Product Review: Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese & Contest

A few weeks ago, the lovely folks over at Daisy Brand offered to send me some dairy samples.


They were kind enough to send me samples of their 2% and 4% cottage cheese.


Daisy Brand won the 2008 American Business Ethics Award for their high production quality standards. Here’s what they say about their company: “With only four natural ingredients, Daisy Brand has taken the guess work out of eating healthy and offers a fresh and exciting take on cottage cheese. Unlike other products on the shelf, Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese is all natural- no preservatives and without added hormones.

Nutrition Info for 2% Cottage Cheese

Ingredients: Cultured Skim Milk, Cream, Salt, Vitamin A Palmitate


Pros: At once both smooth yet chunky.  It’s just salty enough, and not too tangy.

Cons: I usually buy non-fat cottage cheese (unless it’s my favorite, Horizon Organics’ 2% small curd variety) and I don’t think this is quite creamy enough to warrant the fat.

Josh’s take: I like it.  Cottage cheese shouldn’t be strong, and this isn’t.  Good job on finally giving me something to try that I like!

Nutrition Info for 4% Cottage Cheese:

Ingredients: Cultured Skim Milk, Cream, Salt


I only had a bite of this.  It was very, very creamy and rich.  As I said, if I’m going to have full-fat dairy, I’d rather have ice cream.

My mom’s take: I tried the Daisy cottage cheese and LOVED IT> It’s the cottage cheese of my childhood–the kind that was delivered by the milkman right to the front door and placed in an insulated silver chest, right beside the mild and butter. Just the right amount of salt. I’d definitely buy they and give it as a birthday present.

My favorite way to eat the 2% so far has been “mess” style, with tons of fruit…


Nut butter or PB2






Cinnamon is a must.


I’ve also eaten it parfait-style…


Other uses for cottage cheese: substitute for ricotta or other full-fat creamy cheeses in recipes, sandwich fillings, etc. For some of Daisy Brand’s original recipes, click here.

The Daisykins wanted me to let you know about a contest they’re hosting called “Freshen Up Your Fridge”, “to encourage Americans to remove unhealthy items and add more fresh, all-natural foods.  One grand prize winner will receive a year’s supply of Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese, a spacious new Whirlpool LATITUDE refrigerator and an in-home visit by a registered dietitian to help them learn how to select healthier foods for their refrigerators. Click here for more information.

Bottom line- would I buy Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese? I would buy the 2% variety.  It’s far less expensive than Horizon, and while it’s not organic, the ingredient list is short and comprehensive. It’s also tasty!

Thanks again, Daisy Brand!


7 responses to “Product Review: Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese & Contest

  1. Wow, you sure can utilize cottage cheese in creative ways! Each item looks delish, I haven’t purchased cottage cheese in awhile but seeing your creations gave me a hankering:)

  2. YUM!
    i’ve never tried cottage cheese before.

  3. I have never had 4% cottage cheese before nor have I ever made a mess with it. I really just love dipping pretzels in it 🙂 haha

  4. Great reviews, lovey dove! I’m the same way – 2% only please! I tried 4% once and literally spit it out. Way to creamy for me!

  5. Great reviews, lovey dove! I’m the same way – 2% only please! I tried 4% and literally spit it out.

  6. 😀 I’m an idiot – feel free to delete that second one (and this one if you so please)!

  7. Great reviews! Love the parfait you made with it!

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