Get Buff!

Good morning! Based on what I can tell on Twitter, I’m not the only one thinking that today should be Friday.  This week hasn’t been particularly long or exciting, but lordy lord, do I wish it were the weekend! Starting tomorrow, I’ll be spending the night at my parents’ house, babysitting this guyMy first race is on Sunday morning (you still have time to donate!), and Ilana and I are going to have a sleepover the night before to get ready and be girly.  Should be a blasty 🙂

Breakfast yesterday was my new standard bowl of tastiness: one banana and one apple bathed in homemade raw almond/walnut milk.  Man oh man, this stuff is GOOD.  I don’t know what I would do without Gena‘s recipes!

Raw almond/walnut milk with banana + apple

Before I went into the city for yoga, I grabbed this Botanic No. 7 Kombucha that I found on sale for $2.99.  Still pricey, but it’s hard to ignore cravings.  Look at that cute little foot in the background!

Botanic No. 7 Kombucha

I got to the gym with time to spare, unlike last week.  Tina recently posted about ways to make sure you actually complete your exercise goals, and she’s right: an overbooked class is one of the surest ways to sabotage your workout! Anyway,  I found a mat (although I should really start bringing my own) and reserved a spot on the floor, then looked around at my neighbors.  That’s strange… why did everyone have barbells next to them? As more and more people filed into the room, weights in hand, I started to worry that perhaps I was in the wrong class.  I went outside to check the schedule, and I was right: I wasn’t in Vinyasa Flow, I was in Buff Yoga, the class before.  I’d seen the Buff Yogis on their way out as I was on my way in before; they were always pouring sweat and looked as if they’d just gone through military training.  I decided to stick it out, and let me tell you: it was SO HARD.  There were a few things I couldn’t do, like a Three-Legged Dog Vinyasa series while keeping a barbell balanced in the crook of my leg, so I just sat those out. I was mostly just proud of myself for staying in the room, because there were times when I really wanted to leave.  I’m not sure if I’ll go back to that class; I was really in the room for something a little more relaxing,  but it was a good experience.  All of my muscle groups are currently reliving the experience now… this girl is SORE.

After showering, I went to the park to eat lunch.  I’d packed two salads: curried mashed tofu and spinach with sprouts and hummus.

Salads to go

I also had an apple.

Apple On The Street

A little later, my stomach was really bothering me (it’s been a little off all week) so I stopped at Whole Foods for a cranberry walnut roll to eat on the way to work.  I find that carbs, either simple or complex, often settle an upset stomach.

Whole Foods Raisin Walnut Roll

At work, I snacked on a ChocChip Trailmix PURE bar.

PURE ChocChip Trailmix Bar

PURE ChocChip Trailmix Bar Nutritionals

PURE ChocChip Trailmix Bar Ingredients

PURE ChocChip Trailmix Bar Scale

PURE ChocChip Trailmix Bar butt angle

PURE ChocChip Trailmix Bar Side view

Pros: Tastes like a chocolate chip trail mix cookie! The chunks are small and perfectly blended, but each flavor is distinguishable.  You know I’m a sucker for tart/sweet combinations, and this was great.  It kept me satisfied through my shift and until dinner.

Cons: I would have liked the tart/sweet to move to salty/sweet, but this was just about perfect.

Would I buy this again? Fo sho.

Dinner was a big salad with mixed greens, apples, tomatoes, walnuts, beets and peppers. The best part? “Mexican salad” that Mario made, with cilantro and jalepeño peppers, that he plopped on top. So good!

Work Shift Dinner Salad

Work was pretty slow, so I got off early enough to meet Caitlin and her friends for drinks at the Blue Owl. Their cocktails are reported to be some o the best in town, but unfortunately they’re pretty pricey.  Lucky for us, Wednesday nights they are 1/2 price!  I decided to get the Ellison Cocktail.

Blue Owl Cocktail List

This was so delicious! It was cool and refreshing, and totally different from anything I’ve had before.

Blue Owl Ellison Cocktail

After we left the bar, I met up with Ari and we took the subway home together.  We were both snacky, so we split this TJ’s boysenberry dried fruit bar.

TJ's Boysenberry Fruit Snack

Yesterday was one of those days when I felt like I barely took a breath to stop eating. I think my choices were pretty healthy (except all of the undocumented noshing at work… whoops), and if I’m hungry, it means my body needs the fuel.  The only problem is when I find myself eating out of boredom, which happens at the restaurant when we don’t have many customers.  Oh well! Life is meant to be delicious.

I’m off to get ready for my 4.5 mile run… I’m still pretty stiff from yoga yesterday, but hopefully it will feel good!

A couple days ago I ordered my first Road ID. Caitlin and Kelly have both been posting a lot about outdoor exercise safety, and although I use a shoe wallet (which is great for holding keys and cash), I wanted something a little more sturdy.  Should you decide to buy your own Road ID, the code ThanksKatherine538792 will take $1 off your total purchase price.

BE SAFE and have a great day!


20 responses to “Get Buff!

  1. WOw i’ve never hear of buff yoga but it sounds intense!! way to go for staying the whole time i feel sore just reading about it 😉 have a great day 🙂

  2. Life is meant to be delicious. <— I love this.

    As for the yoga… it sounds awesome!! Actually, I'd probably bitch my way through it, but I love love love the post-class soreness. I'm clearly not completely sane. 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  3. good job staying in that class and trying it out! it sounds crazy – i’ve never ever heard of buff yoga!

    that cocktail sounds so interesting.

    i need to get a RoadID, too. thanks for the reminder 🙂

  4. “Buff Yoga” is such a cool name for a class- I think I would want to try it based on that alone! Glad you stuck it out 🙂 I always think of yoga as more of a “relaxtion”-type exercise rather than barbells…it’s the mental aspect that appeals most to me I think?

    I made mashed tofu for tomorrow. I should have checked your recipe first 😛

    Good luck with the race!!!!

  5. haha, I bought a yoga dvd that incorporates wegiths and it was hard! A challenge but a great one indeed. Regular yoga is already a challenging work out when it comes to me learning new poses but that’s why I love it!

  6. southerngracesblog

    Oh my gosh, Buff Yoga! I have never heard of that…good for you for sticking it out! I don’t think I could have/ would have done it haha.
    I am still loving your tofu salad 🙂
    Happy Thursday!!!

  7. WOW! Buff Yoga does sound hard. The eats look great, as usual!!!

  8. I totally though today was Friday too! Craziness. Glad you stuck it out through the class even though it wasn’t what you were expecting! I always feel bad when people show up for my classes thinking its something else. I always say feel free to try it and leave after 5 minutes- I will not be offended! Good luck this weekend 🙂

  9. Homemade raw almond/walnut milk, that actually appears to look like almond/walnut butter….umm, mouthgasmic and I didnt even need to read anymore, but I did 🙂 Glad to hear you survived yoga. Even though I would consider myself pretty experienced with yoga b/c Ive been a registered teacher since 2001, there’s always a class name/class title I just get a kick out of…buff yoga is one of them LOL

  10. Joe’s aunt LOVES kombucha. To the point that she just started making it herself, because she didn’t want to pay $6 everytime she wanted it. (so ‘spensive!)

    Homemade kombucha, though, sounds a little suspect and scary to me. Mostly the fungus thing.

  11. You’ve got one jam packed weekend!! Way to go with the buff yoga! I’ve never heard of a class like that but you’re a champ – Jay Robb should watch out 🙂

    When you make your tofu salads, what type of ‘fu do you use? Firm, extra firm, etc.? I’m glad you liked that Pure bar because I liked it as well! Hope you had a great Thursday!!

  12. Kombucha sale = score!

    That yoga class sounds intense! I’ve been trying to be more dedicated to both the yoga and the weight training (otherwise all I do is run); that class would take care of both of those things!

    And I totally need to make some of that nut milk too 🙂

  13. Katie!!! Looks like you’ve been eatin’ REALLY well girl, so it’s ok if you got a little snacky! 😉 But for the record, I can’t tell from the pics!

    That curried mashed tofu and hummus salad sound amazing right now!! And hmm, chocolate chip trail mix cookie you say?? I may have to try this! I remember liking the apple flavored pure bar, but I didn’t think it was as good as my fave laras!

    Hope you’re having a good day! xoo

  14. martini looks yum

  15. I just want you to know that I’m always uber jealous of your salads from work. They are always so loaded with delicious, simple, high quality ingredients.

  16. So much wonderfulness in this post–I esp like the kombucha a PURE bar lovin. Would you recommend those dried fruit bars?

  17. yay for your race – i am soooo excited for you! PURE bar, yum. salad, yum. cranberry roll, yum. cocktail, double yum.

    have a fabulous weekend my dear katie!

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  19. wow, buff yoga sounds hard! good for you for giving it a try. and that cocktail looks really fab!

  20. Mmmm…I LOVE Kombucha! I found a #3 on sale for $1.85 😀

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