Life Is For Living

Is Life Worth Living?


Good morning! How are you today? It’s a blustery day so far here in the city, and I’m happy to say that the air conditioner is no longer running on its automatic circuit.  It seems like most of us have mixed feelings about birthdays, but… I think I’ve decided to be less of a grinch and just enjoy seeing my friends and family, as usual.  Why not celebrate when you can?

Yesterday was another Fall-inspired breakfast: oats cooked with water and almond milk, topped with a small apple, pumpkin pie mix, and a scoop of peanut butter.

Apple Pumpkin PB Oatmeal

At work, fearing a grumbly tummy (I work in the same room as my boss) I took a water break and ate a Trek Mix bar in the reception area.

Trek Mix Bar

My mom and I were able to meet for lunch today, and dined at Baoguette, a chain of Vietnamese sandwich and noodle shops.

Baogette Menu

I ordered the Bu’n Fish, which was baked in spices and plopped on top a HUGE portion of noodles and pickled vegetables.  I ate so much, but still had at least a pound of leftovers to take home!

Baoguette Bu'n Fish

I went home, made some tea (which I promptly spilled all over myself and the floor), snacked on some chunks, and fell asleep.

Fashionable snacks

I woke up just in time to shower before having to leave to meet my parents.  We were going to a play with at 7:00 curtain and weren’t going to eat dinner until it was over, so I made myself a Greek yogurt/ warmed Mangolicious blend/applesauce snack.

Greek yogurt/berries/applesauce

The play, called Is Life Worth Living?, was a revival of an Irish play from the 1930s.  We all really enjoyed it! The perfect way to kick of birthday season.  Ahem.

Is Life Worth Living?

After the play, we went to John’s Pizzeria for a late dinner.  This was a hotspot when I was in elementary and middle school… almost everyone had birthday parties here.  I don’t think I’d been for 10 years!

We ordered a spinach salad with apples, blue cheese, walnuts, onions and olives to share:

Spinach salad

We also split a large Margherita pizza with basil and onion.

John's Pizza

I had two slices.

John's Pizza slice

I haven’t ordered pizza in so long, and it felt so good. It was a really, really nice evening.  When I got home, I finished off the last of the coconut milk ice cream and topped it with frozen cherries and homemade almond milk. I love eating straight from the carton… it feels so naughty!


I also dug into some snail mail from a certain buddy who must know I’m obsessed with pugs…


… a special note from Miss Gliding Calm!

happy card

This girl sure knows how to brighten a day 🙂

Well, I’m off to go get my license renewed.  Don’t you just love the DMV?  A certain someone might be coming home today, too… I’ll give you one good guess.

Have a great day!


18 responses to “Life Is For Living

  1. Haha when I was younger all my friends had birthday parties at John’s pizzaria too! They used to have a location near Lincoln Center which was super nice.

  2. pizza is SUCH great comfort food! so satisfying.

  3. Air conditioning is still VERY much running here… not making me happy, either!

    Hmm… I wonder who it might be… ;p

    Have fun at the DMV! Can’t you do that by mail these days, though?? I don’t remember ever having to go in to do it…

    ❤ ❤

  4. what a fun night! I love that you get to meet your mom for lunch 🙂

    that pizza looks great, and now I want ice cream.

    hooray for a homecoming!!!

  5. Lokks like you had fun. I like goin to plays too…it’s been awhile since I went to one.

  6. DMV and the people who are there is like the Twilight Zone! Good luck! Pizza= lookin’ good. And glad I got you all excited with my dessert recipes. I loved your comment, Miss Averie I go away for a day and look what you whipped up. Made me smile for hours 🙂

  7. one of the things i love so much about NYC is the theater – sounds like a fabulous time!

    and yay for hanging out with the parents – i love doing that too. its just a bonus that they happen to pay for things.

    have a wonderful day dear!

  8. NYC theater…ah, I miss it. Sounds like an interesting play- going to google!

    Pizza looks great- I was toying with the idea of picking up pizza for my mom and I on Saturday when we have dinner (and I am in charge of ‘cooking’)…hehe, pizza sounds like a plan! What’s your schedule next week? Coffee at some point? Blog dinner is Friday, but my week at this point is fairly open…

  9. I hate how Dominos and those other chains have destroyed the rep of pizza, because that looks delish (all that basil!!)

    Also, I never thought of a pb/apple/pumpkin combo on oatmeal before, I should definitely try that out!

  10. Oh boy–NOT jealous of your day at the NYC DMV. Why is everyone working there SO SO miserable? Actually, that question sorta answers itself. Hope it wasn’t awful.

    I haven’t heard of that play but I need to see a show soon! I worked for TDF for several years and saw like 3 shows a week–but I haven’t in forever. I hear Hair is great.

    Happy birthday-week!

  11. Pumpkin? Plays? Pizza? PERFECT.

  12. Your breakfast is so fantastically fall-ish. Make me one?

  13. i wuv youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! 😀

  14. oh i love going to the theare! so much fun 🙂 and inspiring!
    your mangolicious delicious snack loooks amazing!

  15. Ugh, the DMV. No thank you.

    Also, I love pizza, especially at a place that feels nostalgic. Our special pizza place here is called Pizza Garden and when we were in high school, all of my friends ate there every Monday. I miss it!

  16. How yummy and fresh does that spinach salad look? Salads seem like they should be so easy to make but lots of places find ways to screw them up! I love that you enjoy pumpkin and applesauce as much as I do. Enjoy every minute of your bday

  17. Hey! I promptly spill my tea (and coffee and hot chocolate and beer) all over myself daily!

    happy almost birthday, lover girl!

  18. KATIE! Long time no comment, I know. ButI’ve been reading, though, I promise! This pirated wireless internet that I discovered has been wonderful for blog reading. Anyways, that pizza looks faaaaantastic and I’m mad jeal. I had some Kenya quasi-pizza today and it made me miss real pizza at home. Happy almost birthday, girl! I hope it’s a day full of friends, family and love. I’ll be thinking of you across the Atlantic.

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