Smooth Moves

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I can’t believe the week has flown by so fast… and I’m that much closer to being 22.  I think I’ve turned a little anti-birthday, but maybe not.  How do you feel about your birthday?

The night before last, I’d planned a really unique breakfast as I was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep.  When I woke up, though, I was doubting my creative abilities and sent a frantic Tweet asking for some breakfast suggestions.  A few minutes later, though, I went with my gut, and am I glad I did! I present you with: The Fall Smoothie.

Fall Smoothie

This is made with:

  • homemade raw almond milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1/3- 1/2 cup puréed butternut squash
  • nutmeg
  • cinnamon
  • granola for garnish

Uh-MA-zing! If you make this and don’t have almond milk you’ve made yourself, I suggest throwing in a few whole almonds for thickness and added flavor.

As usual, I puttered around for a few hours before I was ready to go for a run.  To hold myself over, I snacked on the last piece of butternut squash banana bread with a smear of peanut butter:

Banana Squash Bread w/ PB

The run itself was uneventful, but I did have some lovely new music to keep me going.

new playlist

Total distance: 4.5 miles

Total time: 43:46

Maximum heart rate: 186 (93%)

Average heart rate: 172 (86%)

Calories burned: 494

Lunch was exactly the same as dinner (hence the re-used photo). Blegh. Soup is finally all eaten up, though!

Toasted Cheese & Lentil Soup

I made a pineapple spritzer using the juice that was left in the can and a little seltzer.

Pineapple spritzer

Both the run and lunch were starting to put me to sleep, so I brewed up some “Magic Feeling” tea that I got in Berlin (only in Germany, eh?).

Magic Feeling Tea #1

Magic Feeling Tea #2

I felt a little too magical, because I conked out for the next two hours.  Whoops!  When I woke up, I was ready to get cookin’.  I snacked on three chunks of energy to get me moving again…

Chunks of Energy

I’ve had the ingredients to make Veganomicon‘s Corn and Edamame-Sesame Salad for a while now, and at the very last minute I decided to add some diced grape tomatoes to the mix as well.

Veganomicon Corn & Edamame Salad

I also whipped up SELF‘s White Bean Consommé with Almond Milk, and halved the recipe so I wouldn’t have another soup sitch like last week!

SELF soup

White bean Almond Milk Soup

It was lacking a little something, so I “remixed” it with alfalfa sprouts, chili flakes and Bragg‘s.  Much better!

White Bean Soup Re-mixed

For dessert, I tried out my last new flavor of Vitamuffin, Deep Chocolate.

Deep Chocolate Vita

Deep Chocolate Vita Nutrition

Deep Chocolate VitaTop

I crumbled it on top of a container of Trader Joe’s nonfat Organic Vanilla Greek Yogurt, and topped the whole thing with homemade almond milk. I don’t know if I’ve expressed how much I enjoy this yogurt before, but it’s amazing!  You can actually see the specs of vanilla bean.

Vita/Yogurt/almond milk

Well I’ve literally got to run out the door so I’m not late for my internship.  Have a great Wednesday!


22 responses to “Smooth Moves

  1. once you turn 22 birthdays become less and less fun and more and more scary!

  2. Ahh… My very first Greek yogurt was from TJ’s. I bought it with you!

    I generally like to keep the b-day low-profile. The apple picking last year was seriously the only birthday I properly celebrated in college!

  3. umm amazing food post. I think I may be in lov ewith your blog if you dont mind!

    The TJ’s yogurt is awesome! i havent tried the vanilla, but the plain is great and so thick and rich!

    I have yet to try the vitatops too! was this flavor good? what is your fav flavor beacuse this will be what I get to try!!

    such a creative smoothie you made! and I am printing out that butternut squash/banana bread NOW!

  4. have a great time at your internship!

    that smoothie sounds amazing! I need to make my own almond milk soon, too.

  5. We are currently working our way through a pot of lentil soup too. But I don’t mind a bit!

  6. I must try the TJ’s yogurt now! It looks especially good with the crumbled Vitatop!

  7. I am TOTALLY anti-my-birthday. But I’ve been that way for years.

    Hmmm… I’ll take the edamame and the corn, and you can have the sesame seeds and tomato? 😉

    ❤ ❤

  8. love the playlist!

    ok, I’ve gotta make some almond milk! It’s one of those things (like granola) that I won’t buy cos I keep saying I’ll make my own, but I’ve been lazy. er, busy, I mean.

    great remix! looks so much more interesting than the album version 🙂

  9. The nanna bread steals the show my dear. Delish. And the tea looks really yum too 🙂

  10. I always look forward to my birthdays…just a reason to celebrate 🙂

    Way to go on finishing that soup! I hate wasting food and I’m always so proud when I eat it all up!

  11. I love that paper heartbeats mash up!

    I’m usually all for my bday and try to make celebrations last the whole week haha but I do suspect that in the next few years, as number continues to creeep higher and higher, i’ll be less enthusiastic (that, or more down to drink)

  12. Soup looks great. I love how you added the alfalfa sprouts on top. I tried Trader Joes in AZ and I loved their Greek.

  13. i like all the days surrounding my bday but HATE the actual day. im not sure why. i just hate disappointment and so the day undoubtably the day is so built up and then doesnt quite live up to the hype. how debbie downer does that sound!?!

    ok but anyways, i like fall, so regardless, its all good.
    hooray for the v’con and the energy chunks.

  14. Yeah…I feel like b-days past college-age have been kinda anti-climactic for me. It’s like, as much as I like the IDEA of getting extra attention on my birthday, when I actually get it I’m all bashful and uncomfortable! Ain’t that a bitch.


  15. breadandwithit

    I love all of my birthdays–the more you have, the more memories you have of your grandparents, aunts/uncles/parents/friends, not to mention chocolate cakes and ice cream. It’s about marking the year with rituals, and a birthday is just for you. And your mom & dad. You three were there at the beginning.

  16. woah
    food porn galore.
    seriously awesome foodie photos!!

    smoothie=bomb diggity. will make this asap
    soup= so comforting
    tea=ahhh humble 🙂

  17. That smoothie is SO going on my list of things to try. I’ve had plenty of pumpkin smoothies but b-nut squash? Genius!

  18. I totally copied and pasted the ingredients for the smoothie and will be making it! I might try it with pumpkin or sweet potato. I also saved the playlist, I’m always looking for good running songs! So thanks!

  19. How good is the butternut squash bread! mmmm loving it. That Corn and Edamame-Sesame Salad looks super good too. I haven’t had edamame in ages. Great idea for the fall-ish smoothie. ENJOY your birthday and your time with your man

  20. I just folded down the page in VCon so I can make that salad – it looks amaze. 🙂
    I like my birthday! But it’s REALLY low key. I basically ask to go shopping (fun!) and for Rob to do anything I ask for the day. I turn 30 two years and you know I’m going balls out. 🙂
    Remember that your birthday is celebrating who you are – spending time with people you love so they can reflect that beauty back to you 🙂

  21. As a soon-to-be 33 year-old I say CELEBRATE. Hell, put on a bikini and prance around ’cause before you know it bikinis kinda suck.

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