It Ain’t Easty Being (Without) Green

I came to the unfortunate conclusion yesterday while grocery shopping that, as long as I am living on a waitressing “salary”, I really can’t afford to keep on eating the way I do.  I’ve economized before, and I can do it again.  This means less eating out, not buying foodstuffs every day, and better planning.  This doesn’t have to be a negative thing… it can be fun, right? Diana had a great post the other day about affordable raw vegan snacksHow do you budget your meals and still eat things you like?

On a lighter note, I woke up in my parents’ apartment yesterday at 11 AM! Does that sound like a staycation or what? I’m so used to getting up at 8 that I was ravenous. I went to the kitchen, and found this box of VitaMuffins!


The kind folks over at Vitalicious generously sent me a huuuge box full of samples! That solved the problem of funding breakfast…


I wasn’t in the mood for something too sweet, so I went for the “CranBran” flavor.



Originally, I’d wanted to make a sexy parfait, but alas, all of our dairy products were blue.  Maybe next time.  I ate it “straight” instead and I loved it! I was expecting to have to smear on  some B&B, but it’s very moist, and doesn’t need any kind of topping.  It is also just sweet enough that the tartness of the cranberries made my tastebuds sing. Well done! Thanks again for the love, Vitalicious.


I needed more to eat, so I went for the Vega sample that came with my copy of Thrive.



I searched far and wide for fruit: the counter, the fridge, the freezer, the pantry… nothing.  I seem to remember having this problem before, and it makes me worry about what my parents are eating!  Mom and Dad, you need your fruits and veggies.  ANYway, I ended up coming up with a handful of whole cranberries, which I threw in the blender with the Whole Meal packet and some water.


After pouring it into the glass, I realized that dried dates would probably taste good, so I added two.


Mmm, still not really my favorite.  To be fair, I didn’t follow Vega’s instructions for the “Basic Vega Smoothie”, so the next time I make it I’ll be sure to use some real fruit.

Lunch was sushi from the grocery store.  It’s obviously not anywhere as good as sushi that has been freshly made, but this was pretty good.  I ended up leaving the rice off of the last three pieces of nigiri, and just ate the fish.


I also had an apple to round out the meal.


The rest of the day was spent searching for jobs, shopping for the perfect dress (which turned out to be something I already own… love when that happens!) and catching up on blogs. While I was out, I picked up ingredients to make Sarma‘s famous S+M salad, which Liz has raved about multiple times.  I may not be able to afford to eat at Pure Food + Wine (or even buy the cookbook for that matter!) but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy her recipes. I did a little scavenging, and found the recipe online. (She posted it herself, so I don’t think I’m doing anything unethical by putting it up.)


Neither of the health foods I checked sell hemp seeds in bulk, and an entire package was pretty expensive, so I just nixed it.

Look how cute this baby avocado is!


I didn’t have any raw rosemary crackers on hand (but I WILL try O.L.D.’s some day soon 🙂 ), but we did have some regular rosemary flatbread (from Margaret’s Artisan Bakery) in the pantry.  Not perfect, but they worked.


This salad was so good! So many tastes and textures (nutty, salty, smooth and crunchy…) that came beautifully together. It was very filling, too.


Dessert was a bowl of Haagen-Dazs low-fat vanilla raspberry frozen yogurt with chocolate sauce and pecans.  Yes, please!


I enjoyed this while watching Smart People, which has been on my Nextflix queue for-eva!  I liked the film a lot… there have been so many off-beat indie family dramedies recently, haven’t you noticed?

A few hours later, I snacked on an apple.  I was just in the mood to chew!


Keep those giveaway entries coming! It seems like you’ve all been to some great shows (and hosted some yourselves!).  Ah, what a cultured bunch we are 😀

Here’s some more Upwelling love to make you smile… these boys always have the craziest experiences on the road!


11 responses to “It Ain’t Easty Being (Without) Green

  1. Dude, we’re totally on the same muffin top wavelength. I finally finished working my way through that entire Vitalicious box and just posted my review. I liked the cranbran too!

    I feel ya on the economizing. My parents did the same thing this winter and didn’t buy any fruit- I had to lecture them about it. Fiber, people.

  2. Oh, your screen saver is precious! I need to go back to your giveaway post because I’m bursting at the seams to tell you my story!!!!

  3. Last year at school, I was on a really tight budget. So I’d check out fliers to see what’s on sale. Go to the 2 grocery stores close to my place to compare prices. I’d buy whichever brand of soy/rice/almond milk was on sale instead of stick to one particular brand. Figure out what will be cheaper at the farmers market and buy those items there.
    Those were a few things I did. I learnt as I went along. And it really isn’t too difficult. Does take a little while to get used to it all though.

  4. I hear ya- good food can be so expensive! I am a big planner. I make a list every week of what I plan to make for dinner each night and then make my food list off of that + staples we need (including lunch and breakfast items). We try to eat out only one time per week. I do splurge to make sure I have enough quality fruits and veggies. Eating well now is cheaper than paying for health care later 😉

    Totally jealous of your vita samples. I cannot find them at any of the stores near me 😦 I did a search on their website and they say the stores carry them but they don’t 😦 Not sure whats up with that.

    Have a good Monday- good luck with the job search

  5. ooooooh, that sushi looks DELISH!

    i know what you mean about budgeting foods! i usually try to plan for the week.

  6. Budgeting is not fun… especially if you’re not inclined to run around to seven different stores!! I find that not making “impulse purchases” can actually make a big difference. AKA, planning ahead. 😉 (And self-administered manicures… whoo!! ;))

    I am SO upset that I can’t have VitaTops. Seriously.

    Good luck with the job hunt!!

    ❤ ❤

  7. I was actually thinking the exact same thing, that I really need to economize my food budget more. I eat so many fruits and veggies that it really adds up! Especially in NYC where a single apple can cost 5 dollars (true story!!!).

    I love your screen saver, you guys are too cute. That video really did make me smile, it was sooo sweet of them to give those people a ride. The little boy was absolutely adorable:)

  8. that vega smoothie infusion is my favorite- it doesn’t taste the best but the nutritional info is amazig
    your sushi looks delish and i LOVE your screensaver 😀

  9. Hehe – sexy parfait! I’m loving the giant box of Vitas!! The Vitabrownies reminded me of Little Debbies 🙂

    CUTE background on your computer!!

  10. i bet your s+m was pretty close to the OG version. thats my fave salad, and ive gotten in 2 times out of the 3 that ive been there…i really need to branch out, so ive sworn i wont get it next time i go back. i agree, the $$$ factor IS a mayj deterrent, but sometimes a girl just needs a treat, right? their rosemary crackers will rock your socks off, no joke, there is NO substitute for the real deal. my mouth is drooling now just THINKING about it!

  11. My parents don’t have produce in the house either. I know my mom just buys it as a front when I come home. Didn’t they preach that shit all our lives?! Crazy!

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