Lenny-the-Cuisinart Makes His Kitchen Debut

Good evening, folks!  Better get cracking on this post or it’ll be morning before I’m done!  As the title suggests, I finally took my food processor out of the box.  It’s so sleek and shiny… I kind of just want to snuggle with it in bed.  But… that’s a story for a different blog 😉

Yesterday I got up very early to finish some work before going into my internship.   I drank a pot of coffee, opened my eyes a little wider, and finally started feeling my appetite.  I made a yogurt bowl with vanilla Oikos, a Gala apple and granola.  Hit the spot!

Granola, Apple & Greek Yogurt

There wasn’t a whole lot for me to do at work… I mailed some things, ordered some more things, and read some other things.   As vague as that sounds, I actually really like working there and am learning a lot about the industry!  No experience is bad experience in my book (with a few exceptions).

I got off a couple hours earlier than usual and had some time to kill, so I decided to go next door and get a workout in before meeting my mom for lunch.  I fueled up with half of a (very stale) Chocolate Chip Clif Bar.

Chocolate Chip Clif Bar

Has anyone ever used the Expresso bike at the gym? It looks like a regular stationary bike, but the handlebars move so you can navigate the path that is shown onscreen.  It’s pretty neat, and kept me from getting too bored! I did about 5 miles, then worked on arms and my PT exercises.   I left just in time to meet my mom for lunch.

We went to Café Angelique, a cute café in the West Village.

Café Angelique

I got the Mango & Goat Cheese Salad… it was really good, but there was about a pound of cheese on top!  My mom and I thought about saving the excess and bringing it home in a doggie bag… but I’m not that desperate (yet).

Mango & Goat Cheese Salad

I spread some of the cheese on whole grain toast.


Lunch left me surprisingly full, and while I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted any frozen yogurt, as soon as I saw the flavors The Lite Choice was serving, I knew they had “LVP” written all over them.   Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Truffle… I was powerless!

The Lite Choice

We finished our treat; my mom went back to work and I walked across town to Trader Joe’s and did a massive grocery shop. I thought my little arms were going to fall off on my walk home!

Trader Joe's Haul


TJ's Protein

Fruit & Veggies

TJ's Fruit & Veggies

Dairy, Grains & Miscellaneous

TJ's Dairy, Grains & Miscellaneous

With this haul, I was ready to get in the kitchen! There was a Lovely spirit in the kitchen there with me.  First on the agenda was homemade kale chips!

Kale Chip Ingredients

Except… my farm stand was out of kale.  So I improvised with escarole… a lettuce variety with much thinner leaves than kale. Oh well.

I loaded up the food processor with the dressing’s ingredients.  Look how nice and clean he is!  I think I’ll call him Lenny 🙂

Loaded Food Processor

Blended until almost smooth…

Kale Chips Dressing

I should have halved the recipe, because this made quite a bit of topping.  But I really could have eaten it straight, so I saved half for salads and dipping…

Leftover Kale Chips Dressing

… and put the rest on half a head of escarole before massaging it all in.

Kale Chips

I don’t have a dehydrator, so I followed Mama Pea‘s lead and baked them in the oven at 300 for 40 minutes.  Foil may not have been the best choice, as it was kind of a hassle peeling them off.

Kale Chips & Foil

They were really yummy, though! I think next time I’ll use a bit more lemon juice… I squirted a little on the chips while I snacked.

Kale Chip

Next on the list:  Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Snowballs!  Again, it wasn’t quite true to Averie’s recipe because this cocoa wasn’t so dark, but no matter.

Chocolate Snowballs Ingredients

This was one of the easiest things I’ve ever made.  My salads take longer to prepare!

Chocolate Snowballs Ingredients 2

I was a little worried that the “batter” was too dry, but stuck it in the freezer as it was.

Chocolate Snowballs Dry

A few hours later, they were ready to be “balled”…

Chocolate Snowballs Frozen

I was so proud of myself! They really look like macaroons!

Chocolate Snowballs

There may have been some nibbling along the way, and some of the mixture left over that will make a fabulous breakfast addition.  Try saying “Chocolate Snowball Oats for me!” ten times.

Dinner was pretty low-maintenance (unlike Blair and Serena, who kept me company)… I had leftover Japanese Cucumber Salad and Tomatoey Spiced Chickpeas.  I added dulse flakes to the cukes this time, which worked a lot better than the nori.


For dessert, I had a strawberry-flavored Oikos and a chocolate snowball.

Greek Chocolate

I love Greek yogurt as you’ve probably noticed… the only problem is that when I stock up, I eat it all so fast that it’s all gone in only a few days!

What recipe have you loved recently? What should I make next with my food processor?


21 responses to “Lenny-the-Cuisinart Makes His Kitchen Debut

  1. I have a thing of canned pumpkin in my fridge, so I enjoy throwing that into yogurt and oatmeal.

    Girl you NEED to make homemade hummus with Lenny!!! Fresh hummus is such an easy but special thing to make

  2. Ok looking at the snowballs…mine are about twice as moist going into the freezer and they scoop out into balls via an ice cream scooper. I would say next time use more maple or oil just for scooping ease as well as taste getting amp’ed up to the next level. They look awesome but for your own tasting pleasure I point this out.

    Secondly, the kale chips…coating looks great! I have only made w/ red pepper which gives it a slightly diff flavor than yellow pepp probably does but I love the nooch with the pepper, so good. Yes, lemon juice and salt are to taste. For me, I overdo on nooch and hold back on lemon juice a bit, but that’s me.
    Foil…try it with the nonstick reynold’s foil. That stuff rocks. And/or skip all together and just spray Pam really well on your cookie sheet.
    Thank you sooooo much Katie for making my recipes and giving them the old college try! They look awesome and I hope they tasted good! Thx for linking me and enjoy that MN air.
    p.s. when you try those TJ’s veggie burgers, tell me how they are in comparison to say Morningstar Farms b/c I do feed those things to Scott & Skylar in a pinch…I am leary of trying new brands on those things though…

  3. Make Larabars! 😀

  4. oh, the food processor – my greatest love. definitely make some hummus – it’s easy to get very creative.

    the dressing for those kale chips looks wonderful. my mom just brought me 6 really blah-tasting peppers, and this looks like a really good use for one of them.

  5. A food processor is definitely on my Christmas wish list…just for the sake of banana soft serve! Definitely have THAT a lot 🙂

  6. OMG — that is the coolest bike ever!!!!

    I said “chocolate snowball oats” ten times fast. And didn’t get mixed up! 😉

    Food processors are a p-a-i-n to wash… but they’re so cool anyway! Make Larabars!! 😀

    ❤ ❤

  7. averie is obviously a genius :). yayyyyy for the new food processor…i am not going to lie, i am jealous 🙂

    your mom is so cute – i love that you two have lunch dates all the time. i wish my mom lived here so i could do that!

    i hope you have a wonderful day miss katie – lotsa love to ya!

  8. yummm! you are so creative with your food! looks so good. those snowballs are a great idea!

    and i have YET to get a food processor..i am dying to get one but just dont have time to go shopping for one..have you tried to banana soft serve yet? thats why i want to get one so bad!

  9. mango and goat cheese salad? That sounds and looks just incredible! Love that you have lunch dates with your mama. Nice first use of the cuisinart! I use mine primarily for nut butter…to be honest 😉

  10. Can I just tell you how HAPPY I am that you take pictures of your ingredients in the packages they come in! I guess I just did. 🙂 It makes it so much easier to go shopping if I know what kind of package I am looking for and/or if I am not sure exactly what something is the pics let me know. New to your blog, but I’m bookmarking it!

  11. Huzzah for the food processor! Life changing, no? I can’t imagine how I did ANYthing before getting mine. Well done with those first projects! SOOOO FUUUUN

  12. lenny is handsome 🙂 I’m missing my food pro! ours broke a few months ago while making hummus, and I need a new one!

  13. That certainly is A LOT of cheese! You know I’m all over that toast – yum!!

    Loving Lenny! What a stud muffin! Your creations look delicious – I need to try Averie’s snowballs!! What about the infamous “pizza cheeze”? That could be a fun recipe to try 🙂

  14. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lenny, i want thee. looks like you already got to town with testing it out. well done you. did you carry ALL THOSE groceries back yourself?!? wow. im so impressed, thats quite a load.

    the cheese on top of that salad is ridic. seriously, could you taste anything else? spread on toast seems a wise option for the excess. you totally shouldve taken it home in a baggie. i would have been right there egging you on, haha. thats so something i wouldve done. i think i should be ashamed by that, not proud?

  15. Mango and Goat Cheese Salad! I. NEED!

  16. Hey, just wondering: do you live in LA? I think we have an Angelique Cafe around here, too.
    That is NOT a lot of cheese! lol, not for me! It’s just perfecT! 😉

  17. all of your food looks insane! I LOVE goat cheese on salad, the combo of veggies with the creamy cheese makes my little heart mellltttt

    you should make homemade nut butter with your food processor! try new flavors like vanilla or cranberry pb!! (then send me some :))

  18. breadandwithit

    What a cute mommie!!! You’re so lucky! My mom lived in a different state (of mind).

    You’re so funny! Your life is wonderful!!

  19. Awesome eats!
    I never would have thought to pair mango and goat cheese–I’d be willing to try it though!
    I am ogling at all of your TJ’s purchases. I think I spy two of my favorites: broccoli slaw and Berry Mango Muffins!
    I agree with the above posters–homemade hummus should be on Lenny’s agenda.

  20. I’m obsessed with Averie’s balls too, although like hers mine are almost soupy and have never been dry. Maybe that’s because you didn’t use the coconut oil or maple syrup (or did you?) Any ways, I’m sure they were delicious nonetheless. Since she first posted that recipe, I’ve made them three times!!!

  21. I spy trader joe’s bran muffins!! Please (for your good friend jess), heat one of those bad boys up, throw it atop a bowl of oats with some hot, melty nut butter OR in a cool yogurt mess with other fruits and nut buttas or agave!!! 🙂

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