These Glutes of Mine

Good morning and happy Friday!  Are everyone’s Halloween plans cemented?  I’d love to hear what you’re all doing!  Dressing up? Going to a party? Last year my roommate and I had a party, and even though I hopped around on crutches the whole time, it was a lot of fun! The year before was my first year having real trick-or-treaters, and it was so much fun! I lived on “Halloween Street,” and over 700 kids came by that night.  We had to make multiple trips to the grocery store, and even gave away some of our own treats!  I grew up living in an apartment, and while some kids do go trick-or-treating in apartment buildings (I used to go to a really big building, and always came home with a lot of candy!), ours never had too many kids so no one came by.

Yesterday when I woke up I was craving cereal.   Cold and filling, I made a big bowl with Kashi GoLean, Smart Start, granola, a banana, and skim milk.

Cereal w/ Banana and Milk

I didn’t have too much time to waste in the morning because I had physical therapy at 1:30, but I got some things done.   I broke for a quick and easy lunch: leftover Roasted Corn Pudding in Kabocha Squash, a grapefruit, and Trader Joe’s Nonfat Vanilla Greek Yogurt. It was a little random, but it hit the spot.


My appointment went well! Allison gave me a few exercises that I can do on my own while I’m in bed, and as a result, my side glutes have been so sore the past two days!  The foam roller feels unbelievable.   She wants me to wait until next week to try running; in the meantime I can use the elliptical (which I am brainwashing myself into “liking”).  My next appointment isn’t until Tuesday, so I have some time to work on the moves.

I snacked on a Honey Cashew YouBar on the way to the gym from PT.  There will be a formal review of these products coming in the next few days, but  until then, you can use the code Lilveggiepatch for a 5% discount at checkout.

Honey Cashew YouBar

At the gym, I stretched, climbed onto the Cross Ramp, cranked up the Gaga, and pounded away for 30 minutes.  I like the Cross Ramp more than the elliptical because, judging from the statistics on my heart rate monitor, it’s almost as “efficient” as running and about twice as efficient as the recumbent bike.   I cheated a little and started my cool down after 27 minutes… it’s entirely psychological, but I really hate staying on that thing after my time is up! I went uptown, showered, and rolled out on my dad’s foam roller.  I’m going to be near Paragon today so I’ll pick up my own; Allison wants me to use it not only to loosen my muscles but for balancing ab exercises.

I snacked on a Jonagold apple from the orchard upstate… I used the honeybear for scaling purposes.  Hugely delicious!

Hugely Delicious Jonagold

My mom and I went to a reading last night at The Center for Fiction (formerly known as The Mercantile Library).  It’s a really nice space; the first floor is a great bookstore, and the second houses a membership library and readings.  If it wasn’t so out of the way, I would certainly join! I love going to the library; as soon as I finish the book I’m reading now, I’m going to check out some new titles at the NYPL.  Now, if only there were a lending library for clothes…

My dad made us a delicious dinner last night based around salmon steaks he picked up at Bouley Market.  The fish is the same that is served in his restaurants, but he sells it to go at a really great price.  Good to know! Maybe I can upgrade from my Trader Joe’s frozen salmon patties…

We snacked on crudités…


And ate avocado halves with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sea salt & pepper

Avocado Vinaigrette

Cajun-rubbed salmon, steamed swiss chard & brown rice

Salmon, Chard & rice

… and drank big mugs of milk.


We had a dessert tasting with LaLoo Black Mission Fig Goat Milk ice cream and Bouley‘s fresh Rhubarb Sorbet.  They complemented each other perfectly.

Ice Cream Tasting

When I got home, Ari and I watched part of I’m Not There.  Has anyone else seen it? It came out while I was in France, and I’ve never seen the whole thing all the way through.  A lot of my favorites starred in the film, which I’d support even if it weren’t about Bob Dylan.

Well, I’m off to squeeze in glute-rolling some gym time before I meet George for lunch.  Have a great day!


16 responses to “These Glutes of Mine

  1. So glad that the appointment went well!!

    Never saw that film, but HAVE heard of it.

    Happy Halloweeeeeen (soon 😉 )!

  2. Since I grew up in prime egg-tossing neighborhood, and since I don’t celebrate Halloween anyway, I’m extremely glad when it’s on the weekend; it means I can stay hunkered down all day! 😉

    Do I spy a carnival squash???

    ❤ ❤

  3. Am I the only person on earth who enjoys the elliptical? Sometimes it feels that way.

    I’m super excited for Halloween this weekend, but I’m only going to be handing out candy. I have a bunch of big tests this upcoming week and so much stuff to do around the house. Good thing I went to a party the week before.

    Your blog makes me miss New York (and Trader Joe’s) so much. I love it, though. : )

  4. southerngracesblog

    Glad PT went well again! Your dinner looks so yummy…I love salmon 🙂
    I hope you have a fun Halloween, love!

  5. A lending library for clothes! I love it! You are so smart, LVP.
    Happy Friday!

  6. ummmm these eats are killing me. that dinner looks delicious and so does that simple avocado appetizer. LOVE IT.

    enjoy your weekend 🙂

  7. What ab exercises do you do on the roller? i recently got one for stretching and LOVE it.

  8. I’m so glad that your physical therapy is going well! For Halloween I’m a going to a burrito-making party which should be a ton of fun:) I hope you have an awesome time as well!

  9. WOWEE i love all of your food!!!!!! that cashew you bar was AMAZING I thought!! I miss it!!

    the salmon looks soo yummy too and GRAPE TOMATOES. my fav!! plus goat milk ice cream?! crazy! where do you find these thingS?!

    and 700 trick or treaters?! that is insanity!!

    i love you katieeeeeeeeee!!

    P.S. I’m doing a bloggy COAT post, of coats from all around blog world, so if you have a picture with your favorite coat, please email it to me!! 😀

    glidingcalm AT gmail DOT com !!

    happy weekend!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  10. Trick or treating in a building just seems so wrong! You don’t get the experience the joy of running through (and tripping and falling in your) neighbors yards in the dark!

    I love that stuffed squash from lunch – that sounds amazing. I hope you have a lovely evening/Halloween!! Have fun rolling those glutes 🙂

  11. glad the appointment went well! and if it’s not too much, i’d love to hear about those exercises you cn do in bed! i’m limited on floor space (heck, any space period) where i live right now and being able to do ST in bed would be awesome!

    and halloween is a no go in my book…i live to far to celebrate… and i’m a party pooper about the holiday anyhow. 😉

  12. I just did a You Bar review about a week ago. Not “formal” per se but an honorable mention, how’s that 🙂

    Have a great H’WEen weekend Katie 🙂


  13. I don’t eat a lot of bars but I’m curious about the You Bars. perhaps I will give them a try…

    your eats are always so fancy 🙂 home-cooked meals are always the best, but your family’s meals always impress!

    hm, dunno what we’re doing for h’ween. hub just found out he doesn’t have to go into the office at all this weekend, so now we’re all excited to make the most of these two whole days together! we shall see what happens.

    have a great weekend!

  14. So jealous that you can find good avocadoes–all the ones I’ve had lately have been little brown stinkers.
    Happy Halloween!

  15. so glad you are enjoying your workouts so far! your glutes will feel better soon… and you shall have buns of steel! wooo! 😉
    your eats look awesome 🙂 avocado and balsamic! i need to try that!
    Jonagolds are my …3rd favorite apple 🙂 yepp! next to Fuji and Honeycrisp.. number four would be ambrosia!

  16. glad your pt is going well. that pudding in the squash looks amazing! for halloween i’m going to a party with friends…hopefully it’ll be fun =) happy halloweeen!

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