A Wedding on the Range

The bride and groom chose to be married at a ranch 30 miles from Park City.  We piled onto buses, and drove into the mountains.


I tried to take a picture of my hair to check it out, but I am the worst at taking photos of myself.


When we arrived at the ranch, we hiked up to the site of their “natural altar”.


It was easy to see why they chose this spot for their wedding…


The bridal party arrived, and the service was short and very sweet.


After their “I Dos” and “I Wills”, the bride and groom went to the woods to take their first walk together as a married coupe.  (It was a short walk; they came right back!)


We all went down to the ranch house for a champagne toast.


The hors d’oeuvres were very tasty. This one, a stuffed endive leaf, was similar to one I made in Michigan a few weeks ago.  (The lighting was great inside, but the photos didn’t turn out so well.)


The shrimp and goat cheese tartlettes were mighty fine.


Caprese kabobs are a clever way to prepare an old favorite, don’t you think?


The bride and groom hand selected all of the beverages.  The whiskey was local to Utah; it was very good, and tasted a little like honey. The beer was also a local brew…


… I stuck to wine.


Oakley Four Whites is a blend from Oakley, California.  I liked it quite a bit.




The light was beautiful when dinner was served.  I think the house may have been an old barn!


I was seated at a table with some of my Michigan friends (and some new friends as well).


We started with a delicious salad: romaine with strawberries, tomatoes, blue cheese, and almonds. The roll was good, but I was saving room for dessert (:-D) and only had a bite.


Dinner was served buffet-style, which was a great idea and a lot easier than trying to figure out each person’s  dietary needs.  I filled my plate with salmon topped with a corn/tomato/avocado salsa, orzo salad, and mixed veggies.  They were good, but I was hankering for salt and it was nowhere to be found.


The cake was beautiful.  The top layer was chocolate, the bottom a vanilla rum with raspberries.


This is a cell phone pick, but ain’t they the cutest?


I split a piece of vanilla cake, but the photo disappeared.  I also had a bite of a chocolate cupcake and a lemon square.  Mmm. And OOF!


It was a beautiful wedding, made all the more so by just how darn happy everyone was.  Yep, Miss LVP is turning into a sap.


13 responses to “A Wedding on the Range

  1. Wow….unique wedding.
    I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Bridal Shower

  2. The wedding looked so beautiful and the cake did as well:) I love non-traditional wedding settings and would probably have mine somewhere in nature. Your hair looks great, by the way:)

  3. your hair is so cute! i miss you! being an adult is no fun.

  4. Beautiful ceremony; LOVE your ‘do; miss YOU!! 🙂

  5. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  6. Cute hair! Looks like a beautiful wedding.

  7. what a unique, awesome wedding! the site looks AMAZING and the food looks better than any wedding food i’ve had. also, i ADORE your haircut! too cute!

  8. What a gorgeous wedding! I LOVE your hair and your outfit – very cute! Sounds like it was a great event 🙂

    I turn into a huge sap at weddings too which is ironic because I’m the least romantic person I know.

  9. i love weddings!! i am so jealous!
    i’ve been dying to go!!

  10. Sally in Chicago

    I love the pictures and the reports. Thanks for making us feel like we were there. SR

    P.S. I love this blog.

  11. There is photographic evidence of the tequila shot, yikes. Love the blog.

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