Off-days with the ones I love

Good evening! I’m so sorry about the posting delay; I spent the weekend with older that, while it still works, is just not up to blogging speed.  No matter! Today’s will just be Doublemint style; double the pleasure, and most definitely double the fun 🙂

On Friday morning, I made one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a long time: Butternut Oatmeal Pie. The combination of flavors and textures really did taste like a Fall dessert!

Butternut Pie Oats

In the bowl:

  • 1/2 cup steel-cut oats, soaked overnight
  • butternut squash purée
  • Greek yogurt
  • walnuts
  • agave
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg

I spent a lot of time puttering around, catching up on e-mails and cleaning.  I ended up leaving the house pretty late, so my time at the gym was minimal!  I did manage to get a total-body workout in, though: 10 minutes on the stairs, arms/lazy abs (one ab machine), and 10 minutes on the bike.  It’s very efficient, if you only have half an hour.  On the way in, I gobbled down a Trader Joe’s Mixed Berry Fiberful bar.

Fiberful/ I am not sidney poitier

After making myself moderately presentable, I headed uptown to meet Caitlin for lunch at Alice’s Tea Cup.

Caitlin at Alice's

I’m a creature of habit, and always order the Light Fare: small salad, soup & bread.  I was very excited when I heard they were serving butternut squash soup… but, of course, it was made with chicken stock.  Instead I ordered the lentil soup, which bummed me out a teensy bit because a) it seems like always have lentil soup, and b) I still have a big vat of leftover lentil sitting in the fridge! But it was still good, and their bread was amazing as usual.

Lentil Soup Light Fare

The warm pear + endive salad with carmelized onions and roquefort cheese was, as always, very good…

Endive & Pear Light Fare

I think I’m just a little burned out on the Tea Cup. Never thought that day would come? Neither did I.  After lunch, Caitlin and I wandered around, hit up some sample sales, and wandered around trying to figure out what kind of tasty treat we were craving.  Turned out to be… nothing! We couldn’t make up our minds, which I think was because we were actually pretty full from lunch.  On my walk home, however, I stopped and bought an apple from a vendor on the street (and scored last month’s issue of SELF for $1!). Hit the spot!

Apple on the street

A little while later I met up with Greg for dinner, and we stopped at our favorite Middle Eastern hole-in-the-wall for take-out falafel. The restaurant has undergone some ownership changes and is now lit with bright flourescents and features a Maoz-style logo.  Strange.  I ordered the falafel/hummus plate, which came with pita and about a pound of yummus.  I ate all of the falafel (which was a little cold by the time we ate it, but still good) and a piece of pita, and saved the rest of the bread and hum for later.

Falafel/hummus to go

We then went back out for drinks and chat…

Drinks at the Abbey

… which led to this.

Ben & Jerry's

I don’t even really like Ben & Jerry’s, but Peanut Butter Cookie Dough? Half-Baked Frozen Yogurt? I couldn’t say no.  I felt a little sick afterwards, to say the least… oops.

Greg, Ben & Jerry

When I woke up the next morning, my mama was ready to RUN!  We fueled up with coffee, and headed out for a leisurely 2 mile walk-run.  When we got back, I dug into my hummus and pita leftovers, topping them with a microwaved egg, salt & pepper.

Eggs, hummus & pita

This was a delicious combination, and I’ll have to re-create it soon.

Eggy hummus close-up

I also had 0% Fage, an apple and cinnamon.

Fage 0% w/ apple & cinnamon

Finally, my mom and I headed out to take on the day and run some errands.   On our walk downtown, we got distracted by the delicious smells coming out of Georgia’s Bake Shop and stopped inside.  I munched on a chocolate almond croissant to better fuel my shopping tasks. Scrumptiously decadent 🙂

Georgia's Bake Shop Chocolate Almond Croissant

We crossed everything off our our lists in record time, and did a stellar job shopping the sales.  On the walk home, we munched on Gala apples.

Twin Apples

I also introduced her to chunks of energy… she was a fan!

Chunks of Energy

Since I never ate a formal “lunch”,  I snacked pretty much throughout the entire day… when I was little, I followed the “six small meals” plan completely unknowingly!  I like to sample, what can I say.

Big Carrot

We had some surprise guests for dinner (Judy and Caitlin!), so I helped my dad get dinner ready.  While we were prepping ingredients, I sipped on a glass of Black Box Wine Sauvignon Blanc.

Food Prep + Wine

Whenever we have company, everyone gravitates towards the kitchen!

Daddy in the kitchen

My mom set out dried apricots, walnuts, and rosemary-baked bread sticks.

Fall table setting

Dinner was superb.  We started with avocado halves dressed with fresh lemon juice, olive oil, balsamic, salt & pepper.

Avocado appetizer

And for the main event: mango/onion/green pepper salad with chili-infused dressing, shrimp stir-fry with homemade Italian egg noodles, and steamed asparagus.

Shrimp Stir fry, mango-chili salad, steamed asparagus

For dessert, we had fresh figs dressed in lavender honey served with Haagen-Dazs’ Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream.

Lavender honied figs with Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream

It took a couple tries to get the ice cream right, though…notice anything funny?

Haagen-Dazs' Vanilla Swiss Almond

The carton on the left was missing the chocolate-covered almonds, and they’re the best part!  I’ll be calling the company tomorrow.  Once, I bought a box of Oreos that were missing the cream filling!  What’s the goofiest product blunder you’ve ever come across?

Regular posting will resume tomorrow.  I hope you had a great weekend!


21 responses to “Off-days with the ones I love

  1. Wow, you sure kicked it up double the notch! Everything here looks FANTASTIC!!! Esp that salad you had with Caitlin…wow! And that egg…and the FIG! All my fave things in one post!

  2. wow your foods looks amazing. especially the hummus and egg! I also wanted to thank you for your comment to me. it meant a lot!

  3. Hey! how are you? Looks like you had a very nice weekend!! That is SUCh a bummer that they put chicken stock in the butternut squash soup- whats up with that? The chocolate almond croissant looks awesome…Josh would house that down so fast (hes a huge croissant fan). Great shrimpy stir fry. We’re having shrimp tonight- can’t wait

  4. The product blunder = I remember having a pack of Lucky Charms gummy candies, and there was ONE FREAKING GUMMY in the entire package. NOT COOL.

    Haha 😀

  5. homegirlcaneat

    My ma always gets that ice cream and it usually has chocolate almonds..but so few! What’s wit dat Haagan? Why you all skimpy and sh!t?

  6. Looks like a fab weekend 😀 I thought those were chickpeas in your buuternut breakfast bowl…haha 😀

    Product blunders: I was pretty bummed when I got a box of raisin bran crunch and there was like 2 clusters in the whole box. I would have just bough raisin bran if I didn’t want clusters! Oh, and once I got a kit-kat with no cookie bit- just a solid stick of chocolate. Was like striking GOLD 😀

  7. All your food looked great this weekend. Looks like you ate very well! I love falafel but we don’t have anywhere around here that serves it = foul. I hope you have a good rest of the week. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. UGH that ice cream thing has happened to me, and I was NOT happy about it!! Usually companies are good about stuff like that though. Great eats this weekend, and have a fab monday!

  9. Hey girl,

    You won my Zevia giveaway! Please e-mail me your address when you have a chance.

    mengel3 (at)


  10. Oh man, can I come over for dinner? That meal looks amazing!

  11. Oreos that are missing the cream filling??? How could they forget the best part?

  12. Miss your dad’s cooking and run/walks with yo mama! Must get to the Lake this summer!

  13. What a gorgeous dinner! Especially that avocado appetizer 🙂

    And I love seeing all these UWS haunts. We’ll have to have tea soon!

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  15. my dad has written to ben and jerry’s before when he didn’t find enough cookie dough in his pint

  16. Still dreaming about that dinner…sigh
    THanks so much for including me – I had the best time! And no more Alice’s I swear!! Next time it’s your pick

  17. Girl where do I start…the fruit, the butternut oatmeal pie looks divine, it all looks great!! Thanks for the late nite comment you left me last nite…about me bein’ in the kitch really late. Yeah, it’s nice though isn’t it to have some PEACE and quiet. I diggy that 🙂

  18. So I started off this comment with – ____ looks great, I would love to try ____ but then I realized that EVERYTHING looks delicious so in a nutshell: YUM.

    Wtf to the product blunder?! That’s a pretty big blunder!! Hope they reimburse you with plenty of Haagen-Dazs!

  19. Oreos without cream filling! Ridiculous! I’ve never gotten a food blunder, but it’s probably going to work out in your favor with some free Haagen Dazs!

  20. That’s crazy talk! How can the assembly line miss the chunks? It’s like, a crucial task for some piece of machinery!
    I have a pretty good one! When I lived near Trader Joe’s (le sigh) I purchased a box of 100-calorie pack crackers. One of the packs was empty. It was blown up with air. I loved it. Hilarious!

  21. Even though this is old, I had so many things to say!
    1. Me n Griggles chatted and I was sooooo jealous that he got to hang out with you and I didn’t.
    2. I am starting to believe that I would give up my first-born for some proper Middle-Eastern takeout. I was JUST thinking about how much I like Turkish and Lebanese food.
    3. I want to come to your house for dinner sometime. I hope it isn’t too rude that I am practically inviting myself over.
    4. In teacher training, we have used the experience of one of the other teachers like, 2o times: he bought a box of “Happy Families” brand chocolate coated cookies, and they were all vanilla! Not a speck of chocogoodness in sight! So he wrote to the company, and I guess part of the letter read: ‘It’s not very family-like to lie to each other.’
    5. I once got a totally empty can of beer. Probably served me right…..

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