Tastes Like Summer

Good afternoon! I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but the City is all doom and gloom today! Around noon it started pouring, and it’s been gray and rainy ever since.  No matter!

Yesterday we needed a little something to get us out of bed, and that thing just happened to be… DunkinDonuts.  Yes, you read that correctly.


I got the eggwhite garden vegetable flatbread sandwich (which comes with American cheese) and an iced coffee.  It was fine… a little strange because the eggs had clearly been pre-formed into a triangle a long time ago, because the top was completely smooth and dry.  However, it’s a good option when all you have to choose from is fast food (or your boy wants a breakfast sandwich).


I didn’t have enough time to go to the gym, so I went for a quick 2 mile run.

Total time: 23:46 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 197 (99%)

Average heart rate: 146 (73%)

Calories burned: 210

After hosing down (or taking a shower, like a civilized person) I headed into the city for a doctor’s appointment.  On the subway, I snacked on a Granny Smith apple:


After the doctor, on my walk to Union Square, I happened upon a sample station of water. I’d thought this was called “Immunity Water,” but I coudln’t find it online.  Does anyone know what this brand of water is called?


Then, hungrily, I browsed through all of the wonderful stalls at the Union Square Farmer’s Market.









Everything looked great, but I decided to go to Whole Foods for lunch instead.  There, they had another beverage station set up for samples of Mossé.  I had a taste of the cherry flavor, and liked it very much.


I was more in the mood for coconut water, and was so excited when I saw this new flavor: O.N.E.‘s Cashew Fruit! (The nutrition facts are available on their website.)





I liked it! It tasted tropical, sort of like a peachy mango.  They have a lot of other interesting flavors, and there are coupons for them in the “Whole Deals” booklets at Whole Foods.

The salad bar was better than usual.


  • Farro w/ mint & peas (I want to make this!)
  • Crunchy sprout salad
  • Vegan chicken salad (And this!)
  • Snow pea and napa cabbage slaw
  • Vegan pesto tortellini (1)
  • Mexican apple salad w/ mint (And this! Spicy but fantastic.)
  • Green beans
  • Spinach
  • Seaweed salad (And this!)


After lunch, I walked over to Trader Joe’s for an overdue grocery shop.



Back in Queens, I bought a couple more things for dinner (mostly fruits & veggies, and the new Larabar flavors).


After unloading all the groceries, I was more than ready for a snack.  I had a bowl of 0% Fage with a peach and 2 tbsp low-fat granola:


Dinner was excellent.  The new Gourmet magazine has a lot of fantastic recipes, but this one came right from the “You Asked For It” column (it was, incidentally, my job to organize these letters when I worked for Gourmet): avocado-strawberry salad with orange vinaigrette.


Who says salads have to be boring?


I halved the recipe to make two servings; I used one avocado, one orange, 1/2 pint of strawberries, and goat cheese.  I added a little tofu to round out the meal, and ta da! Instant summer.


I celebrated Wednesday by having a glass of Italian frizzante that my friend Howard brought me.  It’s a fruity prosecco that’s light and not too sweet, and went perfectly with the salad.


Dessert was the old reliable: dried fruit, dark chocolate, and almond butter.


I spent the rest of the night watching two of my favorite gentlemen duke it out… pretty fabulous Wednesday, if I do say so myself.

I also chopped off my hair again.

Photo 26

Night 🙂


20 responses to “Tastes Like Summer

  1. WHEN did you work for Gourmet? And WHY did I never know that?!?!?!?

    Also, there ain’t no shame in a little Dunkin action.

  2. Well helloooo Miss Sassy Pants! I LOOOOOOVE the hair. So chic, so adorable, so veggie patch.

  3. WholeBodyLove

    Whole Foods and Trader Joes within walking distance of one another! Wha?!! I am so jealous

  4. hey chica! How are you? Happy Friday! I’ve heard mixed reviews on the DD egg white sammies- but I hear ya, good in a pinch for sure! That farmers market looks WONDERFUL! I love how good the fresh green and wax beans look. And a beautiful salad for din din- the dressing sounds especially tasty

  5. Love farmer’s markets!! …. and eating Whole Foods, ha. I hear ya … I always want to make everything I eat there!

  6. Love the hair! I worked at Gourmet Food Magazine too… 🙂

    YAY for new laras! I loved the PBJ!

    I kind of want to work at Whole Foods so I can get their recipes…hehe.

  7. Is that one of the “free” copies of _The Adderall Diaries_???

    I am trying to get my hands on one as we speak!!

  8. gina (fitnessista)

    i LOVE your hair- so gorg 😀
    i’ve been dying to try the new larabar flavors! ahhhh!!!
    i’ve been intrigued by those dunkin sandwiches for a long time- good to know they’re pretty good!
    enjoy your friday!

  9. It’s called Y water. (Thank you, Google + search skills. ;))

    Salads are never boring!!!

    Your hair looks great 🙂 … I SO need a haircut…

    ❤ ❤

  10. I love the Union Square farmer’s market, they always have the best produce:) I especially like it now that they renovated the park area. I saw that water in Fairway but I cannot remember the exact name.

    Your salad looks so pretty, I can’t believe you worked for Gourmet, how awesome!!

    Your hair looks great too, by the way, perfect for summer;)

  11. Haha I chopped my hair off too 😀 Love your new ‘do!!

  12. You worked for Gourmet?! Um, awesome. Almost as awesome as YOUR HAIR. Seriously, you rock those short ‘dos.

  13. Love your hair!!!

  14. It was doom and gloom here yesterday as well – I didn’t mind though because I was doom and gloom 😦

    Great TJs haul, WFs salad bar, and dinner! LOVE the new ‘do!! It’s very cute!

  15. makingmymove

    omg i LOVE LOVE LOVE your haircut! you rock those bangs girlfriend!

    ick i hate when NYC is all doom and gloom — but i love the TJs haul!

    have a fabulous friday! 🙂

  16. Wow your TJ already has the new larabars!!? COOL!

    wow all of that produce looks amazing 🙂 Loving the new hair do too!

  17. your hair is so gorgeous!!!!!!!! i mean…YOU are so gorgeous!!!!!!
    “Everything looked great, but I decided to go to Whole Foods for lunch instead.”
    haha i laughedddddd!

  18. love the ‘do
    love the union square pics (you should have stopped by the hospital and said hi!)
    love the WF hot bar action (farro = mmmm)
    love love loooooove the dessert plate 🙂

    oh, and i love you too!

  19. Love the hair. Also, nothing beats fresh avocado..

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