Transportable Salads and Build-Me-Up Blondies

Good morning and happy almost-weekend! I’ve already had a completely satisfying day thus far, and it’s only 11:45! But, alas, that is a story for another day.  That day would be tomorrow. Hehe 🙂

To be perfectly honest, I can barely remember yesterday! Thank heavens for food photography.  I started the morning with a nutritious breakfast, brought to you by Mr. Golden Corn VitaTop.

Golden Corn VitaTop Package

Golden Corn Vitatop Nutrition

Golden Corn VitaTop

I crumbled him up and sprinkled him between layers of Fage 0% (finally caved and splurged) and a red plum.  I have a feeling the last weeks of summer fruit are upon us!

Vita/Plum/Fage parfait

The rest of the morning was spent folding laundry and cleaning.  Although it was fun while it lasted, it was time for my surrogate Laundry Boyfriend to go.

Mid-clean, I stopped for an Amazing Grass-1/2 banana-PB shake:

Amazing Grass shake

Then I packed up my lunch and scooted into the city, just in time for my Vinyasa class.  I was in the right class this time, and my muscles were very happy about it.  The class kicked my butt… for some reason, no matter how much strength training I do, my arms never seem strong enough! I fell over in Crow again, but I laughed it off and promised myself that one day, however far away that day may be, I will be able to do it.

After yoga, I was more than ready for lunch.  It was cold and windy outside, so in the spirit of all things “Vigilante“, I unpacked the items I’d brought…

Black-eyed peas, tomatoes, sprouts, carrots, and hummus:

Hummus, black-eyed peas, sprouts & carrots

1 heart of romaine:

bagged romaine

Strawberry Oikos:

strawberry oikos

I assembled my salad:

Vigilante Salad

I only looked a little bit guilty while I ate 😉

Vigilante Lunch

Edible magazines are promoting Terry Walters’ Clean Food book (which I really need to check out) in such an innovative way… with basil seeds! What a great idea.  I just have to find a place to plant them that gets enough sunlight!

Edible/ Clean Food basil seeds

After lunch, I wandered aimlessly for a bit to kill some time before work.  Things have gotten a little crazy for me recently, and I’ve found myself to be… more emotional than I usually am.  It’s a difficult time for all post-grads (and everyone else!); I’m just trying to find ways to tackle and take charge of it.  This blondie (from the Union Square Farmer’s Market) helped.

Farmer's Market Blondie

It was very heavy, but the sugar and butter made me feel better.  There’s a lot to be said for comfort food!

Blondie Insides

I sat on a stoop (one of my favorite things to do in the city) and traveled back to 1960s Paris

Amazing Grass & Julia

I drank the wheat grass at work, mixed with water and a squirt of fresh- squeezed OJ.

The restaurant was pretty dead last night, and since I was closing, the clock seemed to move unbearably slowly.   I was anticipating my 6 mile run in the morning, and all I wanted to do was get in bed and go to sleep.

Dinner was a lovely salad: mixed greens with tomatoes, red pepper, celery, walnuts, and… grilled shrimp. Muy bien!

Dinner Salad

I ate an apple on the way out the door…

Post-work apple

… and decided to splurge on a cab.  I’ve finally figured out the fastest and cheapest route home, and in terms of time and safety, is really worth spending the money on when it’s late.  I was in bed at 12:45, and although my mind raced just thinking about my long run, I fell right to sleep.

I’m on a strict time budget today, so please forgive my good-blog-friend tardiness.  Have a great day!


13 responses to “Transportable Salads and Build-Me-Up Blondies

  1. Blondies have magical powers, I’m sure of it 😉 I’m sorry the post-grad stuff is so rough… Job hunting is NEVER fun, especially in this economy 😦 I went through it in the city last summer and it was horrible. I got some good work through temp agencies- a LOT of their jobs were temp-to-perm (with cool companies- I worked at Gourmet Food magazine!) so let me know if you want some good agency contacts 🙂

  2. I REALLY want to be able to do that crow pose… but I don’t see it happening!!

    Job hunting definitely sucks… good luck!!!

    ❤ ❤

  3. southerngracesblog

    That blondie looks SO good. I am glad it made you feel better 🙂 I hope you get lucky on the job hunt…it is definitely a tricky time we are in right now. A few of my friends who graduated in May couldn’t even get a job teaching…and teachers are usually always needed. But your perfect job will come…have faith!
    I hope you had a good run this morning, love!

  4. What a great day!

  5. I’d be more than happy to ship you some blondies – hang in there and call me soon!! I’m here for ya!!

  6. You have some good fuel woman! I want to try vita tops so badly! esp corn!!

    love that you packed a salad too! It always seems like so much work, but then it is worth it!!

    hurray for grilled shrimpies and blondies!!!

    hope you had a great run!!!

    love you Katie!! HAPPY THURSDAY!

  7. Sorry you’re feeling down. I have an idea – you and I can just screw the world and run off for a year long tour of Europe?! 😀

    Keep your chin up, buttercup!

  8. mmmmm blondies…i need a sugar rush too! have a better day today!

    your eats looked fab, if that is any consolation 🙂 love ya!

  9. Hope you feel better Katie, your parfait looks delish as always. I can honestly say I’ve never hasd blondie before…so sad, I

  10. I feel you on the post-grad extra emotional thing. Chocolate does do a number on bad moods, though!

  11. Girl, it took me YEARS to do crow. Seriously, it’s a center of gravity/sweet spot thing. It’s finding that perfect place of balance. Of course your arms have to be strong enough, but it’s more balance than strength. And my arms for the first few years of my yoga practice never felt strong enough…they are thin and skinny and it took years to build up my tricep strength…hang in there 🙂 And enjoy the blondie…looks rockin!

  12. Busy chica! You do a great job packing healthy foods- I love it. Those corn vitas rock! Glad you got to the right yoga class this time 😉 I know you’ll hit that crow!

  13. Your shrimp salad looks so good!

    Sorry to hear you are dealing with a lot…hope it gets better soon 🙂

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