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A “Quick Meal”- Themed Day

Good evening, Upper East Siders!  How are you? I’m taking a little work break to blog and catch up on my Gossip.

Last night, after we got back from the wedding, I hunkered down to do some reading and prepare for my interviews.  All of that brain stimulation must have shot my metabolism into overdrive, because only a couples hours after dinner,  my tum was a-grumblin’ something fierce! I thought I might just be thirsty, but that didn’t seem to be it.  Finally, I put down my book and headed into the kitchen to make a bowl of Kashi GoLean and Smart Start. Problem solved!

This morning, I woke up bright and early to see Ari off.  As I mentioned, he’s going Vigilante through December, and had to leave at 7:30 this morning.  I tried to go back to sleep, but my mind was already up and ready to go.  I had to be at physical therapy at 10 anyway, so I just got up and made breakfast.

Taking Jess‘s advice, I heated up half of a Trader Joe’s Berry Mango Bran Muffin, crumbled it up, and tossed in on top of 0% Fage with some warmed frozen berries and a scoop of flaxy PB.  I really like this peanut butter, by the way.   It’s both crackly and crunchy and adds great texture!

Quite the mess!

My therapy session went well… I still have a lot of tightness in pretty much each muscle in my legs, so I have to keep working on that.  Repeat after me: yoga, rolling and stretching, okay!  When I got back, I briefly chatted with the guest who is staying with us, made myself an apple-cinnamon snack, and retreated to my room to be interviewed (via phone) with the HR department for the company I’m interviewing with.

It shaped up to be one of those days where I was constantly hungry, so I made something as soon as the clock showed that it was even remotely close to lunchtime.  Ellie reminded me yesterday about the beauty of the crack wrap, so I made one with a whole wheat wrap, three-layer hummus, and a slice of Jarlsberg cheese.

I ate it with half a can of Progresso’s Fat Free Lentil soup.   This isn’t the tastiest of the canned variety, but I had a hankering for soup.  I’ll definitely be making my own in the near future!

Finished up the meal with a piece of salt water taffy for a sweet end.

I’ve been searching in vain for the seasonal Celestial Seasonings teas (like Sugar Cookie and Gingerbread)… any New Yorkers know where I can track it down?  I settled on a cup of Sweet Coconut Thai Chai, which was a good substitute…

…but it knocked me right out!  Ari caught me snoozing at 5PM when he woke me up with a phone call.  Whoops! I snacked on some carrots to perk me back up…

… then did Yoga Download‘s Hip Opening Flow #2.  I have trouble practicing yoga for more than 20 minutes when I’m not in class… does anyone have tips for staying in the moment? Turning off my phone would probably be a good start!

I heated up some leftover Coconut Barley Pilaf and made a quick salad with kale, broccoli slaw, grape tomatoes, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar.

Honestly, as much as I love my fancy salad dressings, I could probably make a sesame vinaigrette every night and be happy.  It’s simple, but so delicious.  I don’t even use measurements or mix anything together… the vinegar and oil just get drizzled on.

I made another quick dessert, starting with a tri-flavored chocolate sauce using Pure Dark cardamom chocolate, semisweet and bittersweet chocolate chips.

I added a few drops of water, microwaved the bowl for 35 seconds, then mixed in some Brown Sugar ice cream.

And thus concludes another day’s passing without having spent a single extra dollar on food.  I’m going to have to buy some fresh produce soon, as we’re running low on fruit and vegetables, but otherwise the kitchen is pretty stocked.  It’s a satisfying feeling.

Back to work… it’s going to be a late night.  Bonne nuit 🙂


These Glutes of Mine

Good morning and happy Friday!  Are everyone’s Halloween plans cemented?  I’d love to hear what you’re all doing!  Dressing up? Going to a party? Last year my roommate and I had a party, and even though I hopped around on crutches the whole time, it was a lot of fun! The year before was my first year having real trick-or-treaters, and it was so much fun! I lived on “Halloween Street,” and over 700 kids came by that night.  We had to make multiple trips to the grocery store, and even gave away some of our own treats!  I grew up living in an apartment, and while some kids do go trick-or-treating in apartment buildings (I used to go to a really big building, and always came home with a lot of candy!), ours never had too many kids so no one came by.

Yesterday when I woke up I was craving cereal.   Cold and filling, I made a big bowl with Kashi GoLean, Smart Start, granola, a banana, and skim milk.

Cereal w/ Banana and Milk

I didn’t have too much time to waste in the morning because I had physical therapy at 1:30, but I got some things done.   I broke for a quick and easy lunch: leftover Roasted Corn Pudding in Kabocha Squash, a grapefruit, and Trader Joe’s Nonfat Vanilla Greek Yogurt. It was a little random, but it hit the spot.


My appointment went well! Allison gave me a few exercises that I can do on my own while I’m in bed, and as a result, my side glutes have been so sore the past two days!  The foam roller feels unbelievable.   She wants me to wait until next week to try running; in the meantime I can use the elliptical (which I am brainwashing myself into “liking”).  My next appointment isn’t until Tuesday, so I have some time to work on the moves.

I snacked on a Honey Cashew YouBar on the way to the gym from PT.  There will be a formal review of these products coming in the next few days, but  until then, you can use the code Lilveggiepatch for a 5% discount at checkout.

Honey Cashew YouBar

At the gym, I stretched, climbed onto the Cross Ramp, cranked up the Gaga, and pounded away for 30 minutes.  I like the Cross Ramp more than the elliptical because, judging from the statistics on my heart rate monitor, it’s almost as “efficient” as running and about twice as efficient as the recumbent bike.   I cheated a little and started my cool down after 27 minutes… it’s entirely psychological, but I really hate staying on that thing after my time is up! I went uptown, showered, and rolled out on my dad’s foam roller.  I’m going to be near Paragon today so I’ll pick up my own; Allison wants me to use it not only to loosen my muscles but for balancing ab exercises.

I snacked on a Jonagold apple from the orchard upstate… I used the honeybear for scaling purposes.  Hugely delicious!

Hugely Delicious Jonagold

My mom and I went to a reading last night at The Center for Fiction (formerly known as The Mercantile Library).  It’s a really nice space; the first floor is a great bookstore, and the second houses a membership library and readings.  If it wasn’t so out of the way, I would certainly join! I love going to the library; as soon as I finish the book I’m reading now, I’m going to check out some new titles at the NYPL.  Now, if only there were a lending library for clothes…

My dad made us a delicious dinner last night based around salmon steaks he picked up at Bouley Market.  The fish is the same that is served in his restaurants, but he sells it to go at a really great price.  Good to know! Maybe I can upgrade from my Trader Joe’s frozen salmon patties…

We snacked on crudités…


And ate avocado halves with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sea salt & pepper

Avocado Vinaigrette

Cajun-rubbed salmon, steamed swiss chard & brown rice

Salmon, Chard & rice

… and drank big mugs of milk.


We had a dessert tasting with LaLoo Black Mission Fig Goat Milk ice cream and Bouley‘s fresh Rhubarb Sorbet.  They complemented each other perfectly.

Ice Cream Tasting

When I got home, Ari and I watched part of I’m Not There.  Has anyone else seen it? It came out while I was in France, and I’ve never seen the whole thing all the way through.  A lot of my favorites starred in the film, which I’d support even if it weren’t about Bob Dylan.

Well, I’m off to squeeze in glute-rolling some gym time before I meet George for lunch.  Have a great day!

Making Moves

Shari wanted me to let you know about the correct way to eat what I’ve referred to as “fruit-on-the-bottom” Chobani:

[D]on’t stir…take your spoon straight down through the yogurt and pull some fruit up with the yogurt.  I at first was reluctant…but then I said “oh what the heck…”  I won’t stir my yogurt ever again….  It completely changes the dynamics of the yogurt.

I tried it out, plunging my spoon directly into a Blueberry Chobani.

Plunging Spoon in Chobani

Very smooth and very creamy!

Creamy Chobani

What do you do when you can’t decide what to have for breakfast? Have it all! I threw quite a few ingredients into my bowl.

Breakfast Mess

I warmed some frozen strawberries, sliced up half a banana, grabbed a handful (or two!) of Puffins, and scooped a generous spoonful of almond butter.

Breakfast Mess 2

It mixed wonderfully with the yogurt.

Breakfast Mess 3

The rest of the morning was spent reading in bed in total coziness, taken in the aroma of scented candles.  In the past few days I’ve taken quite a few baths and burned through a lot of candles.  It’s not so great for the environment, but I figure I’m just making up for the baths I didn’t take in the dorm bathrooms in college.  Mid-morning, I snacked on a crisp Macoun apple.

Momofuku Apple .

Caitlin came over for lunch, and I heated up some leftover Smoky Greens & Beans.  This time, I added in pieces of seitan.  The physical therapist told me that since I’m going to be trying to build up muscle and heal myself, I’m going to need eat a LOT of protein. Each serving of seitan packs a whopping 18g! This was Caitlin’s first time eating it, and I think it was a hit! We ate the stew with warmed up pieces of lavash.

Smoky Greens & beans

After lunch, we headed to Starbucks to get coffee and read. I couldn’t remember exactly what went into a dirty hippie… where was Luke when I needed him?!  I ended up just getting a Double Grande Skim Chai.  There’s always next time!

Double Grande Skim Chai

We ended up doing more talking than studying, but it was needed! I hadn’t seen this girl in three weeks.  When I got home, I started dinner by peeling and cubing a sweet potato.  I covered the cubes in a little olive oil, salt & pepper, an baked it at 400.  About 20 minutes into the baking time, I added pressed and cubed tofu to the mix, making sure to coat the pieces in the extra oil mixture that covered the bottom of the baking dish.  10 minutes later I removed the sweet potato, and baked the tofu for 15 minutes longer.

Baked Tofu & Sweet Potato

I added the sweet potato and tofu to a bed of spinach with a white heirloom tomato, pomegranate seeds, and a little gorgonzola cheese.  Aren’t the colors lovely?

Fall Salad

Using pear-infused vinegar, pomegranate molasses, olive oil, sea salt & pepper, I whipped up a light dressing.

Fall Salad Dressing

This was one of the best salads I’ve had in a long time, and felt perfect for a chilly Fall night.

Fall Salad 2

Fall Salad 3 Fall Salad 4

After dinner, I went downtown to meet Lauryn for frozen yogurt at Red Mango.   She moved to Manhattan over a month ago, but we seem to be operating under completely opposite schedules and this is the first day it worked out.   I’m so glad it did!


We both ended up ordering the pumpkin frozen yogurt (tart and creamy, and perfect for Fall!) even though it was fuh-REEZING out and were were sitting right in front of the door.  It came with free graham cracker topping, too! I’ve never been one to turn down a freebie…

Red Mango Pumpkin

We ended up talking non-stop for three hours, and literally closed the Red Mango down.  Couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday night!  I ended up getting home after 1, by which point I was already hungry again and ate a giant apple.  I didn’t go to bed until after 2… I need to find a job ASAP because this rando schedule just ain’t doing it for me.

Well, I’m off to go meet my little red-headed friend for dinner.  Hope you’re having a great night!

Girl’s Night at Quantum Leap

Hey there, and happy weekend!  Life has gotten in the way, yet again, of my regular posting schedule.  I think once I’m settled in a routine it’ll get back to normal, but until then, I’ve just got to learn to be flexible and go with the flow.  I’ve got a great giveaway in store for you to supplement your already fabulous days, so keep reading!

Yesterday I was in the mood for something a little different for breakfast, so I made a HUGE cereal bowl… the picture doesn’t do the size justice, so trust me on this one! I mixed Kashi GoLean, some kind of raisin bran, and granola, topped it all with banana, and added a generous portion of skim milk.

Cereal & banana

I had an errand to run in the city, and took the most roundabout route getting there.  I rode four trains, when I’m pretty sure I would have been fine on two! It’s a little embarrassing that I’ve lived here my entire life and still have the worst sense of direction and navigation. I packed my lunch to go (salad with romaine, carrots, broccoli, Morningstar Farms Black Bean Burger & TJ’s three-layer hummus).

Lunch to go

I also brought an apple and a peach-flavored Chobani yogurt.

Apple & peach Chobani

I ended up eating while standing on the corner of Canal & Lafayette… since when did eating a meal on a crowded city street become the norm for me?

Salad on Canal

Again, I found myself close to the gym with my heavy gym bag, but all I wanted to do was go home and take a nap.  So that is just what I did.  When I woke up, I snacked on a Ginger Snap Larabar, said hi to this guy…

Ginger Snap Larabar

…before heading into the city to meet some lovely blogettes at Quantum Leap.  I was a little late when I got there, but immediately felt right at home with Missy, Elise, Marina, Ada, Olga, and Megan and had a great time chatting with everyone.  Ada and I ordered the same Tofu & Veggie Salad:

Quantum Leap Tofu Veggie Salad 1

This came with marinated vegetables, grilled tofu, bean salad & tahini cole slaw, with balsamic and carrot-miso dressing on the side.

Quantum Leap Tofu Veggie Salad 2

To be perfectly honest, this salad just didn’t do it for me.  There were only three small pieces of tofu, and I didn’t find the vegetables to be particularly flavorful.  Strangely, it filled me up pretty fast and I only ate about half of the salad.  Everyone else’s food looked pretty good, though, so I do want to go back to Quantum Leap to try out some other things.

Blog Dinner

Poor Ellie organized the whole event and ended up hurting her back and hip and spending the day in the ER!  She was greatly missed.

Most of the girls went out for ice cream afterward, but I left to meet Ari and go to a housewarming party in Williamsburg.  We didn’t stay very long (“We just want to warm the house, not make it too toasty,” said Ari) and I had about half of a vodka-soda.  When we got home, we dug into the brownies from Liz.  I had one Cookies & Cream brownie and half of a Chocolate one.

Brownies & wine

I also had a sip of wine, but I wasn’t feeling the alcohol… I really just wanted to go to sleep! Yes, I’m turning into a bit of a ninny, but so be it 😀  I took the day off from exercising yesterday and haven’t done anything physical yet today (other than cleaning).  When I skip one day, it’s always pretty difficult for me to go the next.  I don’t want to do anything too strenuous that would ruin my race game tomorrow, but I think an easy two miles should be fine.  We’ll see.  It’s turning out to be a very lazy day here at LVP headquarters!

And now for the giveaway! Chobani has graciously offered to send one lucky reader a case of Greek yogurt. To, simply comment on this post.  For an extra entry, link back on your blog (if you have one), or post the contest on Twitter and leave another comment to let me know you did.  Contest ends Monday October 12 at 10 PM EST.  Good luck!

NaCl + YOU: Salt & the Athlete’s Body

Over the past few weeks, I have been craving salt.   I’m careful about the amount of sodium I take in from packaged foods, but I’ve never been too concerned with table salt, one way or the other.  (In fact, only 10% of sodium found in packaged food occurs naturally; it’s okay to use real salt!)  Recently, however, it’s been going on everything from my salad bar meals at Whole Foods to a scoop of peanut butter on my oatmeal.  Sunday night, I caught myself doing the unthinkable:  salting the butter on my bread! My dad and I have poked endless fun at my mother for requesting salt for her butter when we are out to eat.  Well, looks like they’ll have to bring some for me, too.   I brought this up to my dad, who immediately thought it was because I’ve been running almost every day, and for longer distances that I’ve been used to in the past.

I’ve been investigating salt intake and the athlete’s body, and found a very helpful response to a runner’s concern about sodium on the Runner’s World website.

The National Academy of Sciences, the government organization responsible for setting nutrient-intake guidelines, recently lowered the daily recommended intake of sodium from 2,400 milligrams (mg) to 1,500 mg-or about 2/3 of a teaspoon of salt per day. The reason: Diets high in sodium have been linked to high blood pressure.

But the Academy’s new recommendation was designed with sedentary folks in mind and may not be sufficient to replace the sodium losses of many runners. During an hour of running, most of us lose about 1,200 mg of sodium. Combine this with the rest of your daily sodium losses (through sweat and urine) and the new recommendation could fall short. Low sodium levels can cause dizziness, low blood pressure, and an abnormal heartbeat.

How much salt is safe for runners? Up to 3,000 mg of sodium per day should adequately replace the sodium lost through an active lifestyle. Keep in mind that most of us easily take in this amount simply by eating processed foods (salt is almost always added during processing), drinking sports drinks, and salting foods while cooking. So there’s no need to go out of your way to add salt to your diet. And if you have high blood pressure or other health concerns, your doctor may still advise you to limit your salt intake even if you are a runner.

I’ve often found myself feeling faint after long runs, even after I’ve more than adequately re-hydrated with water.  Could a little salt be the solution? In their July 2009 issue, Runner’s World has a list of various pre- and post-run beverage options.  They list vegetable juice as an option for runners who crave salt after runs… remember when I was on my carrot juice kick and deemed it my recovery drink of choice?  I guess my body enjoyed its benefits as much as my taste buds!

I did not have a hydration or sodium problem yesterday, as I was more or less sedentary for the entire day.  At 10 in the morning, I walked to the mailbox, and at 10 at night, I took out the trash and went across the street to the diner.  With half a heart, I did 8-minute abs, but even my tummy seemed a little zoznked.  Oh, to be unemployed!

When I woke up, I quickly came to the sad realization that all of my homemade almond milk had gone bad.  I’m out of almonds at the moment, so it’ll be a while before I make a fresh batch.  I rooted around my stash(es) of goodies. (Yes, I admit it: I hoard food in the closet.  I’ve already taken over more than an entire shelf in the pantry and the refrigerator is filled with my things, so rather than be that obnoxious roommate, the closet it is!)  Out came a sample of Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, which I’ve had back there for several months.

Kashi Honey Sunshine

I ended up pulling together a pretty random breakfast… Greek yogurt, (salted) peanut butter, Honey Sunshine, a peach, and cinnamon.

Yogurt Cereal Fruit mess

I wasn’t a huge fan of this cereal. It was very sweet, and reminded me a lot of Cap’n Crunch.  Not that there’s anything wrong with sugary cereal, but I prefer to eat those as snacks or dessert and enjoy something a little heartier in the morning.

In between housework, chores, and applying for jobs, I grabbed some chunks of energy to keep me awake.

Chunks of Energy

Lunch was an “everything but the kitchen sink” type of salad so I could use up some ingredients that are on the cusp of going bad.

Kitchen Sink Salad #1

I topped the last of the sprout salad with an egg over medium (microwaved for 30 seconds), corn, edamame, feta, hummus, and beets.

Kitchen Sink Salad #2

I think I must have overdone it on beets; I’ve eaten them so often since summer started that the last few times I’ve had them they’ve made me gag.  Mr. Beet, we need to spend some time apart.  It’s you.

My Edible Arrangement provided a festive lunch dessert; we’ve eaten everything except some chocolate-covered strawberries, which will probably make an appearance at breakfast soon.

Edible Arrangements

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to stay awake finishing my book, during which I snacked on an apple with cinnamon.

Apple w/ Cinnamon

I got dinner almost entirely ready, but at the last minute Josh and I decided to go to the diner.  I knew Tuesday was going to be a late-ish night, so at least dinner would be all prepped and I’d be able to eat as soon as I got home.  Josh and I both ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna Wrap w/ Whole Wheat Chips, wasabi aioli on the side. The chips were deep-fried and a little greasy, so I only ate a couple.

Ahi Tuna Wrap

The sandwich came with a mixed-green salad, which I enjoyed…  I haven’t been very good about eating dark green veggies lately.

Side Salad

When we got home, I tore into the last cupcake.

Billy's Bakery Pumpkin Cupcake #1

Do you even have to guess the flavor? My oh my, do I love pumpkin.

Billy's Bakery Pumpkin Cupcake #2

Well kiddos, Ari is almost home and I have to get Green Lantern all queued up for his arrival.  Yep, we’re big dorks 🙂  Before I say goodnight, I have an important question for you: what do you think about the F.T.C.’s ruling that blog writers must disclose their connection with companies whose products they review? I’m still mulling that one over, but it was a hot topic in the office at my internship today.

Bonne nuit!

Ari is awesome.

I asked Ari what this post should be titled, and this is what he deemed to be appropriate.

Good afternoon!  I hope your day is off to a great start… I woke up thinking it was Saturday!  I slept in this morning, which was glorious.  Not too much on the agenda for today, which is A-OK with me 😉

Yesterday was slated to be a long run day, so I woke up, guzzled some coffee, and fueled up with half a Dulce de Leche Luna Bar.

Pre-Run Luna

I stuffed some gummies into the little pocket of my shorts (which left me a tad sticky)…

Mid-run gummies

I finally made a new playlist… the No Doubt song has been in my head for the better part of this week.

6.4 playlist

The run was fine… again, I just felt sleepy.  I think, for me, running distances is going to end up being more of a psychological challenge.  Obviously the physical aspects are also great, and every time I go out for a run I hope so hard that it won’t be the day that something goes wrong again.   The only thing that went “wrong” today was that my heart rate monitor didn’t register my actual heart rate

Total distance: 6.4 miles

Total time: 1:07:55

I’m not sure if I should be concerned that I haven’t been increasing my speed for these long runs… and it’ll probably be time for me to increase my distance again soon, too.   I just signed up for my first 10K a couple minutes ago- it’s next WEEK- so I’m going to have to start working on this!

My “training schedule” is a little weak, since I only have 8 days, but here’s what it looks like, which I made on the Runner’s World website:

training schedule

When I got back from my run, I made another excellent fall smoothie: Cherry Pumpkin Pie.

Fall Smoothie #2

I made this using frozen cherries, canned pumpkin pie mix, homemade almond milk, cinnamon and nutmeg, and topped it with a little GoLean & granola.  After breakfast and a bunch of puttering around, I packed up my portable lunch.  I wanted to use up all the leftovers, which, combined, made for an… interesting salad:

Leftovers Salad

The bottom layer was covered with sprouts, topped with corn & edamame salad and beets; the small compartment had leftover fish and a few noodles.  Some things, shall we say, do not taste great the morning after.

Leftovers Salad 2

On the subway, I snacked on some TJ’s dried fruit. Balls to the wall, as my lady would say.

Michelle & Dried Passion Fruit

My dad had told me about a DMV that expedites all of their services, so luckily I was in and out (with a new picture!) in 20 minutes.  Must be some kind of record.  It was starting to rain, so I went into Starbucks and bought a Tall Skim Chai so that I could eat my lunch without getting drenched.

Lunch @ Starbucks

After taking a few minutes to read and decompress, I skedaddled along to an informational interview, then picked up a few books.  The first was a beautiful collection of poems by my friend and former professor, Kristin Naca.

Bird Eating Bird

The second was A Race Like No Other, to motivate and inspire.

A Race Like No Other

Then, in the spirit of racing, I rushed home to see my traveling musician, who has spent the last three weeks on his own kind of race, driving back and forth across the country with Blink 182 and the All American Rejects.

We grabbed some friends and went for dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant.  I was still pretty full from lunch, so I only ate a little of my Massaman Curry with shrimp (with unpictured rice) and took the rest home.

Massaman Curry

A little while after we got home, however, I was hungry again, and dug right back into the take-out container 😀  Ari and I went separate ways for dessert; I had a Double Chocolate Dream Vitamuffin with frozen cherries, Greek yogurt, and homemade almond milk.

Vita/Yog/Cherry/Almond Milk

Ari had Saltines with Nutella & peanut butter.

Ari w/ nutella & PB

Nutella is made with skim milk, hazelnuts (healthy fat), and chocolate (antioxidants), so it’s practically a health food!

Saltines w/ Nutella & Peanut Butter

We had a little Domaine Lalande Pinot Noir (a gift from Howard on my last day of work), and watched Grey Gardens, which Caitlin had recommended.

Pinot Noir

It was a great night… I’m so happy he’s back!

I’m off to go cross-train, as my training schedule recommends.  What are your plans for the weekend? Enjoy it!

Bum Run

Good morning and happy Tuesday! How are you today? Did you sleep well?  I got home around 12:30 last night and collapsed into bed, snuggled up against the (clean) laundry. Whoops!

Yesterday I felt like something different so I made a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  I had Puffins, GoLean, and a banana with skim.

Puffins, Kashi GoLean!, Banana

I worked all morning, and snacked on frozen berries and bee pollen.

Mixed Berries & Bee Pollen

By the time I finished my reading it was, as I’d suspected, to late to go to yoga.  I decided to go for  a run instead, which was a big mistake. From Step 1, my body felt heavy, my legs clunky.  My stomach started to growl, and new stitches kept popping up all over my  front.  My shoulders hurt.  My body just did not want to run. I should have listened to it and turned back immediately, but I didn’t want to “fail” so I kept pushing through.  I stopped a couple times: first for traffic, then to fix my headband, then to fix a stitch.  You get the picture.  It was not a good run. Finally, I got so frustrated and annoyed that I just turned off my watch and walked the rest of the way home… I was already only two blocks away from home (on the way back), so I ended up running 4 out of the 4.4 miles I’d set out to do.  Oh well.  Moral of the story?  Just as not all meals can be great, neither can all runs.  It doesn’t mean I’m a failure, or not a “real” runner, or anything else that sounds completely catastrophic. It just worries me because it’s about time to start increasing my mileage; I’m still planning to do that on Thursday.  We’ll see.

I came home famished.  I rooted around in the fridge, and found half a jalepeño.


I chopped it up and added it to my Sunday leftovers, and topped it all with asiago cheese.  It was a huge meal, but I wanted something big to get me through my wait shift.

Leftovers for Lunch

On my way out the door, I grabbed some grapes and ate them on the subway.


I snacked on Organic Wheat Grass (Amazing Grass) and a Chery Cashew PURE bar at work (I didn’t eat the apple).

Work snack

I really like this PURE flavor… I reviewed it once before and I think I liked it even better this time.  Nom.

Work was fine… we got a little busy and we were two instead of three on the floor, so we made a little more money.  Dinner, however, is what made the night worth it.  There was a mistake in the kitchen, so there was a piece of lightly grilled salmon under my salad!  The rest of the salad was mixed greens, beets, tomato, a sliver of avocado, and walnuts. It was so good.  I really don’t think I could have made a better meal at home… this was just what I wanted.

Dinner Salad

I’d planned on having dessert when I got home, but I was too tired.  Instead, I slathered up my legs with Bengay and got into bed.  Um, not the best idea.  I love how Bengay feels, but that icy hot goodness kept me awake! Whoops.

Off to my internship.  Have a great day!