THE UPWELLING + Lilveggiepatch Giveaway!


BIG NEWS! I am so excited to share this with you.

In honor and anticipation of Ari’s band’s full-length CD debut on August 25, I will be giving away five copies of The Upwelling‘s “An American Stranger.”  To ensure a perfect food and music harmony (because, as we know, the two are forever interconnected), I will also be enclosing a special LVP baked good.

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me your favorite musical experience, be it the first time you heard your favorite band or the best concert you ever saw.  Get creative! So far, the best live shows I’ve seen have been Liz Phair (my high school favorite) and The Hold Steady (my college favorite), with lots of love in between.  For added karma, link back to this post on your blog, tweet the giveaway on Twitter, and tell your friends! You can also pre-order the album here.

Thank you all for your continuous support of my sugarbooger, Ari/ La Petite Tomate/ Tour Belly.  Contest ends Tuesday, August 25, at 10 PM EST.


60 responses to “THE UPWELLING + Lilveggiepatch Giveaway!

  1. Favorite musical experience = front row AND backstage passes at an Elton John concert in Las Vegas, when I was 6 years old.

  2. i ADORE phantom og the opera!
    i was in musicals in high school and one of my fav was bat boy and sound of music!

  3. The best concert I’ve seen recently was Maroon 5. Come on! Can’t beat Adam Levine! I would like to add that Nsync put on a good show back in the day 🙂

  4. 1995, my 15th birthday, I got to go to what ended up being the LAST Grateful Dead concert!

  5. My favorite musical experience was seeing Beans, Vietnam and The Unicorns play a show together at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis. I didn’t know Beans or Vietnam at the time, and had heard The Unicorns only a little bit, but the show was so good I bought albums by all 3 of them.

  6. Oh my god, best giveaway EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been fortunate to go to some AMAZING shows! I think my fave OVERALL experience was SANTANA! It was, like, a total body experience.

  7. ahhhh…okay one musical experience that was a highlight for me was when jason mraz came into town when i was a junior in high school (aka 7 years ago BEFORE he was famous). after the concert, we were leaving when there was a huge gang fight ON TOP OF OUR CAR. yeah, i ducked on the floor, convinced there was a gun involved. it’s one of the best stories i ever tell to this day.

  8. hm, maybe getting almost completely destroyed by the crowd at a Wu Tang concert a few years ago. It was the first show where the whole clan (minus ODB) was reunited on stage. Fun!

    ps I threw you a link! 🙂

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  10. ok, im embrassed (and reluctant) to admit this but i have def been to my fair share of nsync concerts, and they all reallllllly rocked. but i think greenday was my fave concert in which the performers ACTUALLY sang 😉 haha

  11. My favorite musical experience so far was seeing Saves the Day with my high school friends. It was one of our favorite bands and I had never seen them before, so singing along with all my old favorites was really special.

  12. Wow, congrats for Ari on releasing his first album! That’s sooo exciting:) My best musical experience was when I saw a Ray Charles concert. I was very lucky because it turned out to be his last ever performance in NYC. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Awesome giveaway! Love that cover art.

    Unfortunately I don’t think I can enter the contest because I will be in Kenya in 1 week- If I win, I don’t really want to make you mail it halfway across the world. But as for my best musical experience… it’s actually not at a formal concert, but at summer camp. Singing 100+ year old songs with 70 girls and a couple guitars- it sounds cheesy, but it was so much fun. I loved summer camp.

  14. ahhh! i love this giveaway!
    i was in the front row for green day and my chemical romance a few years ago and that was insane. i caught a guitar pick and was totally showing that thing off the entire night!

  15. The best concert that I have ever been to was either Blonde Redhead or Mates of State. Both amazing. Blonde Redhead was just awesome and ahh-inspiring, mates of state was just an fun time with lots of dancing…plus I snuck up on stage after the show and stole Jason’s drum stick!

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  17. Incubus and OAR are definitely put on the best live shows. OAR played at my school, so I got there about 2 hours before the doors opened and I was literally in front row center. I got to meet the bass player after the show!

    I also randomly saw Howie Day while I was on vaca in Orlando. He was either drunk, high, on drugs, or a combo of all the above because nothing he said made any sense whatsoever, and he was freakin hilarious.

  18. what an awesome giveaway! i’ll buy it even if i don’t win though 😉
    the best concert i went to was no doubt– gwen rocked the house down
    have a great night!

  19. favorite musical experience was when my boyfriend played November Rain on his electrical violin for me. November Rain is one of my favorite songs! It was amazing and unforgettable!

  20. So most of my musical experiences are totally lame (including Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and NKOTB) but today we were at brunch at Mother’s Bistro in Portland, and my brother (who manages) says, “Guess who is at Table 28?” and I look over and it is Jack White and the White Stripes!!!!

    I wanted to say hi, get a pic, and autograph, etc. but Chris and Andrea told me that would be lame. Boo. But cool story, no?

  21. hands down my favorite show: MORRISSEY at hammerstein!! 🙂

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  23. It is really hard to beat The Arcade Fire at United Palace two years ago. But I think I’d have to give it to Radiohead at MSG.

  24. What a fabulous giveaway! Oh gosh…I’ve had a few concerts that I have just LOVED. Barenaked Ladies concerts are so much fun. The best one I went to was just after freshman year of college. It was outdoors and we had seats onthe grass. We danced the night away. Also saw Billy Joel in concert with my best friend Kelley- it was the experience of a life time. But honestly, my favorite shows I have seen were at bars in college. I love the intimate environment.

  25. I am going to have to say Ave. Q … does that count!? It was also made extremely awkward since I saw it with my mom. :p

    ❤ ❤

  26. my best musical experience was either being at the very front of the standing room only crowd for howie day at the recher theatre in towson, md or seeing damien rice and lisa hannigan at radio city music hall…both were unforgettable!

  27. My first concert was a Disney sponsored one for Hoku. She is Don Ho’s daughter and was a Disney darling for a while. Her song Perfect Day was featured in Legally Blonde. Not the most impressive first concert! One of my favorites was seeing Animal Collective in Brussels.

    Congrats to Ari!

  28. I am torn between 311 and Steely Dan, bith shows were amazing.

  29. Doesn’t sound much, but a busker in London blew me away one day. I usually just walk past people busking and was rushing to a dance class but this guy was INCREDIBLE! I ended up blowing off my dance class and sitting there for over an hour before buying the 3 CD’s he was selling!

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  31. I will always remember my very first live concert. My then fiance, now husband, took me to see Social Distortion at the teeniest venue ever in the middle of the sweltering summer heat. I love this music, but I didn’t really anticipate that I would be in a packed-tight crowd of 400 aging punk rockers. It was awesom, but I totally thought I was going to die! When Social D started playing, there was a huge crush towards the front, and I was so squeezed up against everyone else that I wasn’t even standing on my feet anymore–literally being held in midair between all the revelers! Luckily, I made it out alive and wasn’t wearing anything too nice that night. But trust, if they ever come back to town, I will be ther, and I will be prepared this time 😉

  32. My favorite recent music experience was a Tegan and Sara concert at Terminal 5. One of my favorite music experiences from high school was a Dave Matthews Band concert that was outside. I love live music outside!

  33. Best musical experience was backstage with Incubus!

  34. WOW…this music rocks! This will really date me:) but the first concert I ever went to was Rick Springfield…it was so much fun! A bunch of friends took a road trip for the concert. We were in high school and it was our first big non parent adventure…oh the memories!

  35. I remember going to my first concert ever when i was in the sixth grade and i went to see britney spears for my birthday with my friends!

  36. The best concert had to be a few weeks ago-Kenny Chesney! He is so full of energy, not to mention, amazing eye candy!

  37. My favorite concert was John Mayer. He serenaded me on stage!!!!!

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  39. My fave musical experience would either be 1st row for a Prince concert OR seeing Tori Amos when I was 16 and drove myself there and hung out with alternative kid far cooler than I was listening to Tori bang the ivories.

  40. All of my best live concert experiences have been at John Mayer shows. He is so awesome live!

  41. My best concert experience (or lack of, i guess) was a couple of years ago when Finger Eleven came to town with Chevelle. The singer from Chevelle got sick, so the show got cancelled. While we all hung around wondering what to do, we heard that some of the guys from Finger Eleven were doing an acoustic set at the back bar of the club. We went out there, and sure enough, they were signing and ended up hanging out with us. We all ended up down the road at a local bar, and hung out like old friends. No groupie stuff going on…just good beers, good conversation with good people. A year later they came back to town for a show that went on. I am friends with someone from the local radio station, so we got a private sound check party, and all got to hang out again. They are really great, down to earth guys, and I can’t wait until the next show!

  42. WholeBodyLove

    My favorite musical experience was attending a musical! I went to see Chicago at the FOX in St. Louis my freshman year of college. I went to school near St.L. So, when my aunt got tickets through her job (she is a radio DJ), she and my mom drove to visit me and took me to the show! It was awesome.

  43. My favorite musical experience is listening to DH play his guitar w/ his brother or our friends. I really, really love that they are kind enough to let me sing, which I love to do, even though I’m not very good at it.

  44. No one will ever beat the legend that was James Brown. 70 years old and he still tore the roof off.

    I also have to acknowledge the incomparable BB King, who I got to see on his 80th birthday, and one of my favourite bands of all time – The Who.

    Yes, I am very old-school in my musical interests.

  45. A Mighty Mighty Bostones concert in NYC! We were soooo close to the stage, it was so much fun.

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  47. Hmm my favorite music experience is when my boyfriend’s band played with my favorite band The Format, it was amazing!

  48. My husband and I saw John Hiatt in concert and he played our song. It was amazing!

  49. I saw coldplay a couple weeks ago and it was definitely top notch giving us free live cds on the way out! However after seeing celine dion in vegas, that experience will always hold a special place in my heart! ha!

  50. ooh, so exciting! I have so many great music experiences, but one of my favorites is going to a FREE Fuel concert and getting a guitar pick 🙂 Of course, all of the Incubus concerts are top picks, too, since I used to be IN LOVE with Brandon Boyd. swoon.

    this is so exciting!!!

  51. No Doubt in 1997 is pretty much burned into my memory. First concert, first band obsession, first smell of weed + booze, lol…

  52. Thank heavens that I was able to do some blogging today!
    I think my favorite concert experiences were both at GirlTalk shows–once sophomore year (were you there?) where we danced on the stage and Max wore the bear suit I made. The other was at Pitchfork that July when we met Greg Gillis after the show and he let us take a million pictures with him! So awesome.

  53. Too many great music experiences! One highlight – front row at a Ben Folds concert with some really good friends.

  54. AHHHHHHH DAMN. am i late?! i want one!!!

  55. I think I’m too late, but this is SO COOL! Huge congrats to Ari – big big news!! 🙂 Enjoy every moment of the excitement this week and beyond!

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  57. My favorite musical experience was when I won 5th row to an Nsync concert and met 3 of them backstage!! I am not embarassed at all because it was the best day of my life!

  58. im so behind on my reader. devastated that i missed this!

  59. PheelingSublime

    So today was a super happy day at the mailbox … I wo ..I won..I won.. Today in my mail i got a package ,It was the Upwelling Cd,A signed poster and hand drawn artwork!!! Im framing the poster and artwork..I love the cd!All day all i could talk about was the Upwelling! Im for sure a life long fan! Rock on Upwelling ! Best of luck..MaTT

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