Product Reviews: Late July & Full Bar

About a week or so ago, Jessica over at Late July was kind enough to offer to send me some of their new Mini Organic Whole Grain Sandwich cookies.  Here’s some information on the company from their website:

Late July Organic Snacks is a family owned and operated company that cares deeply about family and the integrity of our products. Not only are all our products certified USDA organic and proudly wear the organic seal, but on any given day you can find three generations at work including six-year-old Stephen and two-year-old Benjamin. We all hope you enjoy our snacks!


The cookies come in two flavors: Milk Chocolate Between Endangered Animal Vanilla Cookies and White Chocolate Between Endangered Animal Chocolate CookiesLate July donates 10% of the profits to the Jane Goodall Institute.  (Little known fact: when I was in 9th grade, I wanted to become a primatologist just like Jane Goodall!)


Before sending the cookies,  Jessica warned me, “… once I open a box, I seem to eat the whole thing before I even realize it!”  I wanted to do these cookies justice, so I enlisted a panel of reviewers: Ari, Ari’s brother, and Jenny (modeling below).


Nutrition information (chocolate cookies on left, vanilla on right):


My review– Pros: I love that these are not only organic, but donate a chunk of the proceeds to a fund (one that I respect) to help animals.  They are also DELICIOUS.  Unlike bigger cookies, their small size means you get to eat 10 / serving! As I’ve said before, it’s hard for me to turn an Oreo down, so these are a substitute I can feel good about.  They’re also pretty adorable… each cookie has the imprint of an animal on it!

Cons: Jessica was right these are hard to put down. Initially, they taste a little bland, but as you keep chewing the flavor comes out.

Jenny’s review: Chocolate cookie/white chocolate cream: They don’t taste “all sugared up” and thus bland, like other cookies.  I thought I would be getting into an Oreo- and I don’t like Oreos- but it was pretty good!

Vanilla cookie/ milk chocolate cream: A little more bland than the first one…. actually, I prefer this one to the other.  You have to chew it to the everlovin’ to get the real taste of it.

Ari’s review: These aren’t good enough for the amount of calories that are in them.

Ari’s bro’s review: I do not like these.

A couple weeks of ago I spotted these Full Bars at my local Duane Reade pharmacy.  I’m always looking for portable snacks to keep me satiated during work, so I picked one up the Caramel Apple Crisp flavor.


Here’s what their website says: “Each FullBar has just 180 calories or less, which is fewer calories than in a cup of most canned applesauce.

Here’s how it works. Simply eat FullBar with an 8-ounce glass of water 30 minutes before your 2 biggest meals of the day. The upper part of your stomach is stretched out and tells your brain: “Stop! I’m full!” That’s because FullBar uses the same principles as weight-loss surgery. By meal time, you’ll eat less and your hunger will be completely satisfied.”


I didn’t follow the directions when I was at work (eating the bar with a glass of water, 30 minutes before a meal) and instead just munched on it throughout my shift.


It’s about the size of a Kashi GoLean Crunch bar:


Pros: The flavor reminded me a lot of Apple Jacks, which I wasn’t allowed to eat when I was little.  I ate it in pieces, with water, and it kept me full from 7 PM until 10 PM, so I guess it did the trick.

Cons: My first bite did not impress me.  These are very soft, with an almost Sugar Smacks-like consistency; I tend to prefer a heartier bar that I can sink my teeth into.  At $2.49/bar, this is also very expensive.  Granted, bars tend to be a lot more expensive at the drugstore than Whole Foods (which is where I’ve found the best prices so far, in both Minnesota and New York), but I haven’t seen these sold anywhere else.

When the bartender at work tasted this, he said it reminded him of something they make in Bangladesh, where he’s from.  Another waiter simply let out a big “Mmmm!”

Would I buy this again? No. I would eat it if it was in my bar stash, but it’s too expensive and not tasty enough to warrant shelling out the cost of a subway ride.


10 responses to “Product Reviews: Late July & Full Bar

  1. gina (fitnessista)

    thanks for the reviews! those little cookies look delicious 😀

  2. Seems like a strange sales angle for the FullBar – any idea if these are very successful? Seems like it’s just a fancy way of marketing a high fiber/grain bar since that’s what expands with water to keep you full! Hmmm

  3. Thanks for the reviews!! I was intrigued by the FullBar but I might have to pass on them now!

  4. emilydh211

    I have seen those cookies in the store before and wanted to try them, so thanks for the review girl!

  5. Weight-loss surgery bar? Hm. …The cookies look good, though!

  6. those bars just didn’t do it for me either. They had a weird taste too (I tried the PB flavor)

  7. A two-year-old and six-year-old are working for Late July? Doesn’t that violate child labor laws?!

    Just kidding. Mostly.

  8. Nice reviews! I how you got multiple people to give their input. I’m going to be getting a zillion muffin tops to sample soon and I think I’m going to divy them out to my family to try and review.

  9. interesting reviews — that full bar almost seems too good to be true for me! i bet my stomach would be left grumbling in no time 😉

  10. now thats the smart way to review a product! i always do that with snacky foods. wheat thins, triscuits, and the likes, stay away!!!

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