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Transportable Salads and Build-Me-Up Blondies

Good morning and happy almost-weekend! I’ve already had a completely satisfying day thus far, and it’s only 11:45! But, alas, that is a story for another day.  That day would be tomorrow. Hehe 🙂

To be perfectly honest, I can barely remember yesterday! Thank heavens for food photography.  I started the morning with a nutritious breakfast, brought to you by Mr. Golden Corn VitaTop.

Golden Corn VitaTop Package

Golden Corn Vitatop Nutrition

Golden Corn VitaTop

I crumbled him up and sprinkled him between layers of Fage 0% (finally caved and splurged) and a red plum.  I have a feeling the last weeks of summer fruit are upon us!

Vita/Plum/Fage parfait

The rest of the morning was spent folding laundry and cleaning.  Although it was fun while it lasted, it was time for my surrogate Laundry Boyfriend to go.

Mid-clean, I stopped for an Amazing Grass-1/2 banana-PB shake:

Amazing Grass shake

Then I packed up my lunch and scooted into the city, just in time for my Vinyasa class.  I was in the right class this time, and my muscles were very happy about it.  The class kicked my butt… for some reason, no matter how much strength training I do, my arms never seem strong enough! I fell over in Crow again, but I laughed it off and promised myself that one day, however far away that day may be, I will be able to do it.

After yoga, I was more than ready for lunch.  It was cold and windy outside, so in the spirit of all things “Vigilante“, I unpacked the items I’d brought…

Black-eyed peas, tomatoes, sprouts, carrots, and hummus:

Hummus, black-eyed peas, sprouts & carrots

1 heart of romaine:

bagged romaine

Strawberry Oikos:

strawberry oikos

I assembled my salad:

Vigilante Salad

I only looked a little bit guilty while I ate 😉

Vigilante Lunch

Edible magazines are promoting Terry Walters’ Clean Food book (which I really need to check out) in such an innovative way… with basil seeds! What a great idea.  I just have to find a place to plant them that gets enough sunlight!

Edible/ Clean Food basil seeds

After lunch, I wandered aimlessly for a bit to kill some time before work.  Things have gotten a little crazy for me recently, and I’ve found myself to be… more emotional than I usually am.  It’s a difficult time for all post-grads (and everyone else!); I’m just trying to find ways to tackle and take charge of it.  This blondie (from the Union Square Farmer’s Market) helped.

Farmer's Market Blondie

It was very heavy, but the sugar and butter made me feel better.  There’s a lot to be said for comfort food!

Blondie Insides

I sat on a stoop (one of my favorite things to do in the city) and traveled back to 1960s Paris

Amazing Grass & Julia

I drank the wheat grass at work, mixed with water and a squirt of fresh- squeezed OJ.

The restaurant was pretty dead last night, and since I was closing, the clock seemed to move unbearably slowly.   I was anticipating my 6 mile run in the morning, and all I wanted to do was get in bed and go to sleep.

Dinner was a lovely salad: mixed greens with tomatoes, red pepper, celery, walnuts, and… grilled shrimp. Muy bien!

Dinner Salad

I ate an apple on the way out the door…

Post-work apple

… and decided to splurge on a cab.  I’ve finally figured out the fastest and cheapest route home, and in terms of time and safety, is really worth spending the money on when it’s late.  I was in bed at 12:45, and although my mind raced just thinking about my long run, I fell right to sleep.

I’m on a strict time budget today, so please forgive my good-blog-friend tardiness.  Have a great day!


(2) Dinner(s) for 1

Good morning and happy Friday!  The weather is pretty shoddy over here, and going outside is not sounding so appealing right now! I don’t have work today so I slept in, but honestly a few more hours under the covers sounds heavenly.

Yesterday breakfast was based around a BlueBran VitaTop.

BlueBran Vitatop Package

BlueBran Vitatop Nutritionals

BlueBran VitaTop

I crumbled it up and topped it with one banana, one apple, and almond walnut milk.

BlueBran Vita, Banana, Apple, Walnut/Almond Milk

After catching up on some reading and letting breakfast digest, I head out on a 4.5 mile run.   The first 20 minutes or so were really slow… I was still very sore from Buff Yoga and didn’t want to convince myself that turning around and going home was a better idea. I also had to stop for more traffic than usual, so the run itself wasn’t so fluid. Still, I powered through, and got my mileage in.

Total distance: 4.5 miles

Total time: 45:40 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 187 (94%)

Average heart rate: 174 (87%)

Calories burned: 520

Since my race is on Sunday, I’m not going to run today or tomorrow.  I’m hoping to do some light yoga at home, but I really don’t put any strain on my legs that would hurt my performance at the race.  The September issue of Runner’s World has an article specifically catered to 5K races, whatever your level, and Caitlin wrote a really useful post about pre-race tapering.

I came back and had a bowl of TJ’s low sodium minestrone soup (with added Bragg’s and Sriracha) and a big salad with hummus, spinach, mashed curried tofu & Annie’s Light Gingerly Vinaigrette.

Soup and Salad

I went to the guitar store with Ari in Brooklyn, then went into the city to get a snack before work.   I popped into Bonobo’s and got a Coco Maltfresh young coconut water and meat blended with raw organic mesquite fruit.

Bonobo's Coco Malt

Uh-MA-zing!  I also spied these Coco Chews on the counter and somehow they ended up coming home with me, too.  I can’t help it… I’ve recently become addicted to coconut! I didn’t used to like it AT ALL.

Bonobo's Coco Chews

I went to work, but it was so slow that after three hours I packed up my $6 and went home.  Although I took my salad to go, I picked up a brown rice rainbow roll on the way to the subway just in case the salad was a little flimsy.

Brown Rice Rainbow Roll

I really should have peeked in the container first, because Gregoria made my favorite salad: mixed greens with apples, carrots, red peppers, goat cheese, and GRILLED SHRIMP!

Dinner Salad w/ Apples, Goat Cheese & Shrimp

So I ate both.  Yes, two full dinners… left me feeling a little too full, but with enough room to chow down on this organic “nutella” bar that I brought back from Germany. Yum!

German Nutella Nougat Bar

Well, off to shower and meet up with my lovely for lunch.  Have a great weekend!


Good evening! Sorry for the delayed post… today has been veeeeery long but very productive!

This morning, Ari and I woke up and bounded over to the diner. Well, one of us bounded.  The other looked like this:


I ordered my standard egg white omelet with spinach, feta, tomato, mushrooms and spinach.


For some reason I wasn’t as hungry as usual, so although I wolfed down all of the omelet (ketchup and all), I had less than half of the dry toast.


After doing a little work around the house, I went out for a quick jog.  I ran for a little over two miles and listened to Bon Iver.  I love this album, but I really need new music.

Total time: 22:56 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 198 (100%)

Average heart rate: 180 (90%)

Calories burned: 281

I stuffed some cash into the little pocket in my shorts so I wouldn’t have to go back home before I picked up my groceries. Yeah, I was a sweaty mess and probably really grossed out the clerk at the bodega, but this is New York, after all, and I’m sure she’s seen worse.

Remember Raw Wednesday? I’ve never been very good at keeping up with it, but today I was feeling feisty. I’ve been lusting after Gena’s Raw Peanut Noodles ever since she posted the recipe, and decided today was the day to do it. I’ve noticed several similar creations on some fabulous blogista’s pages, and now I see why!

Check out this mondo carrot I found at the store! (And check out the even hotter sweat-smeared grocery list on the back of my hand.)


I subbed agave for maple syrup and added yellow peppers to the mix…


Holy. Freaking. Yum.


Unfortunately I don’t have a spiralizer (or even a vegetable peeler, for that matter) and had to chop everything by hand.  By the time it was all prepared, I had to hustle out the door and ended up eating it on the subway.  Yes, I’m that girl who eats messy foods in public places.  So sue me!


I had an apple for dessert.


Needless to say, my tummy was feeling that fiber burn. But it was a good burn.

I kept up with the veggies and had a big salad for dinner after my shift.  This one had mixed greens, avocado, beets, walnuts, and goat cheese.


After work I went out for a drink with some friends, stayed for 10 minutes (not very nice of me, but I was taaaard), and went to bed.

That’s all, folks. Tomorrow will be more interesting, I promise.  Hope you had a great Thursday. Bonne nuit 🙂

Pitter-Patter Goes My Heart

Once again, I am blown away by how sweet you all are.  Thanks so much for being so nice and understanding, and sticking with me even though I’m not always able to give you my 100%.  You make me blush!

Yesterday I overslept my alarm by TWO HOURS, so I was very happy to have followed my rules and prepared a breakfast cookie the night before.


  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 2 T skim milk
  • 1 T PB2
  • 2 strawberries (topping)

Reading furiously must make burn more calories, because I was a hungry girl all morning! A couple hours after breakfast, I had a cup of TJ’s Organic Nonfat Greek Honey Yogurt.


An hour or so later, I had a Golden Delicious apple:


I finally finished my work around 2.  (On days I work at the restaurant, I like to eat lunch as late as possible since I eat dinner at 11 or later.) I took Jess‘s suggestion and made a Meatless Meatball sandwich, on a wrap (microwaved, not grilled, to save time) with hummus and light munster cheese.


I also had a huuuuuge arugula salad with red and yellow pepper, sprayed with Bragg’s.


It didn’t make the photo, but I smothered the wrap in salsa and Frank’s Red Hot.


At work, I snacked on a fig bar.  I first heard about these from our favorite Michigan girl, and I just love them! They’re like big, smushy Fig Newtons.


We weren’t very busy at work last night, but the hours actually flew by pretty quickly and I was surprised when it was time for Ramon to ask what I wanted for dinner.

He made me a big salad with mixed greens, vegetables, and a can of imported Italian tuna (in oil). Very yummy!


On my walk to the subway, I stopped at the deli across the street from the restaurant for a fruit cup.  I ate it all in less than five minutes! It’s hard to beat fresh fruit.


All in all, a busy, but not bad, day.  And hey, at least I’m not bored! I’m enjoying an evening to myself tonight, watching Fracture.  I do love me some Ryan Gosling 😉

The Art of Multi-Tasking

Good afternoon, friends! Sorry I’ve been out the last few days… things have been incredibly busy lately. Not everything has been recorded, but of course I’ll share what I have with you.

I’ve also been working on doing many things at once… here’s what my days have been looking like.

At home:

1. “Cook” breakfast cookie overnight, so in the mornings I can just pull it out and…

2. Put clothes in dryer while coffee is brewing.

3. Eat breakfast while reading 600 pages of manuscripts.

4. Perfect art of speed reading (thoroughly).

5.  Stretch in shower (not recommended… especially if you don’t have a shower mat!).

6. Shave legs while conditioning hair.

At work:

7. [En route]: sleep on subway.

8. Staple one check together while printing out another.

9. Flex abs and arms while running orders.

10. Do squats (AKA rest legs) during slow hours.

11. Sleep on subway home (but remember to get off the train).

Here are some of my eats:

Huuuuge bowl of Puffins & Smart Start w/ 1 plum, 1/2 banana, strawberries, & almond milk:


A Gliding Calm-style snack plate with red and yellow peppers, okra, and a fake chicken with melted lite munster:


I made a spicy peanut sauce out of PB2 and sriracha… so good!


Okra + peanut sauce may just be the strangest, most delicious new combination for me.


I’ve been snacking on my spiced chickpeas at work… I put them in the fridge and they got a little soggy, but they’re still great for instant energy.


After a rough night at work on Saturday, I stopped at 16 Handles for a big cup of Eurotart, Green Tea tart, and PB topped with peaches, kiwi and a huge glob of PB cup.


Daisy Brand cottage cheese w/ a peach, strawberries & granola:


Zucchini egg white fritatta w/ fontina & mozzarella cheeses:


Last night was the first night in a while that I’ve been able to spend time with Ari alone. We’d been planning on going out to dinner and a movie, but it started storming.  Instead, we ordered Thai, popped In Treatment into the DVD player, and a picnic on the floor.


We each had a glass of Frizzante (and thought about how I need to organize my closet area):


Grilled tofu satay:


Fried spring rolls (I had one… didn’t really want it, but they were free!):


Vegetarian coconut vegetable soup:


Dark chocolate:


Ari’s sister also brought me back some chocolate from Israel.


So far I have Switzerland, Germany, Russia

Well, off to work.  I’m very beyond on your blogs… thanks for your patience!

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Good morning, girls and boys! I hope you’ve all had lovely weekends and Father’s Days, and are starting your Mondays feeling refreshed and ready to begin the week.  Yesterday (Sunday) was, frankly, a really bad day.  Work was just awful. I don’t want to dwell on it, and I hate “bringing my work home with me,” so suffice it to say that I cannot wait for the day when I don’t have to wait tables to support myself. What a dream.  Saturday, however, was perfect, so let’s start there instead.

Saturday’s breakfast was strange: sweet, sour & nutty oats.


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup waters
  • 1 banana
  • 1 plum
  • 1 scoop PB
  • cinnamon

Somehow, the sweetness of the banana and the tart, fleshiness of the plum worked really well.  I didn’t even remember that I hadn’t put any brown sugar or honey in to sweeten it!

After I ate breakfast and Ari had lunch (I’ve been getting up a lot earlier than he has and had breakfast so I can keep myself on a remotely normal schedule), we headed into the city to see The Hangover.  It was a lot funnier than I expected it to be,  but very foul, so if you get offended by college potty humor, I’d think twice before seeing it.

At the theater, we split a bag of Haribo gummies that I brought back from the Duty Free Shop at the airport in Berlin for precisely this reason.  Yeah, that’s a lot of gummies.  I also had a sip of Ari’s Coke Zero, but mostly stuck to slamming gummies 🙂


We had a late lunch at a make-your-own salad place nearby. Unfortunately, despite the many promising ingredients, it was one of the worst salads I’ve ever had.


In the bowl, went:

  • mixed greens
  • grilled shrimp (about 20)
  • blue cheese (“a little” ended up looking more like 1/2 cup)
  • walnuts (another 1/2 cup)
  • roasted red peppers
  • corn
  • fat free honey mustard dressing

I ended up picking out a lot of the nuts and cheese, and a couple shrimp.  I was so upset I didn’t ask for the dressing on the side, because there was an inch-deep pool of it at the bottom and everything was dripping. Yuck!


But, Tasty D Lite (sorry, The Lite Choice) made it all better.


I got a small cup of hazelnut fudge topped with chocolate chips.  (I knocked a lot of the chips into the trash… there were so many that I couldn’t taste the ice cream!)


After satisfying our sweet teeth, we went home to make a nice dinner for my mom. While shopping for groceries, we saw some copy cats:


I was really excited about this dinner.  Ever since I saw Jenna‘s take on grouper, I knew I had to try it!  The seafood department at my grocery store didn’t have grouper, so I got some halibut (“This is a fancy fish,” my mom said) instead.

I followed Jenna‘s instructions and marinated four filets in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and fresh rosemary and oregano.


Instead of traditional basil pesto, I went with Cibo NaturalsCilantro Lime Pesto.  I’ve used this brand before… they have a lot of interesting pestos and spreads. I smeared a dollop of this onto each filet:


Then I topped each piece with chopped sundried tomatoes, mixed olives, and a smidgen of feta.  (For Ari, who doesn’t like things that are “white and creamy,” I used mozzarella, as per his request.  His filet is the white monster second from the top.)


I baked the fish at 375 for about 15 minutes, or until a knife can be easily inserted into the center. What a pretty fish!



I also sautéed some mushrooms up for Ari (cooking spray, salt & pepper) and made a simple romaine/tomato salad with a dressing of white garlic basil vinegar, lemon-infused olive oil, grey poupon mustard, Newman’s Own limeade, and a pinch of ginger powder.


A nice dinner is not complete without nice bread; I had a hunk of toasted baguette and dipped it in a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


To drink, we had some Kauri Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc that my friend Howard gave me.  It was very light and fresh, but a little spicy at the same time. It complemented the meal perfectly!


My mom picked up a delicious chocolate cake from Citarella’s for dessert.


We almost didn’t cut it in time…


It was made with three kinds of chocolate. Nomnomnom.


After dinner, I fell asleep while we all watched O Brother, Where Art Thou?. The concert that emerged from this movie was one of the first ones I ever saw!  We stayed the night with my mommy, too, which was very nice.

And then Sunday started. I woke up 45 minutes late, fifteen minutes before I was supposed to leave to work the brunch shift at work.  I still managed to make myself look halfway- decent, and whip up a good breakfast before racing out the door.

I’d made some rhubarb the night before, which I’d planned to use as a side dish but decided at the last minute to use it for breakfast instead.  I used a 12-oz bag of frozen ‘barb and cooked it in 2/3 cup water, juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 garlic clove, and 1 tsp of sugar.   The garlic was quite a kick at 8:30 in the morning!


Into the breakfast bowl went:

  • 1 container Fage 0%
  • blueberries
  • rhubarb
  • pecans
  • honey

At work, I had one of my snack baggies I prepared, thanks to your suggestions. Each has a handful of Puffins, diced dried apricots, prunes and figs, raisins and almonds.


I also had a small slice of of French toast made with baguette (not pictured), and an egg white omelet with veggies.  I had a couple potatoes, but ended up having to stay an hour later than normal so the rest of them got cold.


As I said, work was not so great… it happens.  I’m just lucky the restaurant is only a couple blocks away from my gym, because I really, really needed to burn off steam, and if it had been any further away I would have just gone home and stewed instead.

My workout was great, and was just what the doctor ordered.  I warmed up with 20 minutes on the stairs, then did some arm work, 35 minutes on the bike, and one ab machine afterwards.

Total time: 1 hour 13 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 185

Average heart rate: 149

Calories burned: 647

My body was still really sore from “HPF” on Friday, and this pushed me over the edge. But, I get to be very demanding in terms of getting back massages!

When I went home, I made the most comforting meal I know: Gliding Calm tofu, a sweet potato with honey and cinnamon, and brown rice.  For some reason, the tofu was a little dryer than usual, so I dipped it in Annie’s Lite Gingerly Vinaigrette. Perfect! (And if you’re wondering what’s on that little cracker, you’ll have to read on…)


I also snacked on a red bell pepper while getting dinner ready…


…and making some of Gena‘s favorite guacamole!


Lunch is going to be pretty damn fine!


Last night ended up making up for a not-so-great day.  Ari and I had some wine and watched The Wrestler, which we both liked a lot.


I’m a big believer that starting the morning right will help shape your day into a great one.  Last night, I stuck this guy into the fridge in hopes of besting yesterday’s ickiness.


Jim was made up of:

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 banana
  • 2 T skim milk
  • 1.5 t peanut butter
  • cinnamon
  • apricot eyes, pecan nose, blueberry smile

The forecast looks good: today is going to be a good day.  I have to do some reading for my internship, but I like doing that.

Have a great day!

When I feel heavy metal!

That is one B-I-G WOOHOO!!! I’ve still got some edits to make on a poetry review for my independent study, but that will most likely continue into the summer, so… I can pretty much say I AM DONE with the academic part of my senior year!  Honestly, I didn’t think I’d make it.  I thought of transferring so many times, even of dropping out, but… I made it.  Whew! Anyway, I have a lot of pictures to share since yesterday (and a weird problem with WordPress, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to upload all of them), so here we go:

Last night I went out to dinner with my friends Megan and Max.


We went to a Vietnamese place called Mai Village. There is a lot of inexpensive Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Thai in the Twin Cities, which I definitely didn’t take advantage of!


I ordered a noodle salad with grilled shrimp.  Underneath the massive tangle of noodles was a lot of lettuce; the top was garnished with carrots, mint, and peanuts. It was so good, and even though it was an enormous portion, I ate almost all of it!


After dinner, Megan and I went to Izzy’s for one last (well… probably not the “last,” let’s be honest) hurrah. I got the Dizzy Izzy in a Cup: 5 mini scoops of ice cream (Oreo, salted caramel, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate, and chai) with hot fudge. Mm-mm GOOD!


Well, I didn’t end up staying up all night to write my paper yesterday… I went to bed at 10! At least I can say that I haven’t pulled an “all-nighter” (to do work, in any case) since sophmore year.

This morning I popped right up at 6 and decided to go on a run.  I had half of a brownie Z bar before I left:


My heart rate monitor was being all kinds of crazy, so other than the time I don’t have accurate stats.

Total time: 30:31 minutes

Distance: 2.82 miles

Calories burned: 250-300?

Hopefully this problem will resolve itself soon…


Eggwhites with ketchup and Tobasco:


Honey Wheat English muffin, 3/4 with vegan marjarine, 1/4 with sunflower butter and 1/4 with cinnamon and sugar for old times (I used to eat this EVERY day).


With coffee and the paper.  It’ll be so nice to have time to enjoy a luxurious breakfast again!


Around 10 I snacked on an I-can’t-believe-I’m-the-only-one-in-the-library pear.


I broke for lunch around 12:30 to eat in the cafeteria with some friends.  I got stewed tempeh and chickpeas (to which I added raisins and coconut):


I also had a salad with spinach, peppers, carrots, peas, and lemon juice


Ants on a fiery log:


And my last (I hope) magic bar. 


At 1:30, there was a special Champagne Toast and Sendoff Lecture for the seniors.  A glass of champagne was enjoyed, briefly… then back to the library it was! 


I shared an orange with my friends Luke and Megan in the library… we probably made up 50% of the library’s business. 


I celebrated finishing school with a trip to Whole Foods for fruit, yogurt, and apples.  I still had some Oikos coupons, so I only ended up spending $5! That has to be some kind of Whole Foods record. 

There were lots of delicious samples.  I had my first Dr. Kracker today! This was the sunflower cheddar flavor… it was really good.  It’s a hearty cracker, sort of like a Wasa or Ryvita. 


A sample of Food Should Taste Good (more like a tortilla chip): 


Cod filet: 


“Robust” gouda:



There’s a senior event at Stella’s Fish Café tonight.  There will be “light appetizers” and a cash bar, which could mean anything, so I just wanted a light snack. 

I steamed up some rebel carrots:


I did something blasphemous: I didn’t drink the carrot water (or the Kool-Aid 😉 )! I figure I’m going to be consuming a fair amount of liquid tonight, and I don’t want to be bloated before I even get there! Lilveggiepatch will be back to her old self soon, I promise.


Have a lovely night!