Dos and Don’ts

Hey there, strangers! How was your weekend? Mine was lovely… I spent the last few days relaxing in upstate New York with my parents.  Time seems to move slower there; I never felt like I was rushing to catch my breath or finish five things at once.  It was a nice change.  What did you do?

Here’s a quick re-cap of the weekend chez with Mom & Pop LVP, Do/Don’t style!

DO make Eggs In A Basket out of an open-face grilled cheese sandwich.  Thanks for the idea, Kaytee!

DO enjoy pumpkin whole wheat pancakes on a frosty fall morning.  The secret to their fluffiness? A little bit of vinegar.

DO support your local farmers and buy apples at the orchard…

…and while there, DO pick up an apple cider donut for your mama.

It will make her happy.

DO top your salads with Red Ants On A Log (celery with Sunbutter and dried cherries).

DON’T feel silly when you squeal with delight after finding holiday teas at your local food co-op, after searching every chain grocery store with no luck.

DON’T gloat about winning some fancy protein powder from your neighborhood Everythingtarian.

DO share Holly‘s pumpkin molasses cookies with those who gave you life… albeit grudgingly.

DO cozy up to a mug of Spiced POM Cider

DO have a nice dinner at Church and Main, a sustainable restaurant that supports local farmers and uses only the freshest ingredients (and DO go home and watch Food, Inc. afterward).

DO drink local Riesling

…eat wedges of bread

DO share two appetizers with Daddy-O to maximize tastings, like these bay scallops with parsley pesto over cappelllini...

… and this spinach and arugula salad with candied almonds, parmesan and goat cheese.

DO have the pan-roasted Atlantic monk fish with creamy white beans, celery root, warm baby winter greens & roasted beets for yourslef.

DO share three desserts (warm chocolate cake with caramel sauce, gingerbread crème brulée, semolina cake with roasted apples).

And, in case you were wondering, this is a salsify root:

…this is a celery root:

… and this is a turnipDON’T worry, these aren’t sea creatures!

Do warm up for your first 6 mile run since your injury with Yoga For Runners.

DO give your knees a break and run on a track.

DO utilize the Lap function on your heart rate monitor; DON’T feel bad for taking a year to notice it.

Total distance: 6 miles
Total time: 59:54

Mile 1: 9:49
Mile 2: 9:57
Mile 3: 10:07
Mile 4: 10:14
Mile 5: 10:03
Mile 6: 9:41

Average Pace: 9:58

DO refuel with a bowl of apple cinnamon raisin oatmeal.  Microwave a diced apple, sprinkled with cinnamon, for 90 seconds. Insta-baked apple.

DO enjoy an end-of weekend bowl of Marcella Hazan’s Spinach and Rice Soup.

DO buy packaged falafel based on the brand name alone.

And most importantly, DO take advantage of your boyfriend’s absence to load up on things like Garlic Lovers Hummus and raw onion.

For an added bonus for body and soul, DO a free Lunar Flow practice before bed, with your eyes closed and the lights off.  You’ll thank yourself.

What are your most recent DOs and DON’Ts?


45 responses to “Dos and Don’ts

  1. Do read and enjoy creative and well written posts by Katie.

    Don’t forget to smile and enjoy a great week ahead! Three days until Thanksgiving…woot!

    Glad you had fun — those sea creatures — er, I mean veggies — are so crazy!

  2. DO plan a ten mile run for thanksgiving morning so you can eat tons of pie without guilt. DON’T eat all the leftover pie the day after.

  3. OMG What a fantastic post!
    DO support your local farmers and buy apples at the orchard…Love to buy local and organic when possible.

    Spinach and rice, awesome.

    Celestial- I JUST snagged a Sugar Cookie Sleigh ride TODAY!!!! after being on the hunt to 17 groc stores in Phx for the last month. No joke. Today. It was our karma to both get it today 🙂

    Your Holly protein. Nice.

    Red ants AND sunbutter…holy crap. My dream ant date.

    Thx for the lunar flow link (free) love that.


  4. New Do: Taking up baking and a new recipe every week! cute post and all that food looks great!

  5. Aww that looks like such a fun weekend with the folks. All of your eats look amazing, spiced POM cider is such a good idea!

  6. Fabulous list!

    Do let your children help cook and then enjoy the yummy Riso and brodo.

    Don’t let (them let) your dog help clean it up.
    Your photos are great.

  7. breadandwithit

    Do go back to that great restaurant.

    Do only take flattering pictures of your mother.

    Don’t forget to take time out to totally relax.

    Don’t stop taking pictures.

  8. That salsify root looks like a centipede!! =O

    I’m glad you finally found the teas!! Guess I can stop looking for them now? 😉

    ❤ ❤

  9. DO cook up a new recipe with your husband. That’ll be a good adventure right at home!

    The food looks great and fun.
    Happy Thanksgiving

    p.s- Thank you for your post 🙂

  10. Apple cider donut – drool!! They don’t sell those falafels around me but I’ve heard their great and plus, the name!!

    Do catch up with the lovely, Veggie Patch
    Don’t share your germs 🙂

  11. Love this post- looks like an awesome weekend and LOVING all the “Do’s” 😀

    My recent….
    DO experiment with different nut butters
    DO catch up with blogs in spare time
    DO make time to curl up with a good book 😀

  12. DO continue to look for seasonal teas, since apparently they do exist!

    DON’T forget to tell mom to take the tofurky out of the freezer!

    DO occasionally buy honeycrisps even though they’re expensive (because they’re so delicious).

    DON’T feel embarrassed to comment on blogs you read everyday.

  13. LOL look at all dem root veggies!! those falafel balls (BAWLS) sound amazinG! i wana try!!

    your Madre is just delightful!! I love seeing her on the bloggy!! And so sweet of you to share your cookies and get her a donut!!

    you always have amazing eats!!

    As for me:
    DO eat Indian food 3 times in 2 days.
    DONT miss reading lilveggiepatch for as long as you did before. sometimes KL should come before school work. WHAT WAS I THINKING

  14. oh my goodness gracious..vinegar in pancakes? NEVER heard of that..that is so cool tho! you and your momma are adorable.

    DO go through a jar of PB in less than one week
    DONT forget to stretch after a long run..your legs will hate you (learned that this weekend)

  15. What a fun post and a great weekend! Glad you enjoyed time with your mom and got in a great run! I wish we had local apples down in SC! For now I’m buying them as often as I can from WFs 🙂 Lovin the ants on a log in your salad and the semolina cake with roasted apples (oh my yum!)

    Do: Lots of baking before our Thanksgiving trip, Enjoy warm beverage as the weather starts to get (slightly) colder

    Don’t: Stress out over the holidays- its not worth it!

  16. Do enjoy reading new blog, Lil Veggie Patch! Excellent pics – thanks!

  17. My grandparents used to live in upstate NY. Such a lovely, lovely place, kind of sad though because quite a few towns are struggling (I spent a lot of time in the Fort Plains–Cooperstown area).

    My List
    Do: remember that cheer should always be spread, not just during the holidays
    Do: load up at Whole Foods while you can
    Do: get at least 6 hours of sleep a night
    Don’t: sweat what can’t be fixed at that moment

  18. Great post. very fun to read. That restaurant looks AMAZING!

  19. Wow!! awesome post…Id love to try a salsify root. Looks pretty cool=) MmmMM everything looks so good. Gingerbread creme brulee! Delish! Id say thats a definente Do!

  20. fallingnotflying

    This post made me hungry. Do keep on posting! 🙂

  21. That’s some crazy vegetable action

  22. wordpress knows what’s up. LVP in the hizzie!

  23. DO take advantage of living with your parents for a week and eating amazing (free) food!!!
    DO dance around your house when you’re alone to Brooks & Dunn like you haven’t done since you were 11.
    DON’T try to brew coffee in your French Press with not-hot-enough-water (ew!)
    DO practice Xmas carols on the piano!

  24. OH! And isn’t that Gingerbread Spice tea incredible?! My Mom has it, and now I’m addicted.

  25. You had the perfect weekend. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

  26. This is awesome! Especially for holiday season!

  27. LOVING the apple cinnamon oatmeal bake. Definitely one of my favorites!

    I feel like rolling up my sleeves and doing some serious baking now 🙂

  28. Hey, your article was great. Love that you push the locals. It’s a good thing and hopefully, others will support them. Your ideas and tips are super, and I truly enjoyed reading this. Thank you! And I love the rice and spinach soup. Gunna try it.

    Valentine deFrancis

  29. softballgirl78

    I love this article! I’ll have to try some of the food things you were suggesting…they looked good!

  30. GREAT idea for a blog! Thanks for sharing…


  31. (I) do feel thankful for wonderful friends such as your parents and to have a family to break bread with….

    But also, do remember the sweet potato, great for vitamins and great with fruit added….

    Do take a moment to breath on Thursday….

    Do keep writing….

    And do give love to all at your Thanksgiving table from me. sr

  32. The bay scallops look amazing. And I must admit – I’ve never actually seen a celery root before! (It looks like something from Jacques Cousteau, without the scuba gear.)

    As for the eggs in the basket, that looks good and like fun. (It was an omelette evening here… compliments of my teenager who enjoys cooking.)

    Lovely pics and great ideas. Thank you! Yes, we need to breathe, relax, and enjoy.

  33. Aren’t the Holiday tea’s the best? Can’t wait to get some myself!

    In the meantime…

    I DO enjoy a daily hot chocolate now that the weather is colder
    I Do really like this post. It’s very well done!

  34. DO take care of myself.

    DON’T overdo the activity in the freezing cold.

  35. southerngracesblog

    I DO love this post and it DOES make me smile 🙂
    and I DO wish I could have enjoyed some of the wonderfulness of your weekend with you! Especially all that yummy/pretty food and the yoga!
    Enjoy your night, my love!

  36. ah! this made me so hungry 😛

  37. hahahaha LOVE your dos and donts. your mom is too cute, and i agree – sometimes you MUST buy on brand name 🙂

    do: eat dessert at lunch…preferably two different kinds.

    don’t: drink a beer after working out and not having consumed anything for 3 hours. you will immediately feel light-headed.

    so glad you are enjoying the goods! let me know how you like the protein powder 🙂

  38. Love the idea of ants on a log on a salad!
    I think I would have done a little dance had I found those teas–I can’t find them anywhere around here!
    Have a fab Tuesday:)

  39. Yummmmm!! Love Monk Fish.

    :drool: :drools: :drooling:

  40. Do read 101cookbooks.

  41. Hmm…
    DO: Enjoy pre-Thanksgiving festivities with family and friends, particularly homemade pumpkin cakes.

    DON’T: Beat yourself up over neglecting your blog and eating the same thing for lunch almost every. single. day.

    The spinach and rice soup and the scallops look incredible. And I’m so glad you enjoyed your Eggs in a Basket that way. : )

  42. Nice Dos and Don’ts with pics. I like “Do share three dessert “!!
    Here is mine in this season: Do searching Christmas Trees in your town.

  43. (I) do feel thankful for wonderful friends such as your parents and to have a family to break bread with ….

    But also, let’s do remember the sweet potato, great for vitamins and great with fruit added….

    Do take a moment to breathe on Thursday….

    Do keep writing….

    And do give love to all at your Thanksgiving table from me. sr

  44. marvin (of melville)

    One more:
    DO tell one of your oldest and dearest friends just how amazing she is and how lucky you’ve been (and are) to have her in your life. Love you, dearest! Enjoy russia! And -one more- please DO save some gingerbread tea for DIY presents day 🙂

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