Whole Foods Heaven

Good morning! I hope your weekend is off to a GREAT start.  I’m going to make this as quick as possible, because Ari and I are off to Woodstock for the day! We’ll be spending the night, and coming back tomorrow.  I’m so excited!  My family and I used to go to Woodstock every fall, but I haven’t been able to go since I started college.  It brings back such happy memories, and I’m really looking forward to showing Ari all of my favorite spots! We’re so lucky to be able to make such a wonderful, last-minute trip.

Yesterday I had my new favorite breakfast: fruit (1/2 mango and 1 peach) with raw almond milk and cereal (Puffins).

Fruit bowl with raw almond milk and Puffins

I’d been planning on going to a 12:00 Vinyasa Flow class, but I overslept a wee bit.  By the time I got there (5 minutes before class began) the room was packed! I should have known that all of the East Village would be trying to cram in one last yoga practice before Labor Day weekend.  I didn’t let that ruin my day, though, so I did 20 easy minutes on the bike while I read my book, abs, and some strength training.

I ate lunch in the park: an apple and my new favorite sandwich.


Hummus, mustard, sprouts, arugula, and a TJ’s Marsala burger on Ezekiel. Mmm!

Hummus, sprout, veggie burger & arugula sandwich

There was mail that needed to be picked up at my parents’ house, so I headed up there.  This was, to be honest, just an excuse to check out the new Whole Foods store!

Whole Foods Sign

The escalators have a special lane for carts, just like at Costco!

WF escalator cart

I ground my own organic peanut butter


Admired the raw goodies

WF Raw Goodies

Visited the sample station…

Rao's Pasta sauces


I had a slice of whole wheat bread with Rao’s marinara sauce. Mmm!

Rao's marinara sample

I got dinner for later at the salad bar:

WF Salad & Hot Bar

  • spinach
  • corn
  • baked tofu
  • raw squash
  • grape leaves
  • lemon-scented tempeh
  • mac & cheese
  • saag paneer
  • farro

I picked up some bee pollen

Bee Pollen

… so I could channel my beautiful raw girl. Frozen blubes &  pollen rock!

Bee Pollen & Frozen Blueberries

I got my hands dirty in the kitchen…

Betty Crocker

Chopped a lot of dark chocolate

Chopping Chocolate

Channeled Elana

Biscotti Logs

… and made gluten-free, vegan double chocolate mocha biscotti. I tweaked the recipe a little bit and added hazelnuts!

Double Chocolate Mocha Biscotti (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

I bagged them up and got them ready for mailing.

Giveaway baggies

But a girl’s gotta have her own dessert, too! I had a small biscotti butt with raspberries and blueberries.

Berry & Biscotti Dessert

A day well spent, if I do say so myself.  Have a fantastic weekend! I’m leaving my computer at home so I can stay in the moment.  See ya later!


19 responses to “Whole Foods Heaven

  1. Whole Foods heaven, for sure!! Wowza.

    Your apron is so classic!! Love it.

    Perfect biscotti recipe – can’t go wrong when it’s from Elana!! Love her site.

    Have a blast at Woodstock!! Say hi to Ari!! 😀

  2. You took photos in Whole Foods?!!!!! Rebel! Looks great- I can’t wait to go 😀 (30 days!)

    Have a great time at Woodstock!

  3. so jealous of the WF! we don’t have on here…and I have never been in any type of food store with an escalator – that is just nuts.

    enjoy your weekend! sounds like fun 🙂

  4. What brand of almond flour did you use?

  5. You look like a prefessional baker in your apron! those biscotti look preffessional as well!

    How funny, I went to the new Whole Foods today as well! I found that the prices were significantly lower than their other locations. I purchased, for example, an entire organic chicken for $3.16!!!!

    Have a great time in Woodstock!!!

  6. That lunch looks absolutely delicious! Bread and marinara…all about the simple pleasures 🙂

    BISCOTTI! Oh my lord, I haven’t had that in far too long – thank you for reminding me! I’ll have to put on my apron straight from NY and get to work! Yours looks awesome!

    Woodstock?! How fun!! Have a blast!

  7. Your biscotti’s look so good. I love going to Whole Foods especially hitting up the salad bar.

  8. homegirlcaneat


    What does bee pollen taste like?? I am so intrigued!

    Biscotti heaven!!!

    Have fun at woooodstock lovelove 😀

  9. Whole Foooooooooooods dang! I haven’t been to one in way too long!!

    Love the biscotti action! They are beautiful!

    How did you like the bee pollen??


    P.s. How are so adorable in that apron!?

  10. Where to even start? Holy cook-athon, girl! The GF Elena’s tweaked choco biscotti look awesome. No one ever mails me anything like that, I just get bills 🙂

    The make your own PB at WF. Maybe I am clueless but I swear Ive never seen that at the SoCal WF’s but I just moved (yesterday!) to AZ and maybe I can give that action a whirl.

    Your apron and you in it: Betty Crocker meets Betty Page. Love it!

    Happy L Day weekend!

  11. How did you manage to get so many pictures in Whole Foods without getting yourself evicted?! 😉

    ❤ ❤

  12. (1) you are too cute.

    (2) whole foods is amazing.

    (3) that biscotti looks amazinger.

    (4) have a fabulous time at woodstockkkk!

  13. Lovin that fresh ground PB shot!
    I really need to find some bee pollen–what section is it in?

  14. Hi! I can’t believe I’m just now finding your blog but you’re now being added to my blogroll (just so you know you have one more stalker hehe)
    Are you in NY? That WF is crazy! I’m so jealous, I would love to live in NY.
    Those Biscotti from Elana’s blog are a staple at my apartment! I make them constantly and can’t have my afternoon coffee without biscotti anymore. And now anytime I make them I have to bake a bunch to share with friends. I’ve even mailed them to a friend in Florida!
    So what does bee pollen taste like? I keep seeing it on blogs and have eyed it a few times at wf but never gotten it.

  15. your apron is so adorable! that whole foods looks amazing – salad bar meals there are such a treat, i love them!

  16. i love your new breaky! it looks so good, and i’m a huge fan of puffins 🙂

    oh and p.s.- i love your blender. OLD SCHOOL at its best! my mom still has that one and i have the hand-held one haha.

  17. southerngracesblog

    Yay for the new Whole Foods!!! Your biscotti look so yummy! And, I loooove your apron 🙂 too cute

  18. …does that mean you got the lil some’in some’in i sent your way?

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