The Ladies Who Lunch

Coconut, Berry, Banana & Cherry Oats w/ PB

I packed these for work, but there didn’t end up being too much for me to do in the office so I went home early and just ate the dried fruit.

Work Snacks

My mom and I had planned on having dinner together at De Santos, but since I got off work early we decided to make it a lunch date instead. But wait! This was not just any lunch.

Mama at L'École

We wandered into L’Ecole, the restaurant inside the French Culinary Institute.  It’s staffed and run by the school’s students, who, while enrolled in classes, are simultaneously working at the restaurant to prepare and present delicious meals.

L'Ecole Menu & Breadbasket

I didn’t want to spoil my appetite with bread, but my mom said it was delicious!  After we ordered the prix fixe lunch deal (which is a real NYC steal), we were brought amuse boûches of smoked trout and chive puffs.

Smoked Trout Amuse Boûche

The whole menu was creative and interesting, so we wanted to share everything.  We started with the yellowtail tartare with lemongrass, coconut & wonton citrus salad:

Yellowtail tartare

Crab consommé with shiitake mushrooms and lemon jam with the most unbelievable crab broth… the broth was brought out in a teapot and poured over the crab and mushrooms.  Presentation is so important!

Crab soup

Sautéed sea scallops with oyster mushrooms & coconut curry sauce… these were my favorite:

Sea Scallops

Grilled halibut with béarnaise sauce and summer salad:

Grilled Halibut

Oof, it was a lot of food.  It was all so delicious that we pounced on every scrap and practically licked the plates clean.  And then, of course, came dessert…

Hazelnut and plum Napoleon… it was out of this world.  From the sweet hazelnut cream to the crunchy, nutty layers… I could eat this every day.

Hazelnut Napoleon with Plums

Peach tarte tatin with crème fraîche ice cream:

Peach Tarte Tatin

It was all so good, and such an unexpected meal to have at lunchtime! We loved it.  I went home in a bit of a food coma that only daytime television could revive me from.  Finally, I roused myself from the bed and, after much deliberation, decided to go for a run.  I was still upset about Monday’s run, so I decided to take every precaution.

I started out with Yoga For Runners to stretch and warm my muscles.  I debated going for my long run, but ended up playing it safe and running 2 miles in 19:40.  Not bad. No failure! When I got back, I did Level 3 of 8-minute abs Although I’d been tempted to call an informal “rest day”, I ended up getting a total-body workout! Not bad, not bad at all 🙂

After having a heavy, five-star lunch, I was in the mood for something very simple for dinner.  It ended up looking a lot like breakfast!  I had an Ezekiel muffin (last one 😦 ) with almond butter, jam & honey, baby carrots, and a strawberry Oikos. I ate in bed while watching Nights in Rodanthe (uh…) , which was nice, but… although I am very, very proud of Ari, I miss my boo very much.

Lazy Comfort Dinner

“Dessert” was an orange, eaten in rapt excitement as I watched the season premiere of Gossip Girl online.  Did anyone recognize Joanna Garcia from Reba?

Orange Gossip

Around the blogosphere:

Is your mom more hip than you? Mine is! I didn’t even know about the Foodbuzznominations that are going on until she told me! Head on over to vote for your favorite bloggies.

Have a great day!


23 responses to “The Ladies Who Lunch

  1. Lovely lunch! I’m eyeing those desserts, haha 😉

    Hip mom, fo’ sho’ – she’s very chic.

  2. So nice that you got to enjoy a fabulous lunch with your mom!! 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  3. That lunch looks incredible! Mom + daughter dates are always so much fun 🙂

    Glad your run went well- I think a shorter ‘good’ work-out’ is needed to boost confidence after a rough one.

    Enjoy your Wednesday!

  4. what a fabulous lunch! so much fun 🙂

    mom is more hip than me in a few ways, but NOT when it comes to computers! 🙂

  5. the halibut and the peach tarte tatin look absolutely to die for! Love unexpected meals like that – yum! And your mom is such a cutey!

  6. wow, those scallops look AMAZING! I haven’t watched the new GG yet, but I hope it’s good – I always watch them online, too.

  7. Wow, your moments with your mom look awesome and I am so glad you have that kinda relationship…and of course the food looks terrific!

    Glad you like the smoothies Ive been making my lil one (per your blog comment on my bloggie!) and also I cant believe you get grief for drinking milk…I mean I am dairy free and all but why cant people just mind their own monkey bizness!

    And glad you got a good workout in, always a bonus!

  8. breakfast AND lunch look divine. maybe i’ll bring the parents there next time they visit!

    mental note: actually do yoga for runners, don’t just think about it.

    great come back workout! sub 10 minute miles is definitely not too shabby!

  9. What a fun lunch date with your mom!

    Isn’t breakfast for dinner always so fun?!

    P.S. Way to go on the run

  10. Great job with the recovery run. There’s no “failure” in exercising.

  11. Your mom LOOKS hip! Dang!
    I’m sorry you miss Mistah Lovah :/
    To be quite honest, I’m more hip than my mom. Just keepin’ it real!

  12. What a SWANKY lunch!! That bread and dessert – oh, yum!

    Sorry you miss the boy 😦 He’ll be back soon?!

  13. I LOVE that presentation. I’m a sucker for garnishes.

  14. southerngracesblog

    I am loving that lunch!!!! Everything looked so amazingly delicious and beautiful, too!
    So funny…whenever I eat a heavy lunch out I always turn to pb&j for dinner too 🙂
    Happy Wednesday, love!

  15. Fancy foood day!

    but wait….WAIT!!!!! GOSSIP GIRL’S BACK?! Damn, how do I miss EVerything? Sigh. more TV time for me now, I guess.

  16. what a fancy lunch! that napoleon totally looks like a gourmet smores. and your mom looks very hip.

    daytime tv revived you from your coma? what daytime tv were you watching? 🙂

    sorry you’re missing the boy. you know he misses you just as much!

  17. That lunch looks awesome.

    By the way, you should really go to the New Yorker Festival October 16-18. They’ve got some awesome events lined up. Talks with Salman Rushdie, T.C. Boyle, Junot Diaz, Colson Whitehead, Jonathan Franzen, the Mad Men creator, Bon Iver, and movies by Jean-Luc Godard, Hitchcock, and Henri Clouzot! As my only friend in New York, you have to go for me!

  18. Aww, I miss lunches with Mom. Glad you ladies had fun:)
    I need to look into this Yoga for Runners thing…

  19. My mom is a Humane Investigator, Animal Rescue Chairwoman, salon owner, photgrapher and she works at a clothing store! She’s a beautiful person inside and out. But, I don’t know that she’s MORE hip than me 😉 Pretty hip for a Grandma though…

  20. My mom would like to think she is more hip than me.

    I love Joanna! Her new hair color is awesome. Although I don’t watch Gossip Girls I watch reruns over and over of Reba.

    That Napoleon looks YUMMY!

  21. ahh i love your mama! and that lunch looks so yummy! the photos are beautiful! I love your spread of spreads (ha!) ! honey is so UNDERrated!

    i need to get back into gossip girl!!

    love you miss!

  22. Yes!! I totally recognized her. My dad and I used to love Reba. And I LOVE gossip girl. Hope this season gets a little juicer, I was only excited by the looks of my gg men and the fashion in monday’s episode!! Not too much dramaaaaa yet.

    ps- i’m OBSESSED with that breakfast for dinner meal. You know i loveeee toasted english muffins w/ pb & j, lovveeee greek yogurt, and i lovee baby carrots! 😀

    hope you’re having a great thurs! xoo

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