That Limbo Place

Good Sunday, y’all.  How are you spending the last hours of your weekend?  Dinner in bed? Catching up on shows from the week? It’s 8:30 and I’m just getting dinner ready, and will spend the rest of the night doing some internship stuff and possibly watching Thursday’s episode of Gray’s Anatomy.

I have a confession: I’ve been putting off blogging all day. Why? Well, I’ve been in kind of a weird place the last few days, and haven’t wanted to whine about it.  But whine about it I must (for a few seconds), or I have a feeling I won’t post for days.  Either that, or I’m having a blogging identity crisis.

There’s only so much time one can sit in front of the computer applying for jobs and reading blogs.  I haven’t been exercising at all… the thought of sitting on a stationary bike makes me cringe (and it’s a 45 minute ride to the gym, each way) and I haven’t been able to find enough energy, motivation, or opportune time to try a workout DVD. I feel like my muscles are weakening and that by the time I can run again, it’ll take me months to build back up to where I was.  There was one instance yesterday when I seriously thought about just going for a quick two mile run to blow off steam.  I’m not proud about it, but didn’t run, and won’t until I’m given the okay.  But frankly, what it comes down to, is that I’m just plain bored.  Bored and broke.

As happy as I was about quitting my table-waiting gig and spending that lost time looking for a “real” job, I think it’s gotten to the point where I might have to start looking for something like that again.  Hopefully it will be temporary, but I’m not generating any income and it’s getting pretty tight over here.  I haven’t started looking for another waiting position yet, but I really think it’s in my future again, unfortunately.  Unless I win the lottery… I never bought a ticket on my 18th birthday, and have put off doing so because I think I know that in the back of my mind, when I do it will be the winning ticket. Good logic, eh?

For now, though, I think the key is to just do something outside of the house every day.  If I have to read, I should find a place to read.  Preferably near the gym, so that I’ll get myself moving again.  Things will look up, but I have to set that process in motion.  Ho, ho, ho!

Self-pep-talk over, I promise.

Breakfast yesterday was inspired by Katie‘s “brulée” style oats.  I zapped this banana in the microwave for one minute:

Banana Brulée

I combined it with a serving of steel-cut oats, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and almond butter.   A sweet and rich way to start the morning!

Pumpkin-Banana-Nut oats

Ari and I spent the morning running errands, going back and forth between the city and home.  We got a lot done! I knew lunch was going to be late, so I snacked on some Greek yogurt to tide me over.

TJ's Greek yogurt

When I did get around to making lunch, it ended up looking a lot like the killer salads of recent days, and it was mighty fine.  I think I’ve figured out the formula for a perfect salad: plenty of greens, a variety of other veggies, fruit, savory protein, and a unique salad dressing.

Sweet Cinnamon Salad

This was made of:

  • spinach
  • shredded carrots
  • red onion
  • 1 Gala apple (yep, the whole thing)
  • meatless meatballs
  • Dressing: raw agave nectar, olive oil, rice vinegar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt & pepper

A little later, I snacked on a couple chunks of energy.

Chunks of Energy

Dinner was another nod to college life; this time, I made a batch of Annie’s Mac & Cheese and mixed in a mashed sweet potato and black beans.  The result? Delicious! And oh so festive with the Halloween colors.  I realize you might not all be sold on this one, but try it!

Halloween Mac & Cheese

After dinner, I went into the city to meet Caitlin at the 92Y Tribeca to see the premier of Sufjan Stevens‘ film The BQE.

Sufjan Stevens


If it’s not 100% obvious from the above photo, he is a total fox.  And a ridiculously talented fox at that, so ladies, should you decide to join the ranks of rockstar girlfriends, he earned my seal of approval.

After the show I met up with Ari and Ilana, and we all went home together.  I wasn’t really hungry, but all I could think about when I opened the front door was how much I wanted ice cream.

Light Phish Food

Phish Food isn’t as good as I remember it being… I think there needs to be some peanut butter in there.

A few days ago, a reader asked for the recipe for my miso soup with collards and seitan.

Miso Soup w/ Collards & Seitan

It’s easy peasy: Simply take 1 cup of spicy miso soup , eliminating the tofu, and pour it into a pot over four loosely chopped collard green leaves, until just covered. Steam until leaves turn bright green, about 4 minutes.  Add 1 serving chopped seitan and heat through.  Serve and enjoy!

I’m off to get some work done.  Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


29 responses to “That Limbo Place

  1. I feel you, I’ve been so busy at work and so behind on blogging. Not to mention broke from paying bills. ”Woe is us” but we will SURVIVE. Hang in there Katie, we can make it through this rough patch”.

  2. Just write from the heart, baby, and if you don’t feel like writing, don’t! There are always little lulls in life, and it’s how we find our way out of those that matter. I have no doubt you’ll get out of this rut soon!

  3. Sorry you’re having a hard time with the inactivity… I’m tempted to say you can do my job for me, but I know it sounds a lot more attractive than it actually is to be bored.

    As a side note, I love Health. It’s one of my favorite magazines.

    ❤ ❤

  4. I want to wish the absolute BEST of luck from the bottom of my heart. Just know that bad times, even when they seem the worst of times, do NOT last forever.

    Also: black beans+squash/sweet potatoes=AWESOME combo!

  5. i guess we shall have to meet up for a date then, huh?

    sorry about your mini-identity crisis. we all have them. i think. i hope. well, i have been there at least.

    i work wed, but do you wanna meet up after i get off for dinner? if its too long of a long trip for you, thats cool. but if you DO wanna get out of the casa we could hit up bonobos or WF or whatevs? lemme know.

  6. Do I spy a pretzel in your ice cream? Such a genius idea!
    Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling stellar right now–may your boredom/crisis come to an end soon!

  7. Girl. I hear ya on the sitting in front of the ‘puter. There are days where I feel like I’d be letting others down if I didnt blog. But if I was true to myself, I would just skip it. But I blog on. But I have only been doing it a short time compared to you. I say if you can break away from reading, commenting and posting and that FEELS GOOD, then DO IT. If you miss it, get back to it. I would feel worse about skipping posting so I press on, but yeah, I hear ya. I too am overwhelmed by all the blogs I comment on and read…and so if I ever cant comment on yours, know i love you and am just also overwhelmed 🙂

    Til then, your brulee action looks mighty yummy and I hope you find some inner peace with it all. I also think physical injuries can stir up alot of head stuff, too. For me they always do. Take care sweet Katie 🙂

  8. feel better 😦 i’m sorry you can’t run..that’s such a bummer but I know you’ll get through it! your oats look awesome


  9. That miso soup looks amazing 🙂
    I will have to try doing that collards thing !

    Girl, you do whatever it is that will make YOU happy and feel good! You deserve so much positivity! I am sending you hugs and good vibes 🙂

  10. Aww, girl, you’re going to get through this! I still like the idea of you getting a temporary job at Whole Foods, how awesome would that be! In the mean time, you, Elise, and I should go out and celebrate our birthdays:)

  11. No more Phish Food – GET COCONUT BLISS!! 😀

    Call me anytime for support, girl – stay strong xo

  12. hey girlie!

    first I have to say those banana brulee oats look fabulous, you have outdone yourself!!

    you deserve to feel so happy your head will fall off (i mean not literally but I just wanted to stress that happiness)
    there are certainly days when i want to throw my computer out the window and want nothing to do with it, but I somehow manage to get on here and do some do not need an excuse if you want to take a few days off, you do what you feel is best for you!! 🙂

    have a great monday morning!!

  13. Oh my dear, I’ve definitely been there. Back in the spring when I found out my bestie was moving, another close friend of mine was getting engaged, and everyone and their brother was graduating college I completely broke down. There I was: still in school, single, and living at home. The good news? Those awful, icky feelings will pass. The bad? It does take a while to get your life in order. You’ll be back in the game in no time – I promise! Try to stay positive and keep your chin up during these blah days!! Try to fill your days with things you enjoy doing like you said. Much love from me to you 🙂

  14. I think getting outside each day is a good goal – you’ll be able to do that every day, and that alone may cause you to find something you wouldn’t otherwise!

    Hope your Monday is going well 🙂

  15. I could hear it in your voice yesterday. Take it easy on yourself. You are almost supposed to have an identity crisis every decade! I know that you will be on the other side of this one soon.

  16. Aw Katie, don’t worry about venting a little! Its totally understandable that you just wanna MOVE, but ya gotta take care of yourself and make sure you don’t prolong any injuries. It sounds like Ari kept ya busy yesterday, so just find ways to entertain yourself outside the home for a bit, each day! Walk around a magazine store or lib (with some starbucks in hand 😉 ), take a quick walk around a park, go grocery shopping, etc etc! You’re gonna get through this love!!

    Everything in this post looks mighty fineeee. And that does sound like an amazing salad! If I ever use an apple, I always use the whole thing too…why not, right?! 🙂

  17. I can identify with the boredom and broke thing. It hurts your pride not to be able to afford life and to have all the time in the world to think about it.

    I’d advise a project or a hobby, but since you’re pretty darn good at doing those kinds of things anyway, I dunno what to say. Except. Seriously, I’m sending all of my good luck employment vibes your way. I hope you find something soon, my dear!

  18. miss katie,

    i totally understand COMPLETELY where you are. i was literally there about a year ago. i had just got back from thailand – no money, no job, no nothing. as much as it sucked, just keep plugging away. volunteer somewhere (that’s how i eventually got a job offer), talk to people, keep on trucking. i got in moods where i wanted to do nothing because i felt just so stuck. luckily, working out does make you feel better so i just tried to keep reminding myself of that.

    eventually, i got a part-time gig working at starbucks. it ended up being not as bad as i thought and helped me get through until i found a temp job working as an admin assistant. have you tried a temp agency? i haven’t, but you could at least get some type of full-time work for awhile.

    sending you lots of love girl! hang in there – i KNOW something will come up for you!!!!!

    xxx holly

  19. OH Katie love! Transitions are ALWAYS so tough. I hate change, and it’s hard when you can’t see what the future holds. There are so many days when I have felt lazy and lame….not having skating anymore, not being in school, not exercising. Ugh injuries stink fo that too. Hang in there though! Take some time to maybe explore some hobbies or places you have never had the chance to before!! It will get bigger…it’s just tough to stay positive….esp. when the weather is more gloomy, dark, and cold! At least my crisis was more through the summer months!! I’ll be thinking you, Mama! I love youuu!

  20. by bigger i meant to write “better”!

  21. failure to thrive is the worst, k.l.

    you’ve been going through a lot of transition. graduating usually brings enough anxiety. you’ve got factor piled on to factor.

    i hope you get up your legs soon. i’ll send some blog entries yr way.


  22. i just wanted to tell you i know exactly, word for word, feeling for feeling, exactly how you feel. i wish i had words of wisdom, but as i’m still trying to navigate it all myself, i can only tell you i sympathize. hang in there, katie – i believe good things will come our way, eventually.

    coffee sometime soon?

  23. Oh my little pooks. It does sound like you need a little something to get you out. I’m glad you shared. I hope you do that more because I love knowing where you’re at, not just what you’re eating…and excreting 😉
    I couldn’t help that last part!

  24. I’m sorry you’re struggling! Believe me I know how you feel! I’m really getting to a desperate state myself. I don’t blame you for quitting your waitress job… it’s very hard to keep a job that you’re so unhappy with. 😦 I hope something good happens to both of us soon!!

  25. Hey,
    Great blog 🙂
    I love Sufjan too, and cooked banana 😛
    I quit my waitressing job a few weeks ago too, purely because I hated it, and now I’m broke! I’de rather be broke than working somewhere I hated though, it’s just wasn’t worth my well-being.
    Check out my blog if you can 🙂

  26. Ugh, Sufjan. I love him.

    I feel you on the blogging identity crisis. I feel like I’ve lost my voice, somehow. Hope things get better. ❤

  27. Sorry you are in a rut – not having a job and not being able to run are two really difficult things to go through, especially at the same time! I feel ya.

  28. Hey! I just stumbled on your blog today, and I FEEL YA! I’ve been looking for jobs for month, and you’re right– the hours spent looking for perfect jobs to apply for gets old when they become fewer and far between. Definitely getting out of the house is the key- Some human interaction!!

    Good luck, and cute blog! Where can I read about you so I know what type of blogger I’m reading?! (like, are ya vegan, veggie, coffee addict, etc?)

  29. lilveggiepatch

    Hi Lindsey,

    Thanks for your comment! I’m actually redesigning my whole site right now… it should be up within the week, and will have everything from “About Me” to “Recipes.” But, for the time being, it’s a food/fitness blog but I mostly just write about my life. I’ve been blogging for over a year, and am excited to see where it takes me!

    Thanks for reading, Katie

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