Hit The Road, Janes!

Good afternoon and happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying the last bits of your weekend. My mom and I are in one of the most beautiful places on earth right now… sadly, I’ll have to keep you in high suspense for just a little bit longer.  But first…

Friday morning at the airport was… chaotic.  It seems that a lot of us city folk wanted to get out of the humidity!

I spotted a Starbucks near our gate and braved the line for a cup of the Perfect Oatmeal.


I splurged and bought all the toppings: brown sugar (used half), nut mixture, and dried fruit.  I also got a grande coffee and poured a healthy portion of skim milk into the cup.


I’d planned on getting a lot of work done on the 4.5 hour flight, but I was so exhausted from the last week that I slept most of the trip.  I woke up, though, to have a couple bites of my mom’s cheese:


An hour or so later, my time zone-confused tummy was ready for more.  I whipped out the Honey Bunches Grawnola Bar from One Lucky Duck that Liz had generously brought me:


The ingredients of this bar are simple and delicate: organic almonds, organic oats, organic buckwheat, organic blueberries, organic nutmeg, organic vanilla extract, organic raw honey, Himalayan crystal salt. It was both hard and crumbly, sweet and salty.  The flavors and textures blended beautifully and convinced me that I really do need to get myself over to OLD.


I also split an apple with my mom.


After landing in Salt Lake City, we hot-footed it to the rental car agency, got our car, and hit the road.


We drove 45 minutes…


… admired the mountains…


… and decided we were most certainly not in Manhattan anymore.


After we checked into our hotel and unpacked a little, we set out in search of a bite to eat.  We ended up at Clockwork Café, a cute little coffee shop on the main street.  I got the Garden: romaine, spinach, cucumbers, olives, craisins, onions, tomatoes and (upon my special request) a big glob of hummus.


I also had half a bottle of V8.


We wandered around Park City a little, taking goofy pictures…


In the tradition of our annual Mother/Daughter Weekends, we went to Mountain Body for pedicures.  Mountain Body is a  natural spa that doesn’t test on/use any animals or their products.  I wanted to buy everything in the store, including the vegan nail polish that was painted on our toes.


After we got back to the room and dolled ourselves up, we headed over to the Sky Club for the pre-wedding cocktail party.  The Sky Club is a beautiful roof-top bar that overlooks the city.


There was a great spread of cheeses and antipastos.


I started with a glass of Chardonnay and a trout-smeared cracker (which was a little too fishy for my taste).


These tempurah shrimp were my favorite… I had about 3!


My favorite foods of the night were actually the crudités; I filled up my plate at least twice with raw veggies.


In addition to the wine, I also had a dirty martini (which was a little too heavy on the olive juice).


It was wonderful to catch up with my friends!  Usually I only see this select group of people once a year, so I feel spoiled to have gotten them twice in one month.




Although the party spanned four hours, there wasn’t an actual dinner part to it and I left craving chocolate and carbs.  (I blame this more on the double shot of Patron I did with the bride-to-be….) When I got back to the room there was no chocolate to be found, so I had a fig bar.


Well, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for Part II of the Mother/Daughter Utah adventure!


9 responses to “Hit The Road, Janes!

  1. How freaking fun! I’d love to go on a special trip with my mama! A long line is always worth braving if starbucks is at the end of it. Glad you guys are enjoying such great food!!!!! You’re right, that shrimp looks mighty tasty. Can’t wait to read more

  2. Beautiful pictures!! 🙂

    I always plan to do things on planes, and never end up doing them… but I never learn that, and I keep taking a bunch of crap on board with me. :p

    ❤ ❤

  3. It’s LOVIN!!!

    I love the sassy toes and the still sassy hair. I hope you and your mama enjoy the rest of your time there together!

  4. It looks so pretty in Colorado, definitely not at all like Manhattan haha. I’m glad you’re having a fun trip:)

  5. Sounds like so much fun! keep em comin, and see you when you’re back!!

  6. Stacks on deck, patron on ice 😉

    The west is so pretty! I love the fact that it’s not, well, flat! Can’t wait for part two – sounds like you guys are having fun!

  7. vegan nail polish? i had NO idea.

    loving up on all the fun – enjoy the rest of your vacay girlie!

  8. looks like a nice time with mom. great food too! :0)

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