Key Ingredients

I’m sure you know the feeling: you’ve spent hours (or even a few hard-earned minutes) preparing something that you’ve been thinking about for weeks, only to discover that it’s not quite right. Had you splurged for the right spices or the good cheese, it would have been perfect.  The perfect ingredients can make or break a dish; a simple slice of avocado – or sprouts, as it was yesterday- can make an ordinary sandwich something really special.  This thought came to my mind time and again yesterday with each meal I savored that special something, or pinned down what upgrade would make it better.

Yesterday we woke up and headed to the diner, where Ari treated me to breakfast.


I ordered the parfait again…


Something was off, though.  I asked for “more yogurt, less granola,” but the yogurt wasn’t Greek anymore! Very sad.  There also wasn’t any mango syrup.  I still ate it, but I don’t think I’ll be getting that again 😦

Ari, however, ordered their new peanut butter pancakes, and substituted chocolate chips for bananas.  I had a few delicious bites of those… they were even better than they look.


I puttered around the house for a little, killing time before my yoga class.  On the way to Vinyasa Flow, I grabbed some carrot juice.  For those of you who asked about this stuff: I’m obsessed! I used to drink it a lot when I was younger, and have just now re-addicted myself.  It’s delicious: sweet, vegetable-y, and the perfect anytime snack.


Yoga was GREAT.  It kicked my booty– I got into Firefly for about .5 seconds before toppling over– but I felt strong and relaxed after it was over.

I’d packed a mondo sandwich: Faux-zekiel with hummus, mustard, arugula beets, sprouts and a Dr. Praeger’s sweet potato pancake.


Sprouts always make a sandwich better. I think it’s the stringy, crunchy texture… so perfect.


I bagged it with an apple and a huge bottle of water…


… and ate it in Union Square Park…


… watching the pigeons.


Then I went back home to get some work done.  My stomach was growling all day… I noticed Leslie Tweeted a while ago that she’s hungrier when she practices yoga than when she does a more “traditional” workout.  Has anyone else noticed this? What exercise makes you feel the hungriest?

I [temporarily] squashed my hunger with a TJ’s Trek Mix Bar.


Since I had a lot of reading and writing to do, I wanted to make something fast and easy that would still taste delicious.  A week or so ago, after admiring Caroline‘s fabulous dinner, she kindly sent me the recipe for the Ginger Peanut Tofu Salad she made.  I scanned the ingredients and prep: yep- fast, easy, tasty 🙂

Can you believe that in all the years of my vegetarianism (that would be 8) until last night, I had yet to make scrambled or mashed tofu? Bad LVP!


I halved the recipe, then added a bit more soy sauce.


In keeping with my mondo sandwich at lunch, I made a mondo salad for dinner.


I filled the plate with a romaine heart, a huge handful of arugula, baby carrots, an apple


… and a pickle, for good measure.


I had some Annie’s Lite Gingerly Vinaigrette for dipping…


It really was the perfect dinner.  I was a little full afterward, but an hour or so later, my tum was demanding a sweet end.  Biscotti to the rescue!


I finished my work at midnight, caught up on Project Runway (which I already ruined for one of you… sorry again!), and got 8 hours of sleep.  Not bad!

Ari’s mother brought (upon my request) some old school photos for the room.


I think we would have been friends, don’t you?


Have a great day!


24 responses to “Key Ingredients

  1. what cute pictures!

    that stinks about the non-greek yogurt and no mango sauce! but those pancakes do look incredible. I think I need to make pb + chocolate chip ones soon 🙂

  2. Those two pictures are adorable 😀 Ah, you would have made a great couple back then too!

    Ingredients definitely make or break a dish…even down to the quality of just one thing. I bought a different brand of vanilla essence the other day thinking they were all the same, but everything tastes kind of ‘off’. I don’t like it 😦

    PB pancakes look delicious 😀 Sorry about the parfait fail- I’d be mad if I expected Greek and got regular yogurt. Nobody messes with my yogurt addiction!

    (Can’t wait to meet you either!!!!!!!)

  3. Aww such cute little kids!! 😉

    I currently have in my freezer a box of Dr. Praeger’s sweet potato pancakes. And a box of broccoli pancakes. And a box of spinach pancakes. Each with one missing. And no idea what to do with the rest!!

    ❤ ❤

  4. Downgrade to the parfait – Greek is the best! Love the pancakes though 🙂

    That mondo sandwich looks absolutely delicious!! I haven’t made a tofu scramble or salad either, I’m slackin!!

    Awww love the kid pictures! You guys were cuties!!

  5. Holy yumoly those peanut butter pancakes look incredible! You and Ari were too cute as youngins:)

    That’s interesting about yoga, I never knew it increased your appetite. For me swimming always makes me a hangry beast. I guess it’s from the cold water.

  6. kid pics = classic.

    ummm i need to make that tofu, i need that biscotti and those pancakes look ridonk. happy September!

  7. Oh! I love those pictures…too cute! And mashed tofu- isn’t it SO good!!!! I haven’t had it in a while. I love it though 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day, love.

  8. oh my gosh – those pictures are SO precious!

  9. carrot juice is delish.
    I have a recipe for RAW soup:
    carrot juice, avocado, and dill.
    seriously, just puree, and enjoy. AMazing.

    and your salad made me salivate

  10. THOSE PHOTOS OF YOU TWO!! Precious 🙂

  11. aww those pictures are so adorable!
    and those peanut butter pancakes… holy shiz. i’ve died and gone to pancake-heaven.

  12. The PB pancakes (I can’t eat gluten) but yow-zah! those look really yum. And carrot juice…so good. And really, isn’t any juice when you don’t have to clean the juicer, freakin’ da bomb? For me it is 🙂

  13. Omg those pancakes look AMAZING!

  14. You’re so cute. Also, you’ve convinced me. Someday I’m going to try carrot juice. I’ve always just thought it looked and sounded gross, but with your blessing, I’ll give it a go.

    Thanx for the lil Hello! I needed it. It really brightened a very grim day.

  15. Aww your boy was an adorable kid! Lately I’ve been frolicking in the ocean a lot and I have to say it does seem to make me hungrier! But then againm a good long run will do that to me, too.

  16. YOU FINALLY GOT THE PANCAKES!!! well ari got them… but still, you finally got to try the pancakes!!! They looked damn good although I still think the banana should not have been taken out.

  17. Did you make the carrot juice or buy it? pancakes are always good with chocolate chips!

  18. Those pancakes look like giant cookies! YUM.
    Glad you liked the tofu salad…and that you have finally been initiated into the world of mashed tofu concoctions!

  19. Those pancakes are making me DROOL!

  20. Aw, lil pimpin in the track jacket!

    Love the beets and arugula in the sandwich- two of my favorites! I have a weird issue with sprouts. They just kind of bother me, with their tangled-ness. But I haven’t had any in a long time; maybe I should give them another try 🙂

  21. That sandwich looks DELICIOUS! Do you recommend the Dr. Praegers?!

    And yes. Fresh squeezed carrot juice is absolutely amazing. My dad used to have a fresh pitched of oj and carrot juice in the house every week!!!

    I’m not even going to talk about how ridiculously good-looooooking those pb pancakes look. Not gonna talk about it! 😉

  22. aawwwww, you two TOTALLY wouldve been friends! so cute!

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