Belly Full ‘O Pasta

Evening! How was your day?  Mine was just fine, but I’m ready to crawl into bed and call it a night!

This morning when I woke up at 8:30, I panicked for a few minutes before remembering that my boss (at my internship) had canceled work for the day. I was up and ready to go, though, which things to do and people to see!

I was excited to try these goji berries with my breakfast.  I’ve only ever tasted these chopped up and mixed into other things, but when I snatched them right up when I spotted this bag on sale for $2.19 at the food co-op this weekend (they’re usually almost triple that price).  Goji berries are rich in antioxidants, and among their many benefits they are touted to improve eyesight (they’re rich in beta carotene), boost immunity, and spice up your sex life 😉

I tossed them in with Greek yogurt, 1/2 toasted Trader Joe’s Berry Mango muffin, warmed frozen berries and flaxy peanut butter. The goji berries are firm but chewy; the texture really complemented the rest of the mess.

This held me over for a really long time.  The rest of the morning was spent reading, researching, and waiting until I was digested enough to go for a run.  I warmed up with a 20 minute hip opening flow, then set out for an easy 2 mile run.

Total distance: 2 miles

Total time: 20:09

Most of my runs are going to have to be in the morning now that it’s getting dark earlier; I’ll have to crank out some long runs on the treadmill when I’m in Russia, however.  I’m a little nervous that I won’t be able (psychologically) to run 7 miles on a treadmill…. What are you tips for making it through a long treadmill session?

Lunch was pretty basic (and very green): the last of the spinach and rice soup and a crunchy salad (spinach, broccoli slaw, celery, roasted almonds; sesame oil/rice vinegar/sesame seed dressing).

My interview was at 3:30; when it was over I hopped right back onto the subway and headed home.  I had 1/3 of a Key Lime Pie Larabar on the ride back:

I found myself in one of the rare instances when I didn’t have anything to read on the subway… it was completely disorienting.  I always have a book with me (sometimes two!); I would have brought one to prom if it had fit in my clutch!  Ari calls me his word nerd.

When I got home, I went straight to the kitchen to unwind and get dinner started.  I’ve had my eye on Martha Stewart‘s recipe for Roasted Cauliflower with Pasta and Lemon Zest (in the November 2009 issue) for quite some time… a little too much time, because the head of cauliflower I’d bought in anticipation a couple weeks ago had started to mold.  But have no fear! I just sliced off the offending areas. I’m frugal, what can I say?

While slicing onion, I remembered what one of my cooking teachers always said: always cut out the middle greenish part of an onion.  I can’t quite remember why that is; I think it has something to do with it not being fully developed yet and causing stomachaches.

I was eager to try out this pasta… Nature’s Place is Hannaford grocery store’s natural, minimally processed brand.  Fresh (not dried) pasta always tastes so much better to me.

Plus, they look like little nests! Two “nests” make one serving.

When the veggies finished roasting (perfectly crispy!), it was all I could do to keep myself from eating them all right off the baking sheet.  I’d already made quite a dent in the cauliflower while I was chopping it… if I wasn’t careful, I wouldn’t have any ingredients left for dinner!

I tossed the roasted cauliflower with the pasta and added lemon zest, fresh parsley, and a drizzle of olive oil.

When it comes to parsley and other fresh herbs, I’m of the “more is more” mindset.

Lest you think this was a dainty, “ladylike” portion…

I had enough fuel to run a marathon with this baby.  Come November 6, you just might find me eating it!

There wasn’t too much room in my tum for dessert, but in the words of Tim Gunn, I made it work.  Dried figs and prunes stuffed with dark chocolate chips are so good… and they just keep me going back for more.  They kind of look like frogs, right?  I seem to have successfully eaten nuts in some form or other for every meal and snack today.

I’m off to seal my day with a lunar flow practice and hope to be in bed by 10.  I’ll make it work.

Bonne nuit 🙂

Edited to add: Kristina from Stonyfield Farm wants me to let you all know about a fun “Greek” opportunity!

“When consumers buy our quarts instead of single-serving cups, they pay less for their yogurt, but we know that a quart is not as convenient as single-serving cups for on the go consumption,” says our President and CE-Yo Gary HIrshberg. “The reusable yogurt cup gives our quart buyers the convenience of the Stonyfield 6 oz cups by providing a way to create easily transportable single servings for anywhere, anytime.”

Yogurt lovers just have to buy four Stonyfield yogurt quarts through December, and mail in the foil lids (describing this offer), and they’ll receive the reusable, eight-ounce yogurt cup made by Preserve®. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the cup is perfect for yogurt-lovers on the go, the ideal size for breakfast or a snack, with room to stir in fruit or granola. It’s dishwasher safe, BPA-free with a screw-on lid – and it’s made in the US.

Consumers will also get  $4.50 worth of Stonyfield and Preserve coupons along with the cup.

Our recycling partner since 2000, Preserve uses innovative methods to turn used materials (including used Stonyfield yogurt cups) into stylish, useful household products like toothbrushes, colanders, cutting boards and tableware. Preserve products are 100% recycled and recyclable too.

Consumers can mail clean foil lids, with name, address and phone number on an index card or 4” x 6” sheet of paper by February 28, 2010 to:

Stonyfield Farm
Reusable Cup Offer
PO Box 4840
Manchester, NH 03108-4840

Cups will be shipped starting in January, 2010 with delivery in 10 to 12 weeks. This offer is good only in the US, while cup supplies last, and is limited to one cup per household (to better spread the love around).

So save those lids!


23 responses to “Belly Full ‘O Pasta

  1. haha, food baby was worth it, dinner looks good. I tend to freak out like that when I think I’ve overslept and check to see it’s 5am, not time for work yet. 🙂

  2. southerngracesblog

    I got that email from Kristina too! That’s so cool of them!
    That pasta looks SO yummy…so do your “frogs” haha
    and I am hoping to be in bed by 10 tonight too 🙂

  3. Alternately, you can eat the mold and call it penicillin! 😉 The pasta looks gorgeous.

    I always need something to read on the subway… I never know what to do with my eyes otherwise! :p

    ❤ ❤

  4. merittothecarrot

    Mmmm.. that pasta looks divine.

    Great steal on the goji berries! Every time I even think about buying them, the +$10.00 price makes me put them right back… despite how much I want them.

    I LOVE loads of fresh basil on my dishes.. cilantro too! the more the merrier.

  5. I trained for my halfs on a treadmill and my best bet for long runs were movies on the TV or a really good playlist on the iPod!

  6. Yum, yum. Roasted veggies make my life worth living!

  7. oh my gosh..can you make me that pasta? YUMMM. dying to try goji berries!

  8. “Dried figs and prunes stuffed with dark chocolate chips”—-those look rockin! I use medjools but same diff.

    Your breakie looks epic and awesome.

    But the Martha S. people should call YOU for their magazine cover with that gorg food pic. Lovely.

    And gogi berries…never had them other than gogi berries in a powerbar or a cereal, never just alone. They sound great!

  9. Mmmm…roasted veggies!

    and i’ve never had a gogi berry…bad bad melissa. i should go out and find some to try…:D

  10. You are so healthy, you really inspire me! I’ve been eating awfully lately, and I really need to be doing better. Your breakfast looks delicious, as does everything else! And I’ve never had Goji Berries, isn’t that awful? I need to try them, asap!

  11. Beautiful pasta…and I love that spinach and rice soup! It looks so comforting!

    I’ve tried goji juice before…not really a fan…I wonder how the berries taste like?

  12. Yum, your spaghetti dish looks fantastic! Fresh pasta always makes the meal.

    Thanks for the info on the goji berries, particularly the last part;)

  13. Hehe, the date snacks are cute 😀

  14. Aww, your dessert dates and prunes are so cute 😀

    I love cauliflower but usually just use it as a side dish- look great with pasta 😀

  15. wow, I don’t think I’d be able to make it 7 miles on a treadmill! The most I’ve ever done is 5, and that was with good TV on the entire time. TV is crucial for me not getting bored on the treadmill!

  16. Woohoo goji berries!! 😉

    Those roasted veggies look so tasty! I agree 100% with the fresh pasta, it tastes so much better. Definitely worth it! Good luck with your 7 miles! You can do it!!

  17. Your dinner looks amazing…your a fabulous cook!! I have been loving dishes with cauliflower in them lately. I hope your interview went well!!! goodluck w/ your run! and don’t feel alone with the book thing, i freak out if i’m somewhere w/o a book!… shame! I hope you have a great day! And I love your blog btw i’ve just never commented before!

  18. Goji berries are delicious! I didnt know all those cool facts about them though. Good to know!!

    Those frogs are cute. Ha! mmMM..I’d eat them all though, they look delicious. Figs and chocolate are such a great combo.
    That pasta dish looks fantastic too!

    So I do a lot of long distance training and I tend to save a lot of planning while working out. It sounds weird, but I concentrate first of getting into my ideal heart rate zone, then once I get there I get a good pace going and zone out! I tend to think of things like what I’m going to get people for Christmas, cool menu ideas, stuff I need to do yet…etc..etc…I actually get alot of stuff planned out while I work out! Sounds dorky but it works for me and makes the time fly!

    Also, having some fun music really helps the time go fast too. Good luck!!

  19. ahhhh fresh pasta, goji berries, larabars and more…in love with all this food.

    have a great day girl!

  20. OMG fantastically beautiful eats!!! Love all of them!!!

  21. I luurrrrvvvee roasted cauliflower, but I have never tried it with capers before, although I know its kind of a classic combo.

    I love your little dried fruit desserts. They are so cute I cannot help but smile when I look at them 😀

  22. that pasta looks amazing! i’ve never had the fresh kind- blasphemy, i know

    cute dessert 🙂

  23. word nerds unite! i did bring a book to prom… the plague, of all things! love the pasta!

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