His Girl Friday

Hello there boys and girls, and happy Friday!  How are you today?  I’m just fine, although I knocked myself a little out of whack when I overslept, and my schedule is a little funky! Oh well, no matter.

Yesterday I woke up at a normal time, and made a normal bowl of fruity oatmeal.

Fruity Oatmeal

I used:

  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • TJ’s Mangolicious blend
  • 1 peach
  • 1 scoop of peanut butter

After a little computer work, I accompanied the boy to the diner where he enjoyed a nice egg sandwich.  Then I hopped on the train and went to visit my poodle.  When I got there, I was greeted by many goodies!  I found the Zevia sodas (and cute T-shirt) I won from a contest Missy hosted…


A NuNaturals stevia sampler I won from Averie‘s contest…

NuNaturals Stevia

POM Wonderful‘s new Kiwi and Nectarine flavored pomegranate juice

POM Wonderful Kiwi & Nectarine

A variety of Greek yogurts from Chobani

Chobani Sampler

And, best of all, gourmet Brownie Points brownies from Liz!

Brownie Points Edgies

Pretty good mail day, dontcha think?! 😉

I incorporated both new items and tasty leftovers into a fabulous lunch, starting with Daddy-o’s spicy corn chowder

Spicy Corn Chowder

Gliding Calm tofu with brown rice, mango chutney & peanut sauce

GC Tofu & Brown Rice

Low-Fat Pineapple Chobani, which I LOVED (review to follow)…

Pineapple Chobani

…. And Ginger Ale Zevia. Full review to come as well, but I did not like this at all.

Ginger Ale Zevia

While I ate, I read some more sad news about the demise of Gourmet magazine.

Sad Gourmet News

A little later, snacked on an apple to hold me over on a mid-distance run.

Pre-run Apple

I tried to warm up slowly, run 3 fast miles, and cool down with one more mile.  It was hard to pace myself without knowing for sure how fast I was going.  When I got home, I was pretty pleased with my statistics; seems like I did pace myself pretty well.

Total distance: 4.54 miles

Total time: 43:41

Maximum heart rate: 181 (91%)

Average heart rate: 166 (84%)

Calories burned: 455

I finished up a baggie of baby carrots while packing up and getting ready… these are the perfect quick snack, except when you have bad allergies.  Sneezing while chomping on carrots makes for a HUGE mess.

Carrots & Gourmet

I hurried back home just in time to have dinner with Ilana. We heated up leftover cassoulet and steamed some broccoli.  Ilana was finally introduced to the hippie juice, and I think she liked it!

Cassoulet & Broccoli

After dinner, we dug into Liz‘s brownies while we watched Grey’s Anatomy and Project Runway.

Brownie Points Edgies

There were a lot of flavors, and I wanted to taste them all…

Brownie Points Edgies pieces

These were so freaking good.  The hit of the night seemed to be Cookies & Cream… it tasted just like the middle of an Oreo!  I can’t wait to dig into the rest of them.  Holy yum, Liz!

I stayed up kind of late, and ended up eating another giant apple before bed.


Off to go meet some lovelies for dinner! What are you up to this weekend? I have my 10K on Sunday, but that’s about it! Have a great night 🙂


11 responses to “His Girl Friday

  1. breadandwithit

    Good luck with the race Sunday–it should be a blast.

  2. YAY!! Thanks for the shout out, girl – keep enjoying those brownies 😀

    Good luck with the race!

  3. I want a brownie!!!! Those look freakin awesome!

    Thanks for the Nu shoutout. Just for the future, I dropped the pesky blogspot outta my URL a few weeks back so now I’m more streamlined
    loveveggiesandyoga ( no blogspot in sight) LOL.

    Carrrots and sneezing…no good girl, been there with food in general and sneezing. Yikes.


  4. I have always been really apprehensive of trying stevia, so let us know how it goes. Maybe one of the other sodas will be better?

    Good luck with the race!

  5. ugh, those brownies look AMAZING!!! You hit the mail jackpot, girl 🙂

    hope you have a great night!

  6. Woah! Good mail day is right!! I’m loving the Edgies concept – edges are the best! Plus cookies and cream!? Divine. Plain and simple.

    I won’t be here Sunday so PLEASE keep me updated with your race – GOOD LUCK 🙂

  7. ahaha sneezing while chomping on a carrot – nice image, there. made me laugh!

    good luck on your 10K

  8. How exciting to receive all of that mail! I’ve been wanting to try the Zevia. What didn’t you like about it?

    Hope you had a great night with your friends at dinner!

  9. Those brownies looking freakin’ incredible! Love it. I also love the pineapple chobani, which is surprising considering it is my least favorite plain greek yogurt, hah! Also, I have had the gingerale zevia before and didn’t like it as well, but the black cherry flavor is excellent!

  10. Good luck with your race my lovely! Your snacks all look delish…I can’t wait to try Zevia. I have some coming in the mail…can’t wait to hear more of what you think about it!
    I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow!! XO!

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