Seventeen Again


Whew, talk about a bum day.  It felt like a weekend in college: stumble out of bed, scarf down breakfast, and go back to sleep for a few hours.  Yep, insomnia has returned.  Neither Sleepytime nor Sweet Dreams teas has been working, so I’ve had to turn to more medicinal remedies… those aren’t working so well either.  Ari’s teeth are still really bothering him, so we watched Band of Outsiders and waited for sleep to come.  Hopefully tonight, since I got a run in, it’ll be a little easier.

Breakfast was a cookie I made a couple days ago, but it still tasted good!


  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 T chocolate PB2
  • 2 T almond milk
  • toppings: cinnamon, 1/2 peach

I woke up around 12:30 or 1, disoriented and a little miffed I’d let myself sleep so long because today is my only day off until next Wednesday, and I’m pretty sure I have to work that night.  Anyway, I didn’t know what I was in the mood for (we’re in a bit of a grocery slump), so I made the exact same thing I had for dinner last night: a heated wrap with a Morningstar Farms Mushroom Lovers Burger, spinach, hummus, pepper jack and salsa. If it ain’t broke…


I also had an apple while watching some more True Blood:


After lounging around in my gym clothes for several hours, I pushed my booty out the door for a run. The mapping is a little confusing for the route I take, but I think it’s about 2 miles or so.  Elise mentioned that Jillian Michaels has free weekly podcasts, so I downloaded one and listened to it on my run.  Having never watched The Biggest Loser, “Shred”-ed, or asked myself, “WWJD?” , this was my first JM experience.

I think I liked it! I didn’t get through the whole podcast, but so far I have learned one important thing: Do not consume caffeine after 3 PM. Period. Even though I just had an iced tea yesterday at 5, I was so wired and had a terrible time falling asleep last night.  In high school, I would literally drink four thermoses full of black coffee throughout the school day (don’t ask me why), but I guess my tolerance for caffeine has been severely broken down.  By keeping you awake at night, you not only miss out on sleep (obviously) but your cells don’t have time to rejuvenate.

After my run, I did 8-minute abs, level 2.  After almost 6 months, I still pant through the bicycle crunches.  I hate them! Is there an exercise move that you dread every time?

Total time: 31:49 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 198 (100%)

Average heart rate: 170 (85%)

Calories burned: 357

For some reason, I was absolutely ravenous for the rest of the day.  I snacked on a banana with almond butter around 4:30, but by 6 I was starving again.


I was starting to get some serious cabin fever from being in the house all day, so I went into the city to meet my mom for dinner. Unfortunately, she’s had a pretty bad migraine all day and had to leave to go home.  My meal was too hot to be put in a take-out container, so I quickly ate and brought my mom her food.

I ordered tofu nabe and a piece of salmon sashimi:


I forgot to put use “udon” (big, thick Japanese noodles) into my order, but the brothy soup was still good on its own.  The dish was huge, and the bottom was covered with about a pound of cabbage.  I probably ate half.

When I went home, I grabbed some dried fruit and nuts from the pantry that my parents got at the Co-Op for me for home #2:


Charley also needed a walk (and a haircut… that makes two of us), so we strolled around the park for a little.


On the way back over the bridge, I met up with Greg for some Tasti D.  I got a small cup with half peanut butter, half dutch chocolate, and peanut butter chips.  Artificial or not, I missed this stuff.


On our walk, we happened upon this gem of sidewalk art.  Pretty snazzy, hmm?


Now I’m back home, cozy in bed, watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for the 754th time and hoping my mind will be wiped clear for just one night so I can get some sleep.  I’m working a lot the next few days, so this rest would be greatly appreciated!

In unrelated news…

Check out Ari! The Upwelling is featured on’s Band Spotlight.

Have a great night. Bonne nuit 🙂


14 responses to “Seventeen Again

  1. Yay for Ari and Tasti D!!!

    I’m not a huge MJ fan, but that painting is so cool!

  2. 1. WooHoo Ari! That’s so great he’s on the website!
    2. Poor Ari for those teeth. I’ve got a bad tooth, too. I feel for him.
    3. I do hope I get some sleep-mediciney emails or texts in the near future. Insomnia sucks for you, but entertains me. Does that make me a bad person?
    Misses and Kisses!

  3. Congrats to Ari! Hope his teeth feel better soon!

    I am with you on the funky sleep schedule… Have you tried melatonin? I am going to hunt some down. Though I think I wake up because I am excited about eating breakfast 😛

    Love Tasti-D…

  4. What sushi restaurant was that? Your food looks great! Girl, you gotta try Tenzan, it is totally the best sushi on the upper west side!!

  5. I’m awful about the caffeine… but drinking diet Snapple iced tea is how I chill out at night!!! And then I wonder why I can’t sleep.

    ❤ ❤

  6. You know what – I had a HORRIBLE time trying to fall asleep again last night. I think we’re entering that ‘cycle’ again. Booooo 😦

    YAY The Upwelling! I know what I’ll be jamming to this morning 😉 I love it!

  7. i’m lovin up on that sidewalk MJ art – awesome. i’m also not good with caffeine to late. if i keep it before noon, i am usually okay to go!

    peach on a BF cookie – def trying that out!

  8. YES! I hate those damn bicycle crunches too. I would do any other ab exercise for hours just to avoid them.

    I’ve got fake fro-yo on my to-do list for the next time I’m in NYC, fo sho.

  9. homegirlcaneat

    I have ALWAYS wanted to try that famous froyo place in NYC! Reminds me of the days of Charlotte and Sex and the City…sigh..

    Salmon sashimi is my FAVORITE kind of sashimi…so goooooooood!

    And I really need to download those podcasts. I don’t know anything about Jillian, except that she is super pushy and bossy and I kind of love her for that.

  10. ughhh I hate not being able to fall asleep either! I am the same way with the coffee situation.

  11. I love Jillian Michaels podcasts. She’s all about the tough love, but it works.

  12. breadandwithit

    Anyone else having trouble with the Seventeen website? Can’t hear the music.

  13. im SO glad you love JM as much as i do…before you know it, youll be following her blindly! haha

  14. Katie! Helloooo dear, soooo the wrap sounds delicious….but is that kind of morningstar burger legit?? Mushroom flavor SOUNDS good, but could be so bad…hahahha

    And ah! True blood!! Everyone is working today so I decided to see what all the hype was about this morning and watched my first TB episode on HBO demand…ep. 1 season 2!! Soooo confusing, but I liked it??

    Good advice Jill!! I never allow myself to drink caffeine after like 2. I just worry that it will keep me up! If i’m craving coffee/tea/etc…I just get it decaf, no big deal! 🙂 I’m drinking a CAFFEINATED iced tea right now though! From Peet’s!! Hope you’re havin’ a good day! xoo

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