You’re the Splits: A Tribute to Gourmet Magazine

Good morning and happy Wednesday! How is your day going so far? Mine’s going just fine, although I can’t figure out how it’s already 10:30! The same thing happened last night: I got home at 7:30, had dinner, and all of the sudden it was after midnight.  Crazy!

Yesterday, as I mentioned, I slept through the alarm.  My training plan had 2 easy miles scheduled in for the day, and since I had to intern and go to an event in the evening, there was really no other time to go.  So I threw on my exercise clothes and raced – slowly, of course- out the door, jamming along to the Gaga.

Total distance: 1.96 miles

Total time: 20:54

Maximum heart rate: 176 (89%)

Average heart rate: 166 (84%)

Calories burned: 216

When I was back and showered I was already running late, so made a quick breakfast of plain Chobani with 1/2 banana, and a piece of whole wheat toast with the rest of the banana, honey and cinnamon.


There didn’t end up being too much for me to do at work, so I was able to leave after lunch.  My mom also had a little time in the morning before her flight to Paris, so she met me in the Village and we had a nice lunch at Doma.

Mom @ Doma

I found this cafe on my first day of back in June, then couldn’t find it again until yesterday. I have a pretty terrible sense of direction.  I wanted a salad but couldn’t decide which one, and at the last minute decided to go for the soup + 1/2 sandwich combo.

The soup was black bean (I removed the white and creamy sour cream):

Doma Black Bean Soup

I chose a grilled gruyère sandwich to feel a little more française.

Grilled Gruyère

Everything was good, but the sandwich was a little tough and I left craving veggies.


After lunch, we strolled around and somehow found ourselves in front of a pet store.  I took this to taunt Ari with send to Ari…

Take Me Home!

No, a pup did not come home with me.  It was sad, but it would be sadder if I couldn’t afford to feed it.  Anyway, Mama and I moseyed along until we hit The Light Choice.  We both got what we agreed was the best Tasti-type flavor yet: Almond Joy! It tasted just like Gena‘s Raw Almond milk, but frozen.

TLC Almond Joy

We also stopped and picked up two late-birthday presents: a new gym bag (I’ll post pictures of my old one later… it was gross) and new running shoes. My mom finally had to leave to go to the airport (I really had to twist her arm 😉 ) and I went home.

My friend Howard invited me to a cocktail party and kitchen demonstration at Smallbone of Devizes, an upscale kitchen boutique on the Upper East Side.  I knew there would be a lot of good food and I didn’t want to be ravenous when I got there, so I had an apple before I left.


The party was hosted by Architectural Digest and catered by Daniel, one of the fanciest (and tastiest) restaurants in New York.  Everything was amazing, and I really wish I could have documented it for you! Unfortunately, AD was covering the whole thing and wouldn’t allow outside photography.  Trust me when I say that my fingers were itching to whip out my camera and snap photos of the chef poaching partridge breast in Napa cabbage leaves.  I may not eat those myself, but I can appreciate the skill it takes to prepare such a lovely dish. Two glasses of wine later I left and went home to eat dinner.

My knee was really hurting so I didn’t want to schlep all the way out to the grocery store; instead I stopped at Gourmet Garage and picked up some sashimi.


I also had a few bites of cold pasta.

Cold Pasta

Although I’d already had a treat once today and enjoyed two glasses of wine, I’d been thinking about dessert all day.  I really wanted to contribute to Julie‘s tribute to Gourmet magazine, so I made myself an individual portion of the magazine’s Caramelized Banana Splits with Hot Chocolate Sauce, from their 2009 “Quick Kitchen” booklet.

Gourmet Banana Split

I adjusted the recipe to be a little more LVP-friendly, substituting Brummel & Brown for butter, skim milk for heavy cream, and La Loo’s Mission Fig Goat Milk Ice Cream for regular old vanilla.

Recipe Adjustments

This ice cream, by the way, is unbelievable.

LaLoo mission fig 1

LaLoo mission fig 2

The Banana Split was amazing: the bananas were perfectly caramelized, the toasted nuts gave the smooth chocolate a spectacular crunch!, and the fig ice cream was a wonderful surprise that complemented each different flavor.

Banana Split

Banana Split 2

We still have the November issue of Gourmet to look forward to, but I can’t imagine a holiday season without their Christmas cookie special.  I’m sure Gourmet‘s demise is going to open all kinds of doors in the world of food media, but it’s going to take a lot of getting used to.  I foresee poring over back-issues from the 1970s in my future…

Except for the lack of vegetables consumed, it was a pretty great day.  I did, however, spend the last few hours with my knee bound up like this…

Ace Knee

…icing on and off.  When I went outside to walk Charley, I felt like I could barely walk.  A man, who was clearly on his first few days of crutches, passed me on the street.  I will admit, I’m a little discouraged.  I’m really hoping this isn’t serious, because I am just starting to feel like a real athlete, and that maybe the 2010 NYC Marathon is a goal within reach.  We’ll see.  I’m going to take it slow; I’ll try using the bike at the gym today and see how that feels.

Do you push through an injury or go straight to the doctor?

Have a great day!


21 responses to “You’re the Splits: A Tribute to Gourmet Magazine

  1. You know I miss Gourmet too!!

    I push through injuries unless they’re REALLY serious.

  2. what a great dessert, and I love that you get to eat with your mom so often.

    It depends on how bad the injury is/how much it hurts.

  3. You poor thing! I used to push through injuries, but now I go to the doctor first thing. Turns out I’m a little too tough for my own good. I vote for you going to the doctor ASAP…knees can sometimes be serious!

  4. Ouch, that doesn’t look like fun… hope it feels better!!

    I tend to push through and hope that if I ignore it, it will go away. Which would probably be why my wrist is still killing me.

    ❤ ❤

  5. grilled gruyere sounds so good; perfect alongside some french onion soup.. i’ll have to check out that restaurant!

  6. That event sounds fun! It kills me too to be somewhere like that and not be allowed to take pictures for the blog! That ice cream looks delicious! Yum!

  7. puppies AND a fancy dinner party! Love your life, girl (except the knee brace. Take care of it!)

  8. The ice cream sounds amazing!

    Good luck with your leg. It seems to me, now that I am running more, that there is a small ache or pain about 50% of the time that usually goes away. I had a slight right knee pain and an ache in my left foot’s arch in the past week (on different days) that are doing better now. Hope you feel better!

  9. Vegan here but this:
    gruyère sandwich to feel a little more française.

    Looked amazing.

    And so does your time out with your mom 🙂

    Your injury…girl, i would give it another day or two and have an appt on the books for Friday and if you dont need it, cancel. But get it looked at…but be prepared for xrays, them wanting mri’ the whole expensive bit…sigh. Hang in there and feel better!

  10. I’m the queen of “sucking it up”. not a good thing! be careful with yourself. take care of that knee! it can never hurt to get it looked at.

    I’ll just say, that is one ridic dessert.

    have a great wednesday!

  11. PUPPIES!!!!! Oh my gosh – you guys HAVE to get a dog!! Too cute!

    Everything in this post looks delicious but that dessert is out of this world! Loves it!

    I was raised in my sport to ‘push it’ – I did my sport while puking with the stomach flu, while having a severe cold (which ended up being pneumonia), a concussion, etc. You probably don’t want to take my lead 😉

  12. I want that fig ice cream! It’s great how you personalized this dessert and made it a little healthier.

  13. Your mama is so cute! I love that grilled cheese sammy- looks just fantastic! And froyo afterwards? I’m always up for froyo (we may go to night! Fingers crossed). Great tribute to gourmet. Hope your injury gets better quick- take it easy lady!

  14. Frooyoooo!! Love that stuff. And that dessert looks deliciouso!

    Feel better,

  15. love laloo’s goats milk ice cream! i just bought the strawberry darling flavor with balsamic and strawberries so delicious! and i have had the mint choc. chip and the fig one in the past love them all, such a great product 🙂

    xx lots of love

  16. Le Petite Tomate

    don’t even send it!

  17. Almond Joy IC? That’s only the best candy ever, so I can imagine that it was incredibly delicious.
    Unfortunately, I am the type to push through an injury. Feel better soon, my dear!

  18. I go STRAIGHT to the doctor. I figure I pay a lot of money out of EVERY ONE of my paychecks for my health insurance, so I figure I should get my money’s worth. I’m also crazy, so I can’t really lend sane advice. Heehee.
    But your knees are NOT something to mess around with. My boyfriend’s Grandma just had one of her knees replaced. Not a fun operation.
    Be careful and ice and rest and relax and eat plenty of good food. XO.

  19. I hope your knee gets better soon! Knee injuries can be BAD.

    I used to push through the pain because I thought I had to keep working out to maintain my weight and fitness level – but now I listen to my body and realize that a couple days of switching to different workouts won’t hurt me. It’s better to take a little time off to heal than to make it worse!

  20. mmm the almond joy yogurt with the choco chips looks delicious!!!

    those pugs are the cutest! i have a serious thing for cute pups!

    i hope your knee gets better ASAP!

  21. Unless you are a professional athlete, sucking it up has no benefit whatsoever to your well being or general health. That’s what I did when I tore my labrum and all that ended up happening was that I ended up tearing it completely and making my recovery that much more difficult (hello four months of PT) and lessened the odds of my recovery being complete.

    Take care of your body, which can occasionally mean not running yourself down when you need the rest. Try running on tracks or in grass. Sidewalks and even roads are very hard on your knees and legs in general. Maybe run hills at a local park. If you want, I could shoot you a bunch of core workouts I used to do that will really help you out. I guess you’re finally beginning to regret not having played any sports growing up (jk). 😉 Feel better, Katie. I’ve been there, and I know how much these kinds of injuries suck.

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