Kitchen Bloopers

Good day, little friends! How is your Friday going so far? Do you have any weekend plans? I’m going to Maryland early tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with Ari’s family.  Should be fun! I just looked at the weather and it’s going to be in the 90s, but i’m pretty sure I won’t melt.

Yesterday started off with a breakfast mess:


Daisy Brand 2% cottage cheese with grapes, a banana, Puffins & cinnamon. Mmm!

After breakfast, we set to work on scouring the room.  Before:

Yes, that closet mess is mine.


We finally had time to set up our Ikea bookshelf, which we got, oh, two months ago.


I was Pam to Ari’s Tim.


Pretty good, huh? It makes such a difference in terms of space. And now I’m allowed to keep my magazines! I have to go home and get my cookbooks… I can’t WAIT.


Ari drilled a hole in the back of one of our shelves so we can keep our phones plugged in… I was more than a little skeptical that he wouldn’t break the whole thing, but the man knew what he was doing.


And yes, that’s your’s truly. See? Same haircut!


There are still some boxes in the closet, but it’s a LOT better than it was.


I can actually find my clothes!


We broke for lunch and went to Panera.  I got the sandwich and salad combo with a Mediterranean Veggie sammie:


I also got the Strawberry Poppyseed salad. Yum.


I didn’t end up eating the apple…


…but Panera was freezing (and as usual, I forgot a sweater) so I got a skim cappuccino and sprinkled Sugar In The Raw on top, just like my mama does.  She used to let me eat the foam with a spoon when I was wee!


After a little more cleaning, I was feeling snacky so I had a date with almond butter.  I could eat these guys every day and be very, very happy.


A little later, I went on a KILLER run with Ari’s brother.  He’s run four marathons, so I figured (correctly) that I would run harder and better with him.  As I’ve said, I’m a stronger runner with other people. We went about four miles, and I had to stop for a minute at the halfway point because I thought I was going to collapse!

Total time: 38:52 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 197 (99%)

Average heart rate: 179 (90%)

Calories burned: 475-500 (HRM is being fickle again)

All in all, a great run.  I didn’t stretch though (tsk tsk), and I’m feeling the burn today!

After I was clean and presentable, Ari and I went out to dinner. I’d kind of wanted to cook, but we don’t get to spend evenings together so often and this took less time.  We went to Locale, a new(ish) place in Queens.

I had a spicy olive that we were brought as soon as we sat down.


We split the bruschetta trio: warm eggplant ragu, portobello/mozzarella/pesto, classic tomato.


For my entrée, I ordered the fish special: grilled Wild Atlantic salmon wrapped in seaweed with a stone fruit coulis.  It also came with sautéed spinach and fingerling potatoes, but I subbed those for a mixed green salad instead.


Ari was feeling pretty sassy all through dinner.  Imagine wearing a Yankees cap in Queens!


I’d planned on having my usual dessert platter, but he suggested Cold Stone. I’m not one to turn down fully-loaded ice cream, so I ordered a “Like It” cup of Sinless Sweet Creap with hot fudge, peanut butter, and a Reese’s PB cup.  Does Sinless + Decadence = Zero? Cuz it should.


This was actually way too much for me.  I ate it all, but I felt a little sick afterwards.  I stopped at the grocery on the way home to get ingredients for chocolate chip cookies.  When baking, I usually substitute applesauce for half of the butter or oil to make it a little healthier; unfortunately this does NOT work for cookies.

I tested one out, saw that it looked more like cake, and turned the rest into a peanut butter banana cake. It’s pretty good, actually!


Batch #2 was straight-up Toll House.  Unbeatable.


It was kind of a perfect day, overall 🙂

I’m off to the gym to squeeze in some cardio before work.  I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!


15 responses to “Kitchen Bloopers

  1. I just bought Puffins for the first time today!! 😉

    Love the home makeover… actually, I love home makeovers in general. 🙂

    Have a great time in Maryland!

    ❤ ❤

  2. Love that baby photo 😀

    ANDOHMYGOODNESSHOLYYUM what a dessert from Cold Stone!!

  3. That might just be the cutest picture of you I have ever seen. And that is DEFINITELY the cutest picture of Ari I have ever seen!

  4. Aww that really does look like the perfect day! The salmon wrapped in seaweed sounds particularly intriguing:) A coldstone recently opened up a block away from me and it’s SO dangerous haha.

    Ikea has such great stuff but I’m always afraid I won’t be able to assemble it! Lucky you have Ari to help drill holes through it:)

  5. It’s supposed to be in the 90s here as well – I guess summer decided to come out and play after all! Have a blast this weekend!

    Awww you look adorable in your picture!! EXCELLENT Panera choice!

    Well done with the run!! Oh hot damn to that Coldstone creation – that’s incredible!

  6. Look at you, rockin’ that striped ensemble! Adorable.

    I like Ari’s Boston-Yankees juxtaposition.

    Cookies! YUM!

  7. You’re coming to Maryland? Nice! I heard today us going to be super hot, but yesterday was unbelievably mild and beautiful. Hopefully today won’t be too torturous!

  8. yay for a perfect day!!! and you are making me feel guilty for my closet/room mess!! sort of inspiring……but mostly guilty! i dont have timeeeeeeee. hahaha…errrrrr i am LAZZZZY.

    love you Katie! have fun with Ari’s fam fam. wahooooooo

  9. The date with almond butter, the olives, the bruschetta, and the ice cream mess… love! Hooray for a perfect day 🙂

    Hope you’re having fun in Maryland!

    ps adorable pic of your youngster self!!

  10. YUM! That cottage cheese mess and the Panera sound ahhhhmazing right now! I always go for the med. veggie, but I had them toast the bread last time…..sooo good!! Try it! 🙂

  11. Hope this isn’t inappropriate, but Ari looks HOT in that NY/Boston picture.

    You look adorable in the kiddie picture – definitely the same and I love that you have the same hair – I do too.

    Love the Med. Veg. @ Panera. Have fun in md.

  12. dude, 4 marathons? ari’s bro is a stud, but youre even more of a rockstar for keeping up with him!!

    btw, kyle and i were reading this post on my bberry on the way to AC this weekend, and we decided that a) you have nice ikea assembly skills, b) your hair is SO cute (then and now) and c) a double date may be in our future bc kyle wants in on the cookie and coldstone action.

  13. breadandwithit

    Are those bunny slippers?

  14. Okay, wait. Worse than the Yankees cap in Queens is the Yankees cap while wearing a shirt that says “Boston.” Ari, darling, that is just a no-no! 🙂
    Those bruschettas look fabbity-fab-fab, though!

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