Pitter-Patter Goes My Heart

Once again, I am blown away by how sweet you all are.  Thanks so much for being so nice and understanding, and sticking with me even though I’m not always able to give you my 100%.  You make me blush!

Yesterday I overslept my alarm by TWO HOURS, so I was very happy to have followed my rules and prepared a breakfast cookie the night before.


  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 2 T skim milk
  • 1 T PB2
  • 2 strawberries (topping)

Reading furiously must make burn more calories, because I was a hungry girl all morning! A couple hours after breakfast, I had a cup of TJ’s Organic Nonfat Greek Honey Yogurt.


An hour or so later, I had a Golden Delicious apple:


I finally finished my work around 2.  (On days I work at the restaurant, I like to eat lunch as late as possible since I eat dinner at 11 or later.) I took Jess‘s suggestion and made a Meatless Meatball sandwich, on a wrap (microwaved, not grilled, to save time) with hummus and light munster cheese.


I also had a huuuuuge arugula salad with red and yellow pepper, sprayed with Bragg’s.


It didn’t make the photo, but I smothered the wrap in salsa and Frank’s Red Hot.


At work, I snacked on a fig bar.  I first heard about these from our favorite Michigan girl, and I just love them! They’re like big, smushy Fig Newtons.


We weren’t very busy at work last night, but the hours actually flew by pretty quickly and I was surprised when it was time for Ramon to ask what I wanted for dinner.

He made me a big salad with mixed greens, vegetables, and a can of imported Italian tuna (in oil). Very yummy!


On my walk to the subway, I stopped at the deli across the street from the restaurant for a fruit cup.  I ate it all in less than five minutes! It’s hard to beat fresh fruit.


All in all, a busy, but not bad, day.  And hey, at least I’m not bored! I’m enjoying an evening to myself tonight, watching Fracture.  I do love me some Ryan Gosling 😉


12 responses to “Pitter-Patter Goes My Heart

  1. Italian tuna in olive oil is so much better than our dry, lameass tuna in the US! Haven’t had it in forever, though.

  2. MMM! I always get fruit cups when I am away at school! SO refreshing!

  3. I love pretty fruit cups like that! Enjoy your night, love!

  4. Hey, at least you got some extra sleep in! 😉

    ❤ ❤

  5. Yay for sleep! 😀 I always buy tuna in spring water, then occasionally eat one canned in oil- SO much better! Aaaah. I love tuna 😀

  6. Did you like the meatless meatball wrap?? I’ve never tried it with hummus included, but it’s amzinggg grilled! Please try when you have the time! 😀

    And yum, I WILL be making that b-fast cookie very soon! I just gotta do the damn thang and try it out!

  7. oversleeping by 2 hours sounds like my everyday….

    your fruit cup looks mighty fine, girlie.

  8. I haven’t tried TJs greek yogurt yet and I really want too! All of their products are so good. The wrap with the munster cheese looks jammin. munster is one of my favorite cheeses!

  9. Ramon certainly makes beautiful salads! You can’t beat imported tuna;) Your wrap and fruit cup look great too!

  10. 2 hours?! You must have been on sleepy veggie patch!! Munster cheese is the best – nice choice 🙂

    Awwww, favorite MI girl!? You know how to make a girl feel the love, doll! Glad you liked them!!

    Oh Ryan, he is quite the stud! I could watch The Notebook over and over just because of his gorgeousness.

  11. i love fig newtons, oversleeping, breakfast cookies AND ryan gosling too. weird…. 😉

  12. LOL but every time I think of Ryan Gosling I can’t help thinking about his baby face on Mickey Mouse Club! Still, he was hot then and he’s hot now. Case closed.

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