Un dimanche en ville*

Bonjournée et bon lundi, mes amis! How is your day going so far? I still can’t believe that it’s a) not summer, b) fall, c) October, and d) a month and a half away from THANKSGIVING?! WHAT? Ari and I made the happy mistake of watching Reality Bites on Saturday night (which, embarrassingly, I used to watch about 5 times a month during my Junior year of high school); I also read a letter my mom wrote to a friend on her 22nd birthday.  Well?  Everyone seems to feel a little “lost”, a little broke, a little… malformed… after graduation and before they find a career.  My experience is not unique or exceptional and, well, it kind of helps to know that.   Moving right along….

I got up bright and early on Sunday morning to go on a long run.  I ate half a Chocolate Chip Clif bar, drank some water, and bagged up my gummies.

Running snacks

I ran at a snail’s pace.  Shouldn’t I be getting faster, and not slower, as I keep doing this?  I think it was my worst time ever.  I’d planned on running 6.5 miles, but ended up stopping after 4.5 and didn’t end up needing my gummies.  However, this didn’t bother me at all! It was not even 9 in the morning on a Sunday, and I’d already knocked out a decent run before breakfast.  Not bad.

Total distance: 4.5 miles

Total time: 48:59

Maximum heart rate: 201 (102%)

Average heart rate: 164 (83%)

I had brunch plans with Kalle, Lisa, and Lizzie, so I grabbed an apple on the way out to keep the hunger beasts at bay.

Apple Snack

We ate at City Bakery, and by the time we got there I was so thirsty and so hungry that I wanted to eat everything and it ended up taking me so long to actually pick out my food.  Don’t you hate that?

I ended up loading my plate with smoked salmon, roasted cauliflower and butternut squash with Asian pears and hazelnuts (must make this):

City Bakery 1

I also got a bowl of fruit.

City Bakery 2

Black coffee and water was a must…

City Bakery 3

I also grabbed a bite of Lizzie’s cornbread/jalepeño/white cheddar sandwich.  Great in theory, but strangely sweet in execution.

City Bakery Cornbread Sandwich

It was very nice to catch up with my ladyfriends… I do not do this nearly enough.  On the way home, I stumbled upon a street fair and picked up cups of lemonade for me and my mom.

Street Fair Lemonade

I was still parched… I’m usually very good about rehydrating after a run, but I was in such a rush to get out the door that I didn’t think about it.  This will be a lot easier soon (hint, hint)! I was also, somehow, still hungry, so I made an open-faced sandwich with peanut butter, banana, honey & cinnamon when I got home.

PB, Honey, Cinnamon & Banana Bread

A little later, George and Judy came over.  My mom set out tomatoes with sea-salt and Maker’s Mark… that’s how we do it chez LVP.

Dinner Party

I wasn’t feeling the whiskey, so I went for a nice glass of Riesling.


Ari came over, and we got the party started.  My dad made us a feast! We had spicy ginger potatoes… who doesn’t like fancy home fries?

Spicy Ginger Potatoes

We also had spicy corn chowder (see a theme?), which I’ve been begging for for years.

Spicy Corn Chowder

Fresh-baked bread to sop it all up…

Fresh bread

Sweet and spicy scallops

Sweet and Spicy Scallops

It was a delicious meal, rounded out with wasabi-spiced cucumber salad.

Dinner plate

My aunt, uncle and cousins sent a very special Edible Arrangements presentation:

Edible Arrangements

My dad also made one of my favorite cakes…

Daddy-O Prepping the Cake

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake #1

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake, from this cookbook.  It’s made without butter or egg yolks, but is so rich and flavorful.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake #2

Blowing Out the Candles

I enjoyed my slice with quite a bit of fruit.

Cake & Fruit

It was a fabulous birthday weekend, and I’m pretty sure I sailed through it on a constant sugar high.  But wait! The treats will continue indefinitely; there are still a couple cupcakes left, and George and Judy gave me some fancy dark chocolate as well.

Pure Dark Goodies

I also enjoyed some snail mail from my long-lost lovelies, Carlye and Luke, great new running gear, fashion items… very spoiled, I am.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!  I’m off to do more reading and job searching.  Have a fabbity fab day!

*Sunday in the city


19 responses to “Un dimanche en ville*

  1. Aww lovely gifts and continued celebration!

  2. This “roasted cauliflower and butternut squash with Asian pears and hazelnuts (must make this):”

    Yeah….I think I need to make both! Do you just wing it or are there any special recipes? I am a wing it girl anyway aka tweaker!

    Nice chocolate stash too 🙂


  3. The fruit basket is just adorable! I love things like that. 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  4. awesome cake, tomatoes and maker’s mark 😉 what a birthday celebration!

    good job on the run! 4.5 miles is still a great run.

  5. looks like a lovely birthday weekend! those edible arrangements are really cute and fun.

  6. I love edible arrangements!!!! Your eats look good. Looks like a busy, but fun day!

  7. Seriously, I can understand about your fears for the future! I’ve been out of school for two years and I still feel lost. But it will all work out and I’m glad you got to have such a great bday weekend.

  8. Aw – yay! This post made me smile! I’m so happy you had such a wonderful weekend 🙂

    The meals look delicious and the desserts?! Divine!

    As far as the future shtuff goes, I’m glad to hear that we’re not alone in this lost feeling. Hopefully this phase will pass. If not, there’s always Europe!? 😉

  9. homegirlcaneat

    Edible arrangements!!! I have a hilarious story about edible arrangements. So one day we get a HUGEASS bouquet of fruit and the letter said, “can’t wait to finally meet you!” and was from a name my mom and I have never seen. My mom was FREAKED and went online and searched EVERY yellow pages kinda thing out there. She couldn’t find anyone with the name on the card. The next day, my brother comes over and starts eating the fruit and my mom walks in and goes, “DON’T EAT THAT! WE DON’T KNOW WHO IT’S FROM!” and hes like, “well whats the name on the card?” and my mom tells him and he goes, “MOM. THAT’S MY GIRLFRIEND”

    ahahhahahahaha yes so anyways it was safe and I devoured the choc strawbs.

  10. Yum! What a fun birthday filled with yummy spicy treats! That apple looks really yummy too. I love crisp apples in the fall.

  11. breadandwithit

    What a great weekend–I bet your family and friends had a great time too. Everyone seems so happy.

  12. oh my god, sweet and spicy scallops!

    and i love your description of 22; i sort of wish my confusion + yearning for life purpose were exceptional so i could at least write a book or something? haha

    glad your celebrations continued!

  13. That cake looks gorgeous! I’m soon going to be job searching too…oh boy.

  14. Mmm Riesling–so sweet and delicious:)

  15. City Bakery is totally awesome! Sometimes I think they have better salad bar items than Whole Foods. I’m glad you had such a great birthday weekend:)

  16. Glad you enjoyed your bday!!

    How neat to read a letter from your mom at that age!

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  18. lilveggiepatch

    I definitely wing it!

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