New Traditions and a Chocolate Scream!

Good morning and happy Sunday! Ari woke up at 6 thinking it was 7… we completely forgot about Daylight Savings!  I had a hard time falling back to sleep, and puttered around a little before getting in bed again.  THe next time I opened my eyes it was 10:30, and I’d gotten almost 12 hours of sleep!  It was delicious.

We slept in yesterday morning as well.  I got up first, talked scary movies with this girl, then woke the boy up.  We went to the diner for the first time in a long time; I was finally ready for an omelet again! I ordered an omelet with 1/2 egg whites and 1/2 egg, spinach, tomato, feta and mushrooms. After my order, Ari gave me the you’re-being-a-pain-in-the-bum look… I know it was kind of an obnoxious order, but I wanted it to be just right.  It was pretty big, and I only had room for one bite of home fries.

LVP Omelet

Toast was enjoyed as well… diner meals are pretty much the only time I like my toast buttered.  It must be something about it mixing with HFCS-filled grape jelly, but it’s just delicious! Unfortunately the toast came dry, and by the time I added my own butter the bread was cold so it didn’t melt.  It was still good, though!

Diner toast

After brunch, Ari carved our pumpkin

Pumpkin 1 Pumpkin 2

… while I toasted the pumpkin seeds.

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Salty-Sweet Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

  • seeds from 1 pumpkin
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 6 cups of water
  • 3-1/2 teaspoons salt

Preheat oven to 400.  Thoroughly remove stringy insides from seeds.  Rinse well; the seeds should be completely free of orange pulp.   Put seeds in pot with water and salt over medium-high heat until water boils.  Lower heat and simmer 10 minutes.  Drain seeds.

Mix oil, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg together in a bowl.  Add pumpkin seeds and hand-toss to coat.  Spread seeds evenly in a glass baking dish or cookie sheet.  Put dish in oven and toast until crispy, 30-40 minutes.  Enjoy!

We ate almost all of those while we worked around the house… I definitely ate the lion’s portion, but they’re so good!  Soon, we heard a knock.  Fitting that our first trick-or-treaters should be part of the veggie and fruit patch!

Halloween Produce 1

Halloween Produce 2

This tomato was sassy.

Halloween Produce 3

Would you let us operate on you?


Dr. Ari started to look a little sick by the time dinner rolled around…

Zombie Doc

… but he treated me to sushi.  What a nice zombie!

Sushi bento

Bentos two nights in a row?! Lucky me! It came with sashimi, shrimp shumai, a California roll, rice (which I didn’t eat), and salad.

Side Salad

It also came with honeydew.


Ari and I brainstormed about what would make the perfect Halloween dessert cocktail.  If you’re an old-school reader, you may remember the hot cocoa/marshmallow debacle of Halloween 2008.  Not pretty.   Well, I based this year’s Halloween Scream on the same Martha Stewart recipe, but added some personal touches.

Halloween Scream Prep

Ari requested butterscotch chips (I’m not a huge fan, but that’s love!), and we added Kahlua. The colors are a little Halloween-ie, yes?

Halloween Scream

We topped the finished product with cinnamon and marshmallows.  (I’d thought marshmallows went on Ari’s “white and creamy veto list” –he’s going to have to do his own post on this someday soon– but it turns out he likes them! What a breakthrough.) This photo doesn’t show it, but the cocoa was red!

Halloween Scream 2

I drank about a third, but it was too rich for me.  It reminded me a lot of the drinking chocolate we had in Paris! I switched to an apple instead… I wasn’t really hungry for it, but I needed something to munch while watching Halloween H2O!


It was a low-key Halloween, but it was a really nice day.  Hope you had a good one, too!

Congratulations to Melissa and all of the other NYC Marathoners!!!


21 responses to “New Traditions and a Chocolate Scream!

  1. wow that drink looks sooo rich and amazing. not sure I could handle drinking all the sugar, I like to chew mine haha

  2. do you have any pumpkin seeds left??? I want to try them!! also marshmallows are delicious!!

  3. That’s one handsome pumpkin! 😉

    ❤ ❤

  4. At least munching on pumpkin seeds is more nutritionally sound then candy bars! I do love roasted squash seeds. Glad you had such a nice Halloween!

  5. I have never had a significant other who was willing to dress up! You look fantastic.

  6. MMm I love me some eggs with ketchup!

  7. Marshmallows and chocolate are AMAZING! But pretty much, marshmallows with ANYTHING are amazing.
    Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  8. I am so jealous of your banana spotting. Freakin’ kid, scared of her own danged costume.

    Not to hit on your man or anything, but I am DIGGING the hair.

    You two totally belong on Grey’s Anatomy 🙂

  9. Great H’Ween costume action!

    GReat minds think alike: I too roasted seeds w/ cinnamon this past week AND randomly made hot cocoa and yesterday for the first time in I swear to you a decade, I bought mini marshmallows from the store. The same ones that you have. I dont think I have had them since I was a kid and I havent even opened them yet…but now I know what I could do. I was gonna use them in my 50 calorie vegan easy hot cocoa recipe I whipped up…your recipe looks alot more fun 🙂

  10. Yaaaay thanks for the linkage! Love talking about scary movies 😀

    Your costumes are priceless, haha!! Awesome!!

  11. Aww, you and Ari are too cute in those scrubs! Between Ari, the kahlua drinks, and the sushi it looks like the perfect night:)

    P.S-another meet-up is definitely in order soon!

  12. Toast…drool. You know I live for those shots! LOVE the costumes although I’m sad there’s no Lady Gaga 😉

    Is it bad to have a Halloween Scream not only on November 2nd but also at 8:40 in the morning? I need to try that!

  13. traynharder23

    NOOOOoo you’re out of trader joe’s pb?! i just got 2 jars of crunchy unsalted….and one jar is already 3/4 ths empty the day after opening it…me thinks i must practice MODERATION!

    hahha. i hope you’re right on the glasses! =D i usually wear contacts tho. when i had to take a swim test, all the guys made fun of me.

  14. ahh thanks for reminding me about pumpkin seeds! I love these, but have some how forgot to make them so far this year.

  15. mmmm what a great bfast! Your order is not a pain in the bum! You gotta get what you like! Sounds totally delicious to me ;). CUTE costumes and yummy dinner/snacks. Glad you guys had a great, low key night. I can’t believe its November!

  16. It’s so weird to see how totally different the bento boxes you get are from the ones at sushi places here. I have been dying to try a sweet potato roll, but I can’t find one at any of the sushi places around here. Lame!

  17. you two are so cute! love all the sushi lately 🙂

  18. Love the costumes! Hehe…zombie doctor. I am guessing a lot of doctors look like that after a 36 hour shift 😛

    Hot chocolate sounds delish! Did you ever try that Starbucks drink which was basically an espresso cup of melted chocolate? I think Godiva do one too. Totally my kind of hot chocolate!

  19. is that cresant street in the background?

  20. ahhh looks like you guys had a BALL! i love shrimp shumai. i’m obsessed with it!

  21. Hahahaha I just read your post from last year. So funny!

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