Healthy Living Summit Pt. 2

After watching two back-to-back episodes of Bill Maher (and yes, they were the same episode), my brain was too wired and I didn’t sleep very well. So imagine my panic when I woke up and looked at the clock (but a whole lot blurrier… I’m almost blind without my contacts):


Whoops.  When I got downstairs, the dining room was filled with hungry girls.


There was a nice spread set up, hosted by Stonyfield and Mix My Granola.



Sadly, I missed out on the Oikos Greek yogurt by being late.


I did, however, snatch up the last cup of Stonyfield Organic Fat Free Chocolate Underground (Vanilla Over Chocolate) yogurt, which I reviewed a few months ago and still loved.


I had a little of Mix My Granola’s Sweet Gogi Berry mix, which I topped with the yogurt.


I rounded out the meal with some fruit and two cups a little bit of coffee.


Before the presentations began, we all made our bids for Caitlin‘s Leukemia and Lymphoma Society bake sale. All of the goodies looked so good, it was hard to pick just one!


The conference started with some “ice breaker” games (and a lot of camera flashes).


The morning sessions included a talk by nutritionist Janel Ovrut, whose main message was to “eat like your grandparents”– eat whole foods, consume things with 5 (pronouncable) ingredients or less, and when reading a label, ask yourself: Have I cooked with this before? Do I know what this is? How far away from the original source is this ingredient?

Zesty Cook, in addition to helping out with a lot of the IT work for the Summit, gave a great presentation called “Blogging 101”. I took some serious notes, so expect some subtle changes to LVP!

I started to get hungry and lunch was still an hour away, so I broke into my swag bag for the pouch of Mariani dried apricots.


There was a stampede to the dining room when lunch rolled around.


I made a HUGE sandwich with whole grain bread, mustard, cucumbers, mozzarella, tomato, onions, roasted peppers, and pesto.


Check out the girth on this guy!


Luckily I was with 124 other people who love food, and understand that messy eating happens.


After lunch, we went back to the conference room to check under our chairs for hidden pieces of paper.  Mine said “Peeled”, so I got two $10 gift cards to use at  Pretty nice!


You should head on over to their website; it looks like you can also win a giftcard for filling out a survey.

We listened to keynote speaker Regina Beidler, an organic dairy farmer who works with Organic Valley, a subdivision of Stonyfield.


Here are some things I learned about Organic farming.

What does the USDA Organic seal mean, exactly?

  • The farm must be re-certified each year. They must report their manure and hay, the number of sick cows they have, the medicine they are using (if any), if cows left the herd, etc.
  • Everything that is branded with the USDA seal must receive 3rd party verification.
  • The standards for USDA-certified Organic products began with formers.

Organic farms do NOT use:

  • Synthetic hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemicals
  • GMOs
  • Radiation

Organic farms MUST “pasture” their cows, i.e. let them roam free. There are many benefits of pasturing cows:

  • The cow is allowed to eat the food intended for them, i.e. grass.  Cows are NOT meant to eat corn or soy products, which is what many conventionally farmed cows consume.
  • They produce less methane.
  • By ensuring the cows have a place to roam, we are preserving the natural landscape.

Bottom line: Conventional dairy prices are kept unnaturally low, which affects  the farmer’s income (which is inconsistent), the treatment of each cow, and most importantly, YOUR HEALTH.

After Regina’s talk,  Caitlin presented a little on her Operation Beautiful “baby” (which I have, embarrassingly, only participated in once). We all made some OB notes of our own, and were reminded about the importance of this project.


We took a short break and hit up the POM bar…


I love this stuff. I can’t wait to use my coupons to get some more!


I was hungry for something a little more substantial, so I had a bag of Sour Cream & Onion Popchips.


We took a photo, and poof! The 2009 Healthy Living Summit was over.

Summit Group Photo

Thanks to Jenna, Kath, Caitlin, Heather, Tina and Meghann for all of their hard work. It really paid off!

I probably should have had something a little more filling that potato chips as a snack, because an hour later, after the summit was over, I broke back into the swag bag for a Kashi Trail Mix bar.


I haven’t had one of these in a while… I used to eat them all the time!

Just for the sake of it, I laid out all my swag on the bed.


And, just in case you were wondering… I won Jenna‘s Chocolate Chip Biscotti from the bake sale. Can’t wait to try these!


Don’t ask me how it’s going to fit into my already-packed suitcase…

Off to the Fishermen’s Feast Italian Food Festival with the rest of the attendees. Have a great night!


11 responses to “Healthy Living Summit Pt. 2

  1. Haha well hey, I’m glad that you got some extra shut-eye!! 😀

    Hope you’re enjoying the festival!!

  2. I totally laid out all my swag too! It’s like Christmas. So great to finally meet you 🙂

  3. Aw, looks like you had a good time! I’m glad that you were able to snag some swag and live it up in Boston 🙂 I hope that I get to meet you someday!

  4. My sister and I had a great time and it was awesome to meet you! Hope you had fun at the dinner – we didn’t quite get it together in time to make it by 7. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Boston weekend, too!

  5. It looks like you had an awesome time at the summit… thanks for such a thorough “review”! 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  6. Great recap! it was fabulous seeing so many nyc bloggers represent at the summit 🙂

  7. Great recap! Thanks so much for coming for the HLS! It great chatting with you last night– especially about PUGS! 🙂

  8. Looks like fun! I found all of the lectures to be very interesting as well..especially the organic farming and zesty’s 🙂 That swag bag looks amazing!!! enjoy!

  9. Great recap of the organic talk!

  10. Great recap of the day! I’m so glad I got to mee you this weekend!

  11. Sorry you missed the Oikos 😦

    But great recap! Esp. the organic farming details.

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