Winners in the key of rock

Thanks to everyone who entered The Upwelling/ Lilveggiepatch joint giveaway! We really, really appreciate all of your support.  Love you all! The recession is hitting the music industry very hard, as you can imagine, and these boys deserve to make it big.  This was such a fun contest for me! You guys have been to some amazing shows… some official, and some not entirely “legal”, but that’s what makes it exciting! Click here to read more stories.

The five winners, selected with the random integer generator,  will soon receive a copy of The Upwelling‘s “An American Stranger” and a homemade sweet treat.

#2 An Apple A Day: i ADORE phantom of the opera! i was in musicals in high school and one of my fav was bat boy and sound of music!

#21 Gena: It is really hard to beat The Arcade Fire at United Palace two years ago. But I think I’d have to give it to Radiohead at MSG.

#34 Danielle: The best concert had to be a few weeks ago-Kenny Chesney! He is so full of energy, not to mention, amazing eye candy!

#43 Sara: A Mighty Mighty Bostones concert in NYC! We were soooo close to the stage, it was so much fun.

#48 Diana: No Doubt in 1997 is pretty much burned into my memory. First concert, first band obsession, first smell of weed + booze, lol…

Congratulations, ladies!  E-mail me your mailing addresses and any food restrictions or allergies you may have.

For those of you who didn’t win, hit up Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy, Doghouse, bookstores, record stores, your cute neighbor with the lip ring…. to get your copies. It’s 46 minutes long… the perfect length for a workout 🙂


6 responses to “Winners in the key of rock

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  2. WAHOO! Thank you so much! This is an especially exciting giveaway to win–can’t wait to rock out to the Upwelling. 🙂 Emailing you now!

  3. Awesome, lucky winners!!

  4. I am so honored!! Thank you! Emailing now 😀

  5. Congrats to the winners:)

  6. i am so excited that your boyfriend’s band is doing so well!

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