Ice Cream Worth The Year-Long Wait

Now, I appreciate Skinny Cow, Edy’s Slow Churned and other light ice cream varieties for their spectacular creations that taste indulgent (enough) without wrecking a day’s worth of healthy eats. But every year, I look forward to going to Oink’s, which is, legitimately, the best ice cream shop in the world.

The entire place is pig-themed, from the parking spots:


The façade:


I’m pretty sure my life would be a little better with a piggy weathervane.


Squealing trinkets:


The ceiling is lined with hundreds of different ice cream scoopers.


When I was younger, Chocomania used to be my favorite (the deepest chocolate ice cream you can imagine), but now I have to get Chocolate Peanut Butter.  This is a Kids scoop, but it’s still pretty big!


Crudités and Margaritas with mango-flavored salt:


Bloody Marys on the beach:


My dad was cooking crew leader the other night, and prepared a delicious meal: corn + tomato scramble, sesame cabbage, and salmon.


He also made one of the best desserts I’ve had:


No-Bake Chocolate-Raspberry Cream Pie:


And, finally, a breakfast tribute to K, in celebration of being in her state (a plain Oikos, banana, and blueberry parfait):


I’ll be back later with some fabulous Southern recipes.  In the mean time, my fingers are crossed that the skies will clear and we can get down to the beach! Have a fabulous Wednesday 🙂


17 responses to “Ice Cream Worth The Year-Long Wait

  1. I pretty sure Chris is packing the car to head to Oinks, right now.

  2. OINKS?? Too funny!! 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  3. Oinks sounds wonderful! I love local ice cream places.

  4. I have never been to Oinks but now I know if I’m ever in that hood, I’ll have to go!

    That raspberry pie looks incredible and you know I love that parfait 😉

  5. Oinks sounds great! I love old-fashioned ice cream places 😀

  6. OINKS! too freaking cute, seriously. local ice cream places are the way to go, i legit cried when the one i went to growing up shut down haha!

    love the parfait! and im sending nice weather your way… i hope! 🙂

  7. So cute! I love real, honest-to-goodness ice cream every now and then in the summer. It’s just too freaking good to pass up. Looks like you’re having a blast!

  8. I’ve got to get you up here for the Ice House or Brown’s. Holy moley, do I love a good ice cream shop. (And no, neither Grand Ole nor Izzy’s really do it for me… Crazy?!) Anywho, the little scoop looks delish and a half.

    I must make that raspberry pie soon. HB.

  9. aww oinks sounds like a great little ice cream shop!!
    wow that raspberry pie looks divine!

  10. mmm that ice cream looks great! I like the name of the place too 🙂

  11. wow that no-bake pie looks very interesting!

  12. no bake pie! wow that looks good. mmmm

  13. mmmm good ice cream is always worth the wait! That no bake pie looks out of this world

  14. homegirlcaneat

    OINKS! Oh how i love Oinks and I’ve never been. I’m not sure if it’s all the pigs in the window or the chocolate pb. Love.

  15. All this food is lookin’ GOOD Katie! OINKS is adorable….id be all about the peanut butter chocolate flavor!!

    And yummm, i’ve only had a blood mary once….but it was SO divine!

  16. Oinks looks fabulous! So does your dad’s dessert.

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