Old Friends and Bloggers Unite at the Upwelling Record Release Show!

Good evening and happy end-of-the-weekend! I hope yours has been lovely, and you are looking forward to September.  I know a lot of you are starting school tomorrow, so, if that means you, have a great first day!

The last two days have been pretty crazy, but filled to the brim with fun and friends. Yesterday, I started my day with a Chocolate Fig VitaMuffin.




This was good, but I’m a bit of a fighead and wish there had been more fruity chunks! I still made a pretty bomb-diggity parfait, layering TJ’s Organic Nonfat Honey-Flavored Greek Yogurt, the muffintop, and a banana.


I also had some carrot juice, which I was pretty excited to spot while on the checkout line at Trader Joe’s.


And a morning is never complete without my daily dose of buzz.


I spent the morning cleaning and doing some work; a few hours after breakfast I had two flattened bananas, one with almond butter and the other with peanut.


I didn’t have too much time, but after I did a little cleaning I squeezed in 20 minutes of Heart-Opening Yoga.  I could have done with a longer practice, but I still noticed a definite change.  I’ve been feeling a little anxious recently, and even this little bit helped relax me a little.

After yoga, I set out to make a good lunch, even if I had to eat it on the fly.  I decided to have a second go at making my own nori wraps! This time, I did a little research and knew to use the stove’s flame to toast the seaweed.


I used equal portions of almond meat, sliced beets, and sprouts….


… and using wet hands, tightly rolled it all up.


Not bad!


I also packed up a hugh jass salad of one heart of romaine, beets, and carrots.


Gina‘s been raving about goat cheddar and goat jack cheese for so long that I finally got my act together and bought some at Trader Joe’s.  I cut myself a piece and plopped it on top of the salad for a treat.


I packed up my things and went to my parents’ house, where I assembled my meal.  I guess they’d heard my cries, because there were some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes waiting for me in the fridge.


I always go for the odd guys, so I sliced this one up and topped it on my salad.


All of the good stuff got hidden underneath!


We were low on mustard, so I just used the jar to mix my dressing.  I used mandarin orange vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil, and grey poupon mustard.



I was still a little jittery, so I tried to completely unwind and enjoy a TV lunch.  However, I can’t seem to ever “turn off” completely, and kept my phone by me.  Do you have a hard time powering down your electronics? Do you have any rules about when to turn them on and off? Unless Ari is coming home late, I try to turn my phone off before I go to sleep.


I had a sliced plum for dessert, then hustled into the shower to get ready for the show.


My friends Lyle, Ilena, Kalle and I had dinner at Cube 63, a Japanese restaurant near the Mercury Lounge.  I ordered a bowl of chirashi and ate all the fish, but only a few bowls of rice.


We enjoyed a leisurely dinner, then hurried over to the venue for Ari‘s concert.  Before the show started, I ran into a certain hippie you may know:


Elise, her sister Laura, and fiancé Kyle (who I creepily recognized first, from his Facebook picture) were totally awesome and came out to the Upwelling show.  Elise is one busy lady, and was so nice to take time out of her weekend off and visit with her sister.  She’s also gearing up for two half marathons… I need to find out what water she’s been drinking.  Sadly I lost sight of them after the show, but hopefully we’ll be able to meet up again soon!

The show itself was AMAZING.  The room was packed, the music was rocking, and we all had a swell ole time. Papa Veggie was equally awesome and used his beautiful camera to take beautiful pictures of the beautiful band 🙂






We migrated to the after-party…


… and reconnected with old friends


A good Lilveggiepatch is always prepared with her emergency snack:


Lyle and I went home to my parents’ house for a sleepover just like our Paris days.  When we woke up, my parents had gone but left us a delicious breakfast.

I had a bowl of Chobani with a plum, honey and cinnamon:


We split a Silver Moon chocolate chip brioche… my old favorite.  I literally used to eat these every day for breakfast before high school!


I washed everything down with coffee and Advil… it was the ultimate Sunday morning breakfast.


This girl needs to move to new york, STAT.


After we finished up breakfast and made ourselves presentable, we packed up, got on the subway, and parted ways.  I went home to find Ari, and we both rallied ourselves for a short run.  Before we left, we split a banana. (I read once that the guys in Franz Ferdinand eat bananas before every gig, so I always feel kind of rock’n’rolla when I eat these guys.)


We ran an easy two miles, then showered and went to see District 9 with Ilana. On the way out, I grabbed some carrots and hummus


and packed us baggies of gummy bears from Berlin.


I also made Ari a PB&J (he prefers Skippy) sandwich on Faux-zekial, and sliced myself a little piece 😉


I liked the movie… there was a lot going on, and it was very violent, but I think I would recommend it.


When it was over, we all went to Winegasm for a bite to eat and some vino. (I forgot to bring my camera, so the rest of the pictures were taken with Ari’s phone, which doesn’t have a flash.)

I ordered a white flight: Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Monopole Rioja Blanco, and Leon Bayer Pinot Blanc.


I always like to order flights when they’re available, so I can taste more things 🙂

Speaking of tastes, we shared some warm spiced olives


Truffle-infused mac ‘n cheese


… and fontina & mushroom crostini, which was delicious but didn’t make it to digital. We got Coldstone for dessert… making that twice in one weekend! I switched things up and got a small cup of sinless sweet cream with toasted almonds, fudge, and cookie dough.  Eh. I think I’ll stick with my usual peanut butter goodness.


This was a monster of a post, and it’s time for some quality shut-eye.  Have a great night!


30 responses to “Old Friends and Bloggers Unite at the Upwelling Record Release Show!

  1. i wish i could’ve made it to the show! sounds like it was a huge success though!

    we should definitely meet up for lunch one day.. it’s been to long! 🙂

  2. What a fabulously long post….you clearly have faster uploading pics than I do 🙂 My fave part of the post was your pics of you and Elise (how cool to run into another blogger…I don’t even know any other bloggers within 500 miles of me…and I live in San Diego) and also the homemade almond meat sushi roll. I can totally do that…yay! I’ve always been scared off from making it at home, that looks so easy, do-able, and my speed. Thx!

  3. I am seriously so excited that I just came across your blog. I think you are adorable and I love your pictures! Expect a regular reader from now on!

  4. Oh, wow, what a fun time. I am so sad I missed out!

    I LOVE the second picture your poppa took (extra-especially since you are looking back at him. Cute!)

    All of Saturday’s eats look amazing. Can you come be my personal chef? Maybe?

  5. I’m so glad the show went so great and that you got to hook up with your girls!

    We went to see District 9 tonight and we actually had to get up and leave. I’m such a wuss. I started crying when he started trying to cut off his arm, and it was all over after that. Maybe I was missing the political statement completely, but I was totally freaked out!

  6. Well I think all your food for the day looks amazing. I’m digging the Greek yogurt and muffintop/banana dessert. your rolls look good too. Reminds me that I haven’t had rolls and sushi in a couple weeks! eeeck! 🙂

  7. Love the look for that heirloom tomato (it is a little phallic looking though!) I like my veggies with a little quirk in em.

  8. I’m so glad that the show went well and that you had so much fun with your girlies! I still can’t get “American Girls” out of my head haha.

    Your nori wraps look beautiful, toasting them over the flame is such a good idea. Silver Moon Bakery is totally awesome, by the way! I go there way too frequently;)

  9. omg SO much fun!!! i love the black and white photos of the band. also, i had NO clue you were supposed to toast the seaweed for sushi. that makes so much sense – now ill have a way easier time with my home-made rolls. so we all decided that a) the upwelling rocks b) the bass player looks like turtle from entourage and c) if one of the songs was written about you, we hope it was something more like “i love that girl” and NOT “murdered by a big bomb”
    did you see the scary fight at the after party?!? eek! i bought a cd and am currently listening to it now. yeahhhh!

  10. It looks like the show was fun! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    It never would have occurred to me to toast the nori … good thing I haven’t tried it yet! 😉

    ❤ ❤

  11. LOVE the artsy black & white band photos!! Awesome times.

  12. wow, tons of fun and food – excellent!
    I especially love your “dirty” tomato… heh heh

  13. This post made me green with envy! Between the food (that brioche!!!), bloggers, parties, restaurants (Winegasm!? love)!

    FAUX-Zekial!! I hope you guys enjoyed that tasty little loaf 🙂

    I’m glad the release party was a blast! Those black and white pictures are fabulous!!

  14. LOVE the black and white pics! Looks great! 😀 Ah, so much awesomeness is this post…so cool you met Elisa, LOVE the nori wraps and good to know about the rock ‘n’ roll banana! Prefer that to my friend who calls me a monkey when I eat mine 😛

  15. So much fun stuff in this post- I love all of your pictures. Especially from the show!! Great job with the nori wraps and VERY cool that you got to meet the hungry hippie herself! Have a nice Monday 🙂

  16. what a great weekend! i’m glad the show went well 🙂

    that orange vinegar sounds so good!

  17. What a fun weekend!

    I’ve never thought of bananas as rock n roll before 🙂

    And the nori wraps look fab! I may have to try that.

  18. southerngracesblog

    What a fabulous weekend 🙂 I am so glad the show went well!!!
    The nori wraps you made look so yummy and neatly rolled! And the truffle infused mac -n- cheese…yum!
    Hope you have a great Monday, my dear!

  19. holy gourmet cook you are – LOVE that nori wrappage!

    woowoo for the show – those pictures are awesome. i heart nyc. it makes me miss it so. sooo exciting. loved the recap and glad it went so well!

  20. When I saw the reference to the character cutting off his arm, I wondered if “District 9” is about a NYC school board meeting?

  21. Oh yeah–the show was better than even lilveggie has described it.

  22. The show looks like it was great! The Upwelling is a hit! Totally looking forward to my own copy of the tunes. 😀

    I totally liked District 9 too. It was way intense, but I found myself so involved in the story and the whole metaphor that I was able to tolerate all the blood n guts better than usual. 🙂

  23. i still need to buy those vitatops 😦 i remember at the summit you suggested them with fruit and almond butter lol.

    the concert looks like it was so much fun. i wish i coulda went! next time!!

  24. these are some beautiful women and ruggedly handsome and talented musicians!

  25. What a fab way to spend time with your friends and fellow bloggers!
    I’ve never tried carrot juice–would you recommend it?

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  27. OMG!! I made the blog!! I made my food bloggie debut! This is great

  28. Your boy’s a celeb!! 🙂 I love that you ran into Elise at the concert, AND that you’ve been eating all my fave thangs. Tj’s blueberry preserves (well, for ari’s sandwich), big salads, cheeeeese and yogurt messes! Love it all. So glad that you had such a great time!

  29. Oooh La La! I love the sushi rolls!


    So neat that the bloggies came out though!!!

    Tell them to come play in YOU-KNOW-WHERE! 🙂

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