The Domestic Cowgirl

Good morning, darlings!  I went to bed last night during a storm, which makes me sleep harder and I just could not get up this morning! Yesterday I also extended my Snooze’s life for as long as possible, before finally getting up and making a pre-running snack.


Prune + almond butter. Heaven on earth.

My run was good! I had to stop for traffic a little more than usual, but I have so much more confidence in my running since this past weekend.  I really want to sign up for a race, as long as I tell myself that I will train for it properly so I don’t injure myself again like last year.

Total time: 21:23 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 195 (98%)

Average heart rate: 178 (89%)

Calories burned: 253

Breakfast was another awesome Amazing Grass shake.


  • Amazing Grass Kidz Chocolate Superfood
  • 1 banana
  • 1 T chocolate PB2
  • 4 oz water
  • splash of coffee


It was smaller than yesterday’s and not nearly as thick, but it was still good.  Not enough coffee to keep me going, however… I stopped for some on the way to my internship.

At work, I made a couple post office runs, and took advantage of the time outside to refuel with some grapes. It was incredibly humid, so these were the perfect snack! Cool and refreshing.


Lucky for me, my mom was able to meet me for a quick lunch at Cowgirl, a Tex-Mex style restaurant in the village. (Photo borrowed from here.)


Everything inside was “Western”-themed, from the antler-shaped chandeliers to the cowgirl pin-ups.



I ordered a home-made black bean veggie burger with melty fontina cheese


… with a salad.


I’d thought the burger would come plopped on top of a salad, but this was just fine. Notice the jelly jars the drinks come in (and my fleeing bun)!


I only ended up eating about 1/4 of the bun, though… it was a lot of food.


My boss surprised me by sending me home pretty much as soon as I walked back into the office. What a gift!

I had a lot of household chores on my to-do list, so I went back home to get some things done.  I ate an apple while admiring my new stack of books… I love working in publishing! I don’t have time to go to the library, but then again… I don’t really need to!


Then I got down to work.  Here’s what needed to get done:

  • Blog posting
  • Blog commenting
  • E-mail catch-up
  • Cleaning room (enough said)


  • Take out trash/recycling
  • Make dinner
  • Enjoy an evening on my own!

It’s funny how you have to schedule in time for yourself, huh?

In the middle of my computer work, I whipped out Angela‘s Glo Bar.




It was delicious! Peanut butter and coconut go so well together.

It was already time for dinner by the time I got my housework done. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I combined a few things that I had.


I made lettuce wraps with brown rice, black beans, tomato, mango, lime, Daisy Brand cottage cheese, and cilantro.


I doused it in hot sauce, then mixed it all up and made a big mess.



Dessert was equally awesome: a healthy brownie sundae!


I somehow managed to get my hands on one of Amie‘s raw agave brownies at the Summit, and ate it on top of a huge bowl of raspberriesI added a few dollops of nonfat plain yogurt and a drizzle of agave, and voila! A deliciously perfect sundae.

It was a great day. I love when I have time to get done the things that have been nagging at me for days!

Have a great Wednesday! Enter K’s cookbook givewaway, and your day will get even better 🙂


17 responses to “The Domestic Cowgirl

  1. That sundae looks amazing, but really, I’m jealous of the BOOKS!!! I never have time to library it up (unless you count the middle school library where I work!)

  2. Wow, that sundae looks delish! I’ve meandered by the Cowgirl restaurant many times but have yet to go there. It always looks so cute from the outside though! I went to a restaurant in New Mexico called the Cowgirl that looks identical to this one, I wonder if they’re the same. Good luck cleaning your room, that’s never a fun task!

  3. UGH! That veggie burger looks DIVINE!!!! My mouth is watering ::runs to get snack::

  4. When I saw your first picture, I wanted whatever it was IMMEDIATELY. Prunes and almond butter! Never would’ve imagined. You’re so inventive, little lady.

  5. Hmm. That Cowgirl place looks great, but your dinner tops it! YUM 😀

    I heard it’s crazy hot in the city right now…good excuse for lots of iced coffee? My mom is visiting so say ‘hi’ if you see her 😀

  6. southerngracesblog

    I love that Tex Mex restaurant…haha that’s such a fun theme. The black bean burger looks so yummy too 🙂
    I am glad you had such a great day…got things done and had time for yourself. Those are seriously the best day!

  7. Oh I’m jealous of the books! I’m looking for some new ones!

    The Cowgirl place looks fun!

  8. Love that lunch place- cute theme! Black bean burger mmmm. I’m making chickpea burgers for din din and I can’t wait! The lettuce wraps look great! I haven’t made something like that in forever! Thank you for the idea 😉

  9. Getting sent home early is DEFINITELY a gift!! That Glo bar looks and sounds awesome!

    I want the lettuce wraps in front of me or in my belly now, please 😀

    Thanks for the link back!

  10. I went to a mexican place once that had those cool cowboy boot shaped mugs! That place looks fun too

  11. Hey Katie!

    I thought I might just see you on the subway platform today! hahaha

    And yes! That storm last night! It definitely erupted out of nowhere! Thank goodness I was inside for that one!

    Anyways, it was awesome meeting you at the summit, thank goodness we met Sunday morning last minute! lol

    The three of us definitely need to get together soon! : )

  12. that black bean burger looks AMAZING

  13. That TX place is more TX than TX! But seriously, the portions were a little small for TX.
    Prunes and almond butter are so freakin’ dope!

  14. You call that a MESS?! You’d die if you saw what my room looks like right now… 😉

    Glad I missed that storm!! But I think I’ll be lucky enough to catch this next one… *sigh*

    ❤ ❤

  15. Mmmm, you’re making me crave a Mexican style salad!

  16. Isn’t that Amazing Grass for kids delicious? I think it’s my favorite.
    That burger looks quite fabulous too…and I love the cute cowboy boot mug in the picture:)

  17. I love Angela’s Globars 🙂 I have a huge bag of sample sized ones in the freezer that I am savoring slowly! I also love the kids amazing grass drink lol…good choice!

    Speaking of cleaning YOUR room…I must do that to mine right now..(it’s gonna take me a few hours lol)

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