SLC Punk

Good morning! I hope your week is off to a great start.  We’ve had a great trip, full of unexpected adventures and surprises.

On Saturday morning, my mom and I woke up bright and early and headed down to the hotel fitness center. I ellipticized for 20 minutes, did some arms and abs, and rushed back upstairs to shower and meet our friends in their room for breakfast.  (Because the hotel was set up condo-style, breakfast is not included.)  They’d stocked their room with goodies, so I had 1/2 cinnamon raisin bagel with apricot jam, an apple, and coffee.


We hit the road and drove into Salt Lake.  While it’s not a particular beautiful city, it’s full of whimsical things like public street art.


We took a guided tour, led by two missionaries who were about my age, of the Salt Lake City Mormon Tabernacle. (Click here to learn more.)


It was a really interesting tour, and the grounds were quite beautiful.


Of course, I had my own agenda. In this month’s Gourmet, there was a short section about things to do in Utah.  One of those things was the Downtown Farmer’s Market!


It was enormous.  Every stall had samples, and put our beloved Union Square Market to shame.


I picked up some great chapstick… I’m addicted to this, so I always take advantage of new brands I find.








We bought a carton of raspberries to munch while we looked for lunch.


We decided on Sunbridge, a stall that sold raw/vegan snacks and desserts.


If I didn’t have to worry about transporting them on the airplane, I would have picked up some of their “crackers” and pesto.



My mom got an open-faced sandwich with raw pesto, marinated vegetables, sprouts and mâche.  I had a bite… it was delicious.


I got a flax cracker plate with onion and salsa crackers, pesto, sundried tomato spread, beets, sprouts and mâche.


Our meal was even more enjoyable by the picnic we made out on the grass.


We couldn’t ignore the dessert stands, so we decided on Dolcetti Gelato.



I got half a scoop of lemon sorbetto (a richer, fat-free variety) and coconut gelato.  It was absolutely perfect: rich and fluffy, without leaving me with a bloated after-effect.


Also on the agenda was Tony Caputo’s, a very fancy specialty market.  I was most excited about their chocolate corner.  The store has a “chocolate man” on hand who is so knowledgeable about the chocolates of the world that he can (and did) talk about each variety for 10 minutes at a time.


Of course I had to get some. I didn’t get the $18 chocolate bars, but I did get some good stuff.  And, the store uses 100% decomposable plastic bags, which I loved.


After leaving the markets, we hustled back to Park City to get ready for the wedding.  Iced coffee was a must.


Well, we’re off to the airport!  More later.  Have a great Monday.


13 responses to “SLC Punk

  1. I love farmer’s markets in new cities! It’s such a great way to get to know the city culture/people. That raw food stand looks awesome.

  2. What a great market!! 🙂

    Hope you have a good flight back.

    ❤ ❤

  3. Wow, what a farmer’s market! If I had lots of time and money, I’d do a cross country tour of farmer’s markets!

  4. NO BREAKFAST??!?! That is my favorite part of vacation. haha. At least you made up for it with a killer farmers market visit. That place looks like heaven! Glad to hear that you girls had fun!

  5. Omg that looks like the farmer’s market from heaven!

    Thanks for your sweet comment, I really appreciate the support.

  6. Oh wow! What a great Farmer’s Market – it blows my dinky one out of the water!!

  7. Wow, if that farmer’s market put the Union Sqaure one to shame, it must be amazing! Your lunch choice looks outstanding, I love all the colors:)

  8. wow that is one amazing farmers market!! thats one of the best ones I have ever seen!

  9. Wow you sure had a great day with marvelous eats! Those cracker plates look amazing! And what a great farmer’s market! I’m hoping to hit one when I go to LA!

  10. YUM!!!!

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  12. your adorable!! I love the picture of you sitting in the grass!! that top is sooo cute!!

    hurray for fresh markets! 🙂

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