). This was literally my lifesaver at school because I went to starbucks ALL the time to escape my prison cell of a room.

    I’m glad you had an awesome trip and a safe flight home and hopefully you feel better soon!

  9. Ewww I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate when my ears won’t unplug!

    Nice Panera combo! Glad you made it home safe and sound – next time you go to Europe, I’m packing myself in your suitcase 😀

  10. ahh what an amazing trip, it seems like you had a blast and i loved reading about it! so glad you’re back safe and sound, and good luck catching up — it was tough for me to shake the jet lag when i got back, but it seems like you’re doing a great job!

  11. you had some of my FAVORITE foods!
    love the panera sammie and larabar 🙂
    cute scarf by the way!

  12. That bread does look!

    I hope you feel your best tomorrow! 😀

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