Curly Girls

Good afternoon, ladies and gents! How is your Thursday treating you? Mine has been just fine, although my body clock is a little out of whack.  I had a bone density test at 8:30 this morning (won’t find out the results until late today or tomorrow), and although I’d brought my gym bag with me, was so exhausted that I ended up just going home to sleep until 12:30!  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve done this….

Yesterday I woke up and stumbled to the kitchen to make breakfast, only to discover that I’d completely decimated my supply of rolled oats! Good gracious, what’s a girl to do?  Make a big batch of steel-cut oatmeal instead!

Steel Cut Oats

I used four cups of water, 1 cup of steel cut oats, 1 sliced banana and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. While the oats cooked, I drank some coffee and mailed my Netflix to distract my grumbling tum.  When the oats were ready, I portioned out a serving for myself and put the remaining three servings in the fridge.  Three breakfasts I won’t have to worry about later!

Oats for the Week

In college, usually on a Sunday, I’d make big batches of things like oatmeal and rice to enjoy later in the week. Sure, it takes a little longer than microwaving your breakfast one morning, but saves time in the long run and tastes a lot better.

For my bowl, I diced up a not-quite-ripe pear and microwaved it for 90 seconds.  This softened the pear right up, and released some of its natural fruit syrups.  Sometimes fruit is enough of a sweetener on its own, but yesterday I needed a bit more.  I added a little brown sugar, cinnamon, and walnuts to make my breakfast a little more interesting.

Pear Walnut Oatmeal

The rest of the morning was spent applying for jobs.  Unfortunately the entire city seems desperate for an “assistant” position, but I must press on! I think I need a really tall, straight-back chair.  It’s so easy to just hunch over the desk, and sometimes I catch myself and notice my posture and I am literally almost lying on the table. Terrible! Erin helped me with this about six months ago, but I really need to be better about it.

Finally I broke for lunch to bring the feeling back to my legs and back.  I’d read Diana’s (then) most recent post, which looked fabulous, and decided to give Gena’s Maple Cinnamon Vinaigrette a try.

Agave Cinnamon Vinaigrette

I quartered the recipe to make just enough for my lunch.  I didn’t have any maple syrup, so I substituted raw agave nectar instead.  I added a little fresh lemon juice as well.

Agave Cinnamon Vinaigrette 2

Each recipe of Gena‘s that I’ve tried has been mighty fine, and this was no different.  It was really good, and turned what would have been an ordinary salad into something unique and special.  The salad itself was almost worthy of Raw Wednesday… while tempeh was traditionally prepared raw, I’m not sure that’s still the case in all commercially prepared varieties.

Salad Ingredients

In the mix:

  • collard greens (local)
  • red chard (local)
  • 1/3 block TJ’s 3 Grain Tempeh
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 kiwi— a reader asked if I eat the skin of kiwis.  I do! I didn’t used to, but tried on a whim this summer.  The skin is thin, and really doesn’t change the taste of the fruit.  However, when possible I buy organic kiwis. I try to go organic whenever I’m going to eat the outside of a fruit or vegetable.  Obviously, this isn’t always possible for financial reasons.
  • 2 carrots
  • Agave Cinnamon Dressing

I decided to make my carrots a little less “rebellious”, and peeled them with the asparagus (or spargel) peeler I received free in Berlin at the Spargelfest Spargelfest!

Spargel Carrot

This salad was perfect.  Good ingredients and quality dressing really do make all the difference.

Agave Cinnamon Salad

I had a glass of red with lunch.

POM Pomegranate Kiwi

Juuuuust kidding… although I wouldn’t be opposed! No, this was POM‘s new Pomegranate Kiwi juice, that the company sent me a few weeks ago to try out.

POM Pomegranate Kiwi 2

This was a lot sweeter than the straight pomegranate variety.  It tastes a bit like fruit cocktail, but I really liked it! This is also 100% juice, which I like.  Don’t you hate when you buy “juice” only to get home and see that there’s actually very little fruit in there at all?

After finishing up my job search for the day, I laced up my sneaks and headed to the gym.  These are the new shoes I got… they’re the same model as my old pair (Asics Gel Kayanos), but I asked for pink instead of read this time. I’m not really a “pink” girl, but I don’t even remember the last time I wore pink sneakers!  Probably my pair of butterfly light-up L.A. Gears. Remember those?

Asics Gel Kayanos

I biked for 30 minutes at the gym while reading my book.  The stationary bike is not the most exciting thing, but I just need to get myself through 30 minutes.  I didn’t like the treadmill, either! There’s nothing wrong with making the most of things, from time to time.

After showering, I headed over to Curly’s Vegetarian to meet Lauryn for an early dinner.   I can’t believe I’d never been here before! It’s right near where I used to work, and has so many options.  Lauryn and I sat and stared at the menu for a good long while before finally deciding on what we wanted… everything looked delicious, from their Mexican fare to their “Public School Lunch” (mac & cheese with panko).  We both ordered the Dragon Bowl Q, a special salad with mixed greens, quinoa, fake chicken, black beans, mango, tomatoes, avocado, jalepeño, corn chips, vegan parmesan… with each dive of our forks, we discovered a new ingredient.  I asked for the carrot ginger and mango poppy dressings on the side, but it was such a loaded salad that I really didn’t need any extra.

Curly's Dragon Q

It was massive.  I didn’t really eat the corn chips because I got so full!   While we ate, we made art.  Lauryn’s clearly the more talented one (on the left)… see how coy her chick looks?

Chicken Art

All of their drinks and desserts sounded amazing (Mexican hot chocolate, peanut butter bomb), but we decided to save our money and have a treat at home.  We did, however, go to Trader Joe’s to get some essentials.  I left the store having spent the lowest amount I’ve ever spent there ($19.79!), and won’t be needing any yogurt or pumpkin anytime soon!  I need to go shopping with this girl all the time.

TJ's haul

When I got home, I caught up on Gossip Girl while munching on a slice of banana-pumpkin-date tea loaf with almond butter and dark chocolate.

Pumpkin/Banana/Date Loaf w/ almond butter & chocolate

Well, back to the grind.  I’ve got to send a few more applications out, then clean up a little because Ari is coming home tonight!

See ya later, alligators.


26 responses to “Curly Girls

  1. Asics are the best! And I totally was jealous of everyone who had LA gear’s in kindergarten. My mom wouldn’t buy them for me. @#$@#!

  2. Good luck with applications! I hope your bone density test comes out positive.
    and that’s a great idea to make things ahead in bulk. Gotta try that too, esp when exam period is near.

  3. Best of luck, girl!!

    Can’t wait to see you AND Lauryn in January :0

  4. Oh, I’m so happy you and Ari will soon be reunited! He needs to baby you and that knee.

    Your lunch looks especially amazing!

  5. Hmm… I have a few pears that just don’t seem interested in ripening! Maybe I’ll pop it in the microwave.

    I never would have thought of eating the skin of a kiwi … it’s just so … fuzzy! But then again, so are peaches. I might try it anyway… 🙂

    LOVE your chicks. They’re adorable!

    ❤ ❤

  6. haha I was that reader that asked about the kiwi!! yay! I had no idea you could eat that part of the fruit!

    your breakfasts look great! i love to prepare in advance, then eating healthy and delicious becomes so mindless!!

  7. i hope the results are good!

    i love making big batches of oats, too. so easy in the morning.

    yay for Ari coming home!

  8. So glad you like the dressing!!!

  9. Spargelfest! I love it! I think that’s my new favorite word 🙂

    That dinner sounds perfect!! I love that they have a “public school lunch”! YAY for Ari coming home!! I hope you hear back from your density test and it’s all good news!

  10. now THAT is what i call a real dessert 😉 love love love our frequent date nights and TJs shopping “sprees” haha — see you ASAP, por favor! enjoy ari’s homecoming!

  11. oops that was clearly me above — i must still be all about making some moves!

  12. Fingers crossed for the bone test!

    I’ve never tried that restaurant, but it sounds/looks great! Also–do you recommend those Asics? I’m in the market for new sneakers; my last few have been Brooks Adrenaline 8–but I want to try something new.

    Good luck with the applications! I’ve been meaning to ask–what field are you trying to get into? I’ve had several heads-up about job postings sent my way, and I’m not really applying right now… so let me know what you’re looking for, and, if I have anything related it, I’ll fwd.

  13. yay for this: banana-pumpkin-date tea loaf with almond butter and dark chocolate.

    And so glad we could chat and I am praying for you for your bone dens results 🙂 and that you get good news. And start with the Peter G’s and tell me whatcha think 🙂

  14. never been to curlys but always wanted to. yum

  15. yay for getting the boy back!!

    does the oatmeal reheat well? I feel like it would get gummy or something in the fridge. I’m all about make-ahead meals though.

    I gotta try that loaf recipe!

  16. Yes, as a college student I make HUGE batches of brown rice and eat it throughout the week haha. Nice choice in shoes, Oasics are my favorite!

  17. gena is brillz. i love the pumpkin stash you got from TJs – nice work. i too have never been to curlys and its so close to BI, i have no excuse. now we have 2 places to lunch together. mmm, whats your sched looking like next week?

  18. so jealous of the TJ’s purchases and catching up with GG! I haven’t been able ot watch on new episode this season! on top of one tree hill and ugly betty! it’s kill’n me!

    and i used to do that in college too, make my rice/breads/oats/trail mixes on the weekends so i wouldn’t have to worry about them during the week!

  19. good luck with all those apps girl! i am crossing my fingers for you.

    that salad looks soooo good! both of them – your homemade one and the one out with lauryn. i recently discovered how yummy tempeh is in salads, especially with a dressing that is a bit sweet!

  20. Awesome TJ’s purchases…would love to know what you think of the TJ’s Greek yogurt compared to Chobani, etc.

  21. Curly’s is one of my FAVORITE places in the City. The food is always unbelievably fresh and I love that you can draw while waiting for your meal!

    Their vegan cakes are incredible too 🙂

  22. I may have laughed out loud upon reading the word Spargelfest.

    L.A. Gears… gosh it was so great to be a kid in the early 90s.

  23. i. want. that. salad. NOW. ohmigawd. (i do not get enough greens in my life here. i would pay a pretty penny–ahem, rouble–for such a salad beast.)

    hope the scan turns out okay. you gotta be able to use your new pink shoes!! LOVE the color choice 😉

  24. My posture is really bad when I sit at my desk too- I am trying to catch myself more and push my shoulders back! What a fun dinner out- the food looks great. I’m a huge fan of making big batches of various foods to use throughout the week- saves SO much time!!

  25. Wishing you the best of your results, love!!

    I love all your pre-packed breakys! briliant 🙂

  26. ooo that banana pumpkin date loaf looks soo delicious!

    wishing you luck the scan results!!

    you also always remind me that I need to get myself to TJs!

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