Guest Post: Saborista

I’m slowly learning that Huatulco is a hidden gem for foodies. The food remains true to it’s Zapotec roots, in flavor and preparation, while incorporating influences from its newest transplants who come from around the globe.
across from Plumas
Perhaps my favorite–not just night time–treat place is Paletería Zamora, which sits on a main corner of the zocalo at Santa Cruzita.

paletería aguas

Paletas are a type of Mexican popsicle, made from fresh fruit and sometimes cream. I’m not that much of a sweets person, unless the sabor is–or is infused–with a complex, fresh fruit scent, especially tropical fruit. Paletería Zamora doesn’t just sell paletas. They sell paletas, of maybe thirty different flavors.


What I love is PZ’s helado (ice cream) and–as you’ll see below–my new favorite thing in the world, horchata.


Walking into PZ, a case full of fresh fruit and nut ice creams meet you. The nuez (pecan) is one of my pal’s, the painter Omar Rodriguez’s, favorite.


It’s so arromatic; fresh picked and roasted skin gives it an earthy, roasty smell. While the meat is sweet and buttery. That’s right. It’s sweet, buttery, and roasty at once. My favorite is the mamey (pronounced ma:h mé), an orange, fleshy fruit, with a skin, smaller than a cantaloupe, and complex as a papaya. The ice cream. I can’t even explain–except to say its got an almost potato texture, like the ube ice cream from Philippine cuisine (but ube is actually a purple root). Other flavors at PZ include fresh strawberry (fresa), and (in the pic below) Guayabana, a fruit with a large hard seed, that has a citrus scent and soft, stringy texture flesh.

My friend Veronica, who owns Casa Tulco and Casa Teca, where I’m staying, she introduced me to these delights. But it wasn’t until I actually visited PZ did I find the greatest creation of all time: the horchata de coco (coconut).

Once I tried it, I thought it was a cosmos joke. The world all the sudden became more magnificent than I thought it could be. I mean, coconut juice is a natural super food. It’s full of potassium and other replenishing minerals. Combine that with the flavor of horchata, a sweet milky drink made from rice or other seeds. But wait.
aguas yumm
Below, you see the slices of young coconut floating (right, guayabana left) in the cooler. It’s ice cold. Cold in the way mineral water is cold. The minerals in the drink are colder than the liquid itself. The milk is fragrant and soft on your tongue. That’s right, the horchata actually feels soft as you drink it!
agua de coco
Enjoy these fotos.


5 responses to “Guest Post: Saborista

  1. That is so interesting! I’ve never really had fresh coconut, one of my friends is from hawaii and says she has coconut trees in her backyard. I’d love to try something like the horchata de coco!

  2. Is this a Naca post? Everything looks so pretty and sounds delicious.

  3. awesome post!

  4. gina (fitnessista)

    coconut milk HORCHATA!!! that’s the drink of my childhood right there 😀 i can’t even imagine how good it would be with Thai coconut
    hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. sí. saborista es naca. mayapamela, i am feeling for you. i hope within a year you have the opportunity to drink the juice out of a green coco.

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