Daddy Date

Good morning, friends! How are you this fine Thursday morning? I’m not going to lie… I’m a little sleepy and would love to go back to bed! However, I think it’ll be better for my body and soul if I get my tuchus into the city for yoga. I haven’t been to a class in so long!

Speaking of body and soul, yesterday I made an awesome breakfast that was inspired by Body + Soul magazine.  I was craving an interesting eggy breakfast, so I steamed up some kale.  Then I poached a whole egg in the same water I cooked the cake in, to lock in some nutrients.


On an Ezekiel English muffin, I layered cottage cheese, the kale, egg, and tomatoes, and sprinkled it with a generous helping of chili flakes.


I also had an apple.


Delicious breakfast! Egg whites are good too, but it’s nice to have some yolk every once in a while.

After digesting a little, I went on a quick run, showered, and went to Brooklyn to meet my dad for lunch.  He took me straight to Perelandra, a health food store by his office.


We both got carrot/apple/beet/ginger juices. Like father, like daughter!


My dad just got back from an intense bike trip in the Alpes that basically mimics the Tour de France, going over 100 km/ day. Is he a rockstar or what?!


At Perelandra, there was a sample station set up for Counter Culture Coffee.


I had a shot glass-size serving of their Finca Nueva Armenia, a Guatemalan direct trade variety with chocolate notes. Mmm! Might have to get off the Folgers.


After leaving Perelandra, my dad and I went to Iron Chef House, a restaurant with one of the best sushi deals I have ever seen. It’s also mighty good! My entrée came with miso soup (ate all) and salad (ate half)…


I ordered the sashimi plate.  It has been so long since I’ve had sushi, and this really hit the spot! My dad and I exchanged pieces… I kept the white tuna for myself, though 😀


After lunch, my dad had to get back to work, so I went to the bookstore to lust kill some time before work.


On the way to the restaurant, I got my hands all sticky by eating this juicy black plum that my dad wanted me to try. It was worth it!


At work, I snacked on a pack of cashews from Oh Nuts and Amazing Grass blended with 1/2 banana and a little coffee.  These were the best snacks! The Oh Nuts guys put these cashews in a perfectly portioned bag, and the Amazing Grass really kept me going through work.


For dinner, I had a mixed green salad with walnuts, beets, tomatoes, and oranges.  Mario, who makes the pizza, also saved me some Bufala mozzarella (my favorite!!!) so I plopped it on top. Mmm!


I went out for drinks after work, and to be honest, my head has felt better! Hopefully yoga will do the trick.  I really have to hustle, though… my goal was to already be out the door by now, and I’m not even dressed! Have a great day.


16 responses to “Daddy Date

  1. Great daddy/daughter date!! And wow, I’m BEYOND impressed with your dad’s recent biking mileage adventure – wowza!!

    Hope your head feels 100% better!!

  2. Aww, so cute… the thought of going on a “daddy date” makes me want to scream, frankly (not that I don’t love my dad — I do — but this just wouldn’t work!), but it’s so sweet! 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  3. That’s so cool that your dad biked in the Alps! Major props to him!! I hope your headache goes away – if it was from the drinks and you had fun, it’s kind of worth it 😉

    Have fun at yoga!!

  4. southerngracesblog

    I love daddy/daughter dates! They are my favorite 🙂 And your date with dad looked so fun!
    Have a great yoga class!!!
    oh and I saw that recipe on body + soul, too. Yum!!!

  5. YES!! You finally got your sushi!!!!
    My dad moved 2000 miles away 2 years ago, and I totally miss dates like that…

  6. you dad is a TOTAL stud!! haha. my dads a big cyclist too…our parallels continue…

  7. you and the daddio are too cute! and man, that is totes badass biking work!

    love the eggs over kale – i literally had that for dinner last night, and i think brandi also had it recently! weird.

    have a wonderful day dear 🙂

  8. Aww, your dad is so cute! That’s super impressive that he did the mock tour de france bike race, my cousin actually did that too, I wonder if they met eachother!

    Your poached egg is also super impressive, I’ve always been scared to poach an egg because it seems like such a delicate process!

    Have a good day at work:)

  9. WOW! That is GREAT for you dad! WOO HOO, you now have me craving sushi! I ate my cashews today too. The Oh Nuts Are awesome!

  10. Aw your dad is adorbs. That looks like an awesome lunch place. I bet that sushi was very refreshing, what with all this heat we’ve been having.

    I love the idea of poaching the egg in the veggie water- I can’t stomach a glass of veggie water like you can, but this would be a good compromise for me!

  11. aw, I miss my dad (he’s on the east coast)!

    Love all the chili flakes adorning your meals; did you know wednesday was national hot and spicy food day? Every day is hot and spicy day for me 🙂

    I need to get back to some yoga too! Hope you have/had a good class!

  12. Aww, what an awesome date with your awesome dad! I can’t believe he just biked the Alps! Is he ever home?!?

    I like your breakfast! Smart thinking cooking it in the kale water. I know how you like to drink up green goodness!

  13. Ooh I love nothing more than discovering a new health food store!

  14. LOVE the daddy date!

    p.s. your breakfast looked AMAZING!

  15. homegirlcaneat

    YOUR DAD IS A BO$$!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Your dad is awesome!! I never use that word, surprisingly…but he definitely is! 🙂

    And yum, hook me up with that breakfast!!! Volume eating at it’s finest (and healthiest).

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