On Bended Knee

Well, looks like the alarm clock got the better of me this morning.  I had a terrible time falling asleep, and had an air filter going in hopes that the white noise would lull me to dreamland.  It did… but it also meant I didn’t hear my phone go off to wake me up!  Anyway, nothing catastrophic happened and it seems that the world still makes sense.

Yesterday was a busy day at the house, as the boys were packing up and getting ready to go to Europe.  I dreamed a little about Parisian breakfasts as I based my own around Chobani‘s Vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt.

Vanilla Chobani

I also mixed in a crumbled Chocolate Fig Vitamuffin, a small peach, and half a banana. Looks like my camera got a little brekkie on the lens… sorry about the dirty looking photo!

Breakfast mess

It seemed about time to try out my NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia

Coffee with NuNaturals Stevia

Although the label recommends using 5-10 drops, I started out with a conservative 2.  Couldn’t taste anything! Then I overdid it a little by squirting in the whole amount in the dropper.  Not good at all.  There must be a perfect balance… I don’t like my coffee too sweet, but a subtle hint of flavor would be lovely.

NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia

I spent the morning getting some reading done, and reading requires brain fuel! I snacked on a Coco Chew from Bonobo‘s… these are delicious.

Bonobo's Coconut Chew

Ari declined his Chunk of Energy, so I ate his for him.  Don’t you love his shirt? It encourages people to wear seat belts.  Safety is sexy! He owns two of these, purhcased on separate occasions.

Chunk of Energy

A little later, my dad picked me up so I could spend the rest of the day with my parents before they went to Europe.  Do you see a trend here?! Am I the only one I know who will not be feasting on crêpes, moules, and patîsseries? I’m sure I’ll make do.  You know what they say about what happens when the cat’s away…

I made myself a big salad for lunch, and incorporated in these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes Ilana got me at a farmers market in Westchester.

Heirloom Tomatoes

I started with a few leaves of romaine and tossed in leftover swordfish, 1/2 apple, dried cranberries, and that cute little orange tomato in the back.  I made a dressing using Emeril‘s Kicked Up Horseradish mustard that Foodbuzz sent me a while back, white wine vinegar, olive oil, and honey.  Parfait!

Big Salad

Couldn’t resist a few bites of my dad’s cold sesame noodles… this has always been one of my favorite dishes at Chinese restaurants.

cold sesame noodles

I washed it all down with Black Cherry Zevia.  I really liked this flavor! Missy also told me it was her favorite.

Black Cherry Zevia

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and writing.  Two books in one day? You know it! I read almost all of one novel while soaking in the tub with scented candles. Now, if I could only just get paid to do this…  We ate dinner on the later side, so I snacked on an apple with cinnamon to hold me over.  I’ve been eating so many apples recently!  When they come fresh from the farm, they’re hard to resist 🙂

apple w/ cinnamon'

My dad made a dish for dinner that has already become a favorite in the LVP household: Lemony Rigatoni w/ Chickpeas & Broccoli.  Two years ago, Ari and I made this recipe (from the 2007 Food & Wine Cookbook) the first time he visited me in Minnesota.  A few months later my dad, not knowing that Ari and I already loved this pasta, made it for a family dinner.  It’s a hit, and so easy to make.  Sea salt, pepper & parmesan raise it to the level of simple perfection.

Lemony Rigatoni w/ Chickpeas & Broccoli

I drank a cup of milk with my meal… growing up, I always drank a huge glass of milk (twice this size) with dinner.  One must build strong bones!  (I bought this cup in Berlin… I love mugs without handles, for some reason.)

German Milk

For dessert, we had Bartlett pears

Bartlett pear

… and a square of dark chocolate.

Côte d'Or dark chocolate

Since yesterday morning, I’ve had some pain on the inside of my right knee.  I don’t know if it’s post-race stress or wearing the wrong casual shoes, but I heeded my dad’s advice yesterday by icing the knee and not doing a lick of exercise.  The next time I run a distance longer than 2 miles, I’m going to do it on the treadmill to give my bones a break.  I don’t usually get knee pain from running, but I don’t want to take any chances.  I am, however, planning on doing the Pete McArdle Cross Country Classic 15K on December 13, and came up with this training plan with Runner’s World’s SmartCoach. This is a great resource if you want a little help organizing your own training plan.

15K training plan

Check out Gina‘s giveaway that will help you with your own training.

What are your short-term or long-term fitness goals?


21 responses to “On Bended Knee

  1. You’re not the only one — I’m not going anywhere either! 😦

    Hope your knee feels better!

    ❤ ❤

  2. Hang in there!! As you know, I’m in pain too today with my calves 😦

    My goal = move LESS.

  3. OMG, I totally thought with your post title that Ari proposed before he left on tour. I’m such a girl.

  4. Minnesota? A visit? Do tell. That’s where I grew up! I just typed a bible to Holly the Everthingatarian about the midwest cuz I just found out she lives in WI. Anwyay girl would love to hear how you managed there. It sure ain’t NYC but the people are nice 🙂

    Congrats to the Chob winner. And have a great nite Katie!!!!!

  5. You are so cute with your racing schedule! I’ve never seen that website, usually I’m the one who plans our runs, maybe I’ll get some help next time!!! You could also try running on grass, it would be nicer on your knees than even a treadmill. That or a high school track, they seem to be pretty squishy. Boring, but squishy. Thanks again for your comments! It makes my day when I see you’ve stopped by! Let me know when the necklace arrives, should be this week!

  6. Thanks for the stevia advice! I got some myself, and now know the perfect amount to add!

  7. that pasta looks great! hope your knee feels better soon.

  8. ahhh…i’m sure you’ll find lots of things to indulge on that are like what you could get in europe!!!

    and as far as the knee, let it rest. that is always what i do! and ice!

  9. Short/long term goal=figure out a fitness goal! I feel like I’ve been sort of lost since injuring my hip and not being able to run. For now, I’m just trying everything out–hoping to fall in love with some new form of fitness. I do miss running 😦

    And ugh I feel on everyone ELSE jetting off to Europa. Boo.

  10. Oh no, I hope your knee is Ok! Your dad is right, icing is definitely key. If it doesn’t continue to hurt you should totally do the Poland Spring 5 Mile run on October 25th, it would be a blastie…

    Are you still going to be at your parents house Saturday afternoon to grab some Grom?

    Hope your knee heals ASAP!

  11. Thanks for the smart coach info! Sounds like a great resource.

    At least you can pretend to be in Europe with your eats!

  12. I have a grand idea! You and I can go on our own European tour 😀 Screw work and school, give me croissants any day!

    That dinner sounds delicious!! I used to have to drink milk with my meals – blah not a fan, glad one of us has strong bones! You may have to push me around in my wheelchair in Europe 😉

    Sorry about your knee pain!! I hope it feels better soon!

  13. The Lemony Rigatoni w/ Chickpeas & Broccoli sounds and looks awesome. I’d love to try to recreate it! Mmm.

    Also love the running schedule. One of my current goals is to plan my workouts instead of just going day to day and doing whatever I feel like.

  14. ari is ador. and i couldn’t agree more: safety is sexy 🙂 yay for a 15k race and a new training plan – rest up that knee so you are ready to go and kick it at that race!

    ummm…shall me and you hop on a flight to europe? i am poor and can’t afford it, but it is europe after all 🙂

  15. My long term fitness goal is to lose [an undisclosed amount of] weight. Not sure I have a short term goal… yet!

    The rigatoni dish sounds wonderful. I love chickpeas. They replayed battle chickpea from Iron Chef the other day and my family at first found it disgusting (chickpeas, gross? really?) but towards the end I may have sold them in ’em! Let’s hope.

  16. i really hope your knee heals up soon! 😦

  17. i TOTALLY thought this was a proposal post! i was ready to cry and everything
    thanks for the giveaway shout out, friend
    wish i could stick to training plans but it doesn’t work out (pun? haha) for me
    have a great night ❤

  18. You can just send one of those deliciousss yogurt messes my way….along with the cold sesame noodles!! 😉

    And hmm i wanna try zevia!! i’ve never been a soda girl, but did enjoy a Hansen’s mandarin orange flav quite a bit when i was younger!! ohh the kiddie days.

    Good luck with that training schedule Katie!! I know you can keep up 🙂 Hope your knee feels better!!

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  21. love ya blog!!!!

    i love that recipe too 🙂 and the f&w cookbook in general haha

    do you have any other recipes from 07 or 08 that you could recommend??

    i didn’t get 2009’s though, have you?

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