Tour Belly on Restaurant Week

Tonight I went out with a bunch of my music friends for good ole’ 80’s style music industry dinner . . . minus the cocaine.  It’s Restaurant week in NYC which means super fancy restaurants lower there prices dramatically to get people in the door, and, it means my friends and I can harken back to a time when people bought cds, label employees had charge cards, and guitar players wore spandex.

What else could we go out for on a night like tonight besides steak.  We went to Primehouse New York, 381 Park Avenue South at 27th Street, and I’m gonna give it a positive review.  We all had steak.  I had a sirloin cooked rare accompanied by a bacon salad and nutela ice cream desert.  Everything was very very good.  However, I have a level of expectation in regards to steak when I go to a place called the Prime House, perhaps I got the restaurant week cut, but I must say, it wasn’t amazing.

The company however was A+ top notch and we talked music and food, my two favorite subjects. Unfortunately, the night was cut short because we all had very early mornings.  I’m going to bed early because two of my closest band buddies, the All American Rejects and Third Eye Blind have very early gigs
tomorrow.  One is playing The Today Show and one is playing Good Morning America.  I know I know, not very rock and roll at all.  Hope you enjoyed restaurant week Tour Belly style.

-La petite tomate


6 responses to “Tour Belly on Restaurant Week

  1. I watched GMA this morning and thought of you guys! Nutella ice cream dessert? Yum!

  2. Yay for restaurant week! I can’t wait to go to a normally out of reach restaurant! You’re friends with the All American Rejects and Third Eye Blind?? That’s SO awesome:)

  3. I started watching “Alice.” Coooooool, but yeah, very creepy

  4. breadandwithit

    3EB and AAR are friends with The Upwelling! AWESOME.

  5. Thanks, Ari! Congrats on being featured on!!

    Nutella ice cream?!? Iwant!

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