(2) Dinner(s) for 1

Good morning and happy Friday!  The weather is pretty shoddy over here, and going outside is not sounding so appealing right now! I don’t have work today so I slept in, but honestly a few more hours under the covers sounds heavenly.

Yesterday breakfast was based around a BlueBran VitaTop.

BlueBran Vitatop Package

BlueBran Vitatop Nutritionals

BlueBran VitaTop

I crumbled it up and topped it with one banana, one apple, and almond walnut milk.

BlueBran Vita, Banana, Apple, Walnut/Almond Milk

After catching up on some reading and letting breakfast digest, I head out on a 4.5 mile run.   The first 20 minutes or so were really slow… I was still very sore from Buff Yoga and didn’t want to convince myself that turning around and going home was a better idea. I also had to stop for more traffic than usual, so the run itself wasn’t so fluid. Still, I powered through, and got my mileage in.

Total distance: 4.5 miles

Total time: 45:40 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 187 (94%)

Average heart rate: 174 (87%)

Calories burned: 520

Since my race is on Sunday, I’m not going to run today or tomorrow.  I’m hoping to do some light yoga at home, but I really don’t put any strain on my legs that would hurt my performance at the race.  The September issue of Runner’s World has an article specifically catered to 5K races, whatever your level, and Caitlin wrote a really useful post about pre-race tapering.

I came back and had a bowl of TJ’s low sodium minestrone soup (with added Bragg’s and Sriracha) and a big salad with hummus, spinach, mashed curried tofu & Annie’s Light Gingerly Vinaigrette.

Soup and Salad

I went to the guitar store with Ari in Brooklyn, then went into the city to get a snack before work.   I popped into Bonobo’s and got a Coco Maltfresh young coconut water and meat blended with raw organic mesquite fruit.

Bonobo's Coco Malt

Uh-MA-zing!  I also spied these Coco Chews on the counter and somehow they ended up coming home with me, too.  I can’t help it… I’ve recently become addicted to coconut! I didn’t used to like it AT ALL.

Bonobo's Coco Chews

I went to work, but it was so slow that after three hours I packed up my $6 and went home.  Although I took my salad to go, I picked up a brown rice rainbow roll on the way to the subway just in case the salad was a little flimsy.

Brown Rice Rainbow Roll

I really should have peeked in the container first, because Gregoria made my favorite salad: mixed greens with apples, carrots, red peppers, goat cheese, and GRILLED SHRIMP!

Dinner Salad w/ Apples, Goat Cheese & Shrimp

So I ate both.  Yes, two full dinners… left me feeling a little too full, but with enough room to chow down on this organic “nutella” bar that I brought back from Germany. Yum!

German Nutella Nougat Bar

Well, off to shower and meet up with my lovely for lunch.  Have a great weekend!


20 responses to “(2) Dinner(s) for 1

  1. I tried the Berry Blast Pro Bar yesterday. I had one, assuming that it wouldn’t be filling enough to replace dinner, because I just love the process of eating, and a bar doesn’t take long to finish.

    I forgot about dinner completely. All I had before bed was a small bowl of granola. Craziness. Also, YUMMYness.

  2. I’ve only recently started liking coconut too! What is in the chews? Just coconut?.. 2 dinners that both look awesome are a good way to end a night IMO!

    Hope the weather improves for your race!

  3. That breakfast looks really good!! If I had both of those dinners, I’d eat them too! They’re too good not to have 😉

    Yum to the nutella bar – other countries have the best sweets! Glad you got some extra zzzz’s this morning! Enjoy lunch!

  4. both dinners look great! have fun at lunch today 🙂

    that coconut malt sounds good.

  5. COCO MALT?!??!?! Oh man, I need to get one when I get back to NYC 😀

  6. I couldn’t stand coconut when I was younger. Now I love it! It’s funny how your taste change when you get older

  7. I have a love/hate with coconut. I dont mind coconut milk/water when I make it into kefir. I hate cooking with coconut oil or even baking with it. Back in the day I used to love Mounds or Almond Joy bars, and in baking, I kinda like coconut shreds. Weird, huh.

    When I ran 3-4 races per month, I would always rest 24-36 hrs pre run, just a little 5k you dont need anymore than that but for bigger races, like 10k or halves, I’d rest 36-48 hrs. If race was Sat morning, I’d stop training Wed night kind of thing.

    Thanks for entering my stevia contest 🙂

  8. Do you usually strain your almond milk? I remember one time you mentioned you didn’t, but do you usually do that? If you do strain do you use a cheesecloth/something along those lines? And what do you do with the leftover “nut meat”? A lot of questions, sorry about that! I’m interested in doing this soon for myself.

  9. awe i want to go to this bonobos place. i aodre coconut !! so delish.

  10. southerngracesblog

    I love your dinner!! I want it tonight, haha. And that coco malt you had…wow, that sounds SO delicious! I hope you have a great day today…yay for your race being so soon 🙂 You’re gonna do great!

  11. I miss sushi, I used to eat it every week but I’m slacking. Good luck on your race Sunday!

  12. I can’t believe I haven’t been to Bonobos yet, I’m WAY overdue for a visit!

    Good luck on the 5K this weekend! I was signed up to do it but I unfortunately have a school related obligation and can no longer do it:(

  13. Yes! I’ve had the Coco Malt shake before and it is rocktastic. I’m so obsessed with young coconut because of Bonobo’s and my own coconut-cracking recently! Even if I restrict myself to making my own coconut shakes, it’ll STILL be an expensive habit, haha.

    Good luck with your race!

  14. YUMMERS! First of all, I love Bragg’s. That’s good stuff. Second of all, I’ve always wanted to try a Vitatop, but I haven’t seen them at the store! Are they at Whole Foods? TJ’s? Where could I find those? I’m dying to try!
    Have a great weekend!! XO.

  15. Looks like you’re getting into the mashed tofu thing. Yeehaw!

  16. Hee hee, I had two dinners last night, too. I suppose worse could happen, eh?

    Meees you.

  17. I love your blog. Two question for you though.

    1. How much do you usually pay for the vita-muffins
    2. On a scale of 1-10 for taste what would you rate the muffin???

  18. ahhhhhhhhh ive never tried vitamuffins. dying.

    coco chews?! those sound so bomb!!

    happpppppppppy Sunday!

  19. I’m a total coconut addict lately too. It used to be one of those foods- like avocados and nuts- that made me kinda nervous, with the fat content and all. But it’s good! And it is good for me!

    Good luck on your race! So exciting 🙂

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