Morning! Sorry for my lack of post yesterday… I didn’t get home from work until close to 2, at which point I probably wouldn’t be spewing coherent sentences anyway.  Unfortunately, that’ll probably happen tonight, too… alas, such is life in the service industry.

Thank you for all your well-wishes! I think they really helped… The dizziness is pretty much gone and I mostly just have a scratchy throat.

When I woke up yesterday, I went straight to the kitchen to make some Throat Coat tea.


I also had a breakfast cookie topped with an orange and a handful of vitamins (I’m low on my supply!):


I went back to sleep for three more hours, hoping that I could stockpile my rest for later tonight. (Does it work like that?) When I got up, I had a bowl of Happy Herbivore’s Spicy Thai Coconut Corn Soup, which I topped with cherry tomatoes


And… a crack wrap! It has been too long, sweet crack, too long. This one was pretty sexy; it was stuffed with Roasted Red Pepper Sabra, 1 slice of fat-free American cheese and 1/2 slice of Pepperjack. Didn’t even need to be dipped in hot sauce!


Throat Coat doesn’t taste quite so good cold…


After lunch, Ari and I went to a nearby deli to use the free WiFi (take THAT, Starbucks!).  It was a little cold out, so I got a black coffee instead of my iced summer usual.


Around 3:30, an hour before work, I had an Apricot Clif bar.


Food planning on days I wait tables is always tricky.  I don’t eat dinner until 10 or 11, and dinner is usually just a salad (with shrimp and some veggies, if I’m lucky, and my favorite chef is working).  This held me over (I don’t know how) until 10 last night, when I ate, but usually I get so hungry and end up eating a lot of bread and bar oranges 😉  I need things that are small and I can keep in my apron, like packets of instant oatmeal.  I could probably also bring some trail mix… do you have any ideas?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of my dinner (mixed greens with veggies and fried shrimp… I got lucky!), but I do have a very special treat sent all the way from Mexico, from my beloved friend (and former professor), Naca.

Mexico sounds pretty glorious, on this cold and rainy day.  Without further ado, I give you Naca, in her own words.

so, i’ve been at my friends’ place in huatulco, mexico (http://casatulco.com/contact_us.html) for the past week. and, every few hours or so, i’m blown away by some new sabor. a few perfectly vegetarian. some organic. all made with pitch-perfect care.  as you’ll see. i can only send you like one a day. they’re so beautiful. i swear they’re rearranging my beliefs…


first. i have to show you this dish made by my friend veronica’s mom, maria teresa. it’s roasted nopal cactus with a roasted slice of oaxaqueno cheese, topped with a mild (not acidity) tomato sauce. this is breakfast. of course, that’s freshly squeezed o.j. in the background.


the chef:

the chef1

here’s the evidence. enjoy! naca


15 responses to “Wait-a-billy

  1. Bars are your friend in such cases… 😉

    I hope you feel 100% better soon!!

    ❤ ❤

  2. hmm maybe some veggie sticks with nut butter or fruit with cheese?

  3. First off, gorgeous crack wrap…and Naca’s breakfast looks rather “crack wrapish” too, no?

    My favorite packable, filling snack is Kashi Go Lean with almonds and raisins! To me, its much more filling than just trail mix.

  4. That crack wrap sounds amazing!!! Mixing two different cheese and throwin’ in a different type of hummus?! Hmmm, I may have to try this, asap!

    I’d say if you don’t mind more snacky foods for dinner, then definitely bring trail mixes, oatmeal (like you said), plus some of the heftier bars out there (like PROBARS). 🙂

  5. That’s so nice that you’re that close to your former professor!

    I like what Sarah said, it is basically a Mexican crack wrap.

  6. hope you are feeling better! Crack wraps have magical powers- I had one today. So good! I have a breakfast cookie sitting in the fridge (first one) and it’s not looking good…lol. Breakfast will be interesting.

    What about trail mix to keep in your pocket? You can make your own with some cereal, nuts, fruit, etc? Or cut up a Clif bar? Or bake some fruity proteiny muffins/bars? or sweet talk ALL the chefs? 😛

    Love your friends cooking! Ah, Mexico…*off to daydream*

  7. Awww what a great addition from your professor!

    Just reading about your day makes me super sleeps! I don’t know how you do it all!

    Hmm…small things? Peanut butter crackers 😀 Or trail mix like you said. By the way Jim’s cousin was at my house this morning – watch for him tomorrow!

  8. nice! i need to get on this crack wrap business.

    I had to comment for that reason, but also because Throat Coat is DELICIOUS! Do you love it?

  10. my favorite snacks for my awesome 15 minute break at the levi’s store:
    1. (granola) bars
    2. fruit leather
    3. pre-sliced fruit or vegs (maybe a little hard to carry in an apron, but easy to eat)
    4. string cheese
    5. applesauce
    (and if you have 5+ minutes–annie’s single serving macaroni. fast, easy, and flat.)

  11. I agree, Throat Coat is a little funky-tasting.

    When I worked in retail, I would bring a bunch of little snack-like things for dinner and nibble on them throughout the night. I would keep them behind the counter and eat when no one was looking. Or so I thought. hah.

  12. That Mexican dish looks great!

    Glad you have a nice chef to make you some yummy dinner!

    I would usually bring a granola bar when I worked in retail because I could eat it quick when I was in the back!

  13. how did you like the apricot cliff bar?
    i saw it at whole foods awhile ago, but was a bit hesitant. Thats good it held you over for so long 🙂

  14. breadandwithit

    PB & J? Sliced apple? Extra-sharp cheddar? 1/2 banana? l/2 avocado & lemon wedge in baggie? Cheerios? Raisins & almonds? Ditto walnuts?
    This is universal question, and worth exploring.

  15. You’ve been soooo busy! I hope you get a nice break soon. I want to try that corn soup- it looks amazing!

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