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My Knight In Blue Adidas

Good evening and happy Tuesday! I hope you’ve had a fabulous, fabulous day.  Mine’s been alright… no complaints here!

Yesterday I had an early-morning appointment with a new physical therapist (mine is in Orlando competing in a Half Ironman!), so, after flirting with snooze for as long as possible, I dragged myself out of bed.  This was a little harder than usual, as I got less than five hours of sleep the night before.  Ari was at the All-American Rejects show in Atlantic City the night before, and while I knew he’d be home late, was startled when I woke up at 3:30 and he wasn’t there.  I couldn’t get him on the phone, and because I was still half-asleep, got myself so worked up thinking that something really awful had happened.  He came home at 4 and all was fine, but I don’t know if I’ve ever been so worried.  I can be a little silly sometimes 🙂

Anyway, breakfast was quick but delicious: Sarah‘s microwave pumpkin cake topped with raspberry yogurt and walnuts.

Pumpkin Cake w/ Yogurt

Speaking of pumpkins, our little fella has aged quite a bit since Halloween!

Grandpa Jack

My PT session went well.  My temporary therapist told me my muscles are still really tight… I need to be more aggressive with my foam roller and concentrate on the IT band.  It hurts, but it’ll ease up as the muscle loosens.   He also put me on a pilates machine for some quad work.  I’ve only done mat pilates before, but this was fun! I definitely feel its work today.

I raced home to watch Heroes and get lunch with Ari.  I suggested we go to a bagel place that also makes salads, but when we got there and I saw that their ingredients were no better than the ones I had at home (my rule when eating out is only to get something I can’t make at home) I changed my mind and ordered a toasted low-carb bagel with light cream cheese smoked salmon and tomato.

Bagel Lunch

This was good, but so filling.  I’ve never had a meal hold me over for 7+ hours before… note even Thanksgiving!

The rest of the afternoon was meant to be spent reading, but our room was so hot that I fell right asleep!  It’s been unseasonably warm here for the past few days, and it was the same in Minnesota.  Hmm…

While I was snoozing, Ari was out running errands, one of which was a trip to the bookstore.  He got us both copies of The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain for us to do on our own and talk about while he’s on tourHow do you keep up with friends and loved ones when you’re separated geographically?

Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain

He also got me a surprise…

French Wine for Dummies

French Wine for Dummies (FWfD)!  Just what I need to kick-start my wine education.  What a nice boyfriend! 

We decided to go on a quick run together before dinner; I didn’t want to run at night by myself, and to be honest I’ve been a bit apprehensive about running outside again.  I haven’t had any pain at all in either of my legs for at least three weeks and have run on the treadmill twice since I was given the OK, but I just wanted some company!  While we ran, Ari taught me the rules of blackjack.  I was so engrossed in his casino tales that before I knew it, I was falling… and falling… and falling… it seemed to take a really long time for me to hit the ground, and Ari acted so quickly and caught me so that I only scraped my palms.  I have never fallen while running before, and I shudder to think of what could have happened if he hadn’t been there… I don’t think I’d be able to handle another injury!

We both had more work to do before we were ready to relax, so I made us a quick and easy dinner: Tomatoey Spiced Chickpeas (which I’ve made before), brown rice and Japanese Cucumber Salad with Vinegar.

Sweet & Spicy Dinner

This chickpea recipe stood the test of time… Ari really liked it, and he’s a pretty tough judge.  We both agreed the seaweed wasn’t quite right on the cukes; next time I think I’ll cut the pieces a bit smaller.  A miso would probably taste good as well.

We had some De Loach Merlot, a 2006 Californian from the Russian River Valley that my friend Howard gave to me.

De Loach Merlot

Although this isn’t a French wine, I consulted FWfD to learn a little about Merlot. I scanned the table of contents… nothing.  I flipped to the back to search through the index… nothing again!  No Merlot?! It’s a French word!…. Isn’t it?  I flipped to the “Cheat Sheet” at the front of the book to see if anything even starting with “M” made an appearance, and lo and behold! Next to Bordeaux (red) (Wine Type) was an a list: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc (Principle Grape(s)).  Merlot is a type of grape, and just one of several that falls under the category “Bordeaux.” It grows in the Haut-Médoc in Gironde, a region in the southwest of France that is located in the city of Bordeaux.   The Merlot grape is the most commonly planted variety in Bordeaux (FWfD p. 36-38).

So what does this mean for California Merlots? According to the Wine Institute, Merlot grapes were brought to the United States in the mid-19th century, and are mainly used to blend and “soften” a more robust wine.

I’m typically more of a white wine drinker, but I want to broaden my horizons.  This didn’t taste too strong to me, and it did feel sort of “soft” in my mouth, if that makes sense.

Ari’s take: Deliciousness in a sleek and spunky package.  I was impressed by  both the amount of flavornoids and antioxidants.   And I was ready to party.

I was also ready to party… with the freezer.  Häagen-Dazs sent me a coupon for a free pint to make up for their almond-less ice cream, so I picked up a container of their five-ingredient Brown Sugar ice cream.

Häagen-Dazs Five Brown Sugar

It tasted so much like brown sugar!  Which, I guess, is an acquired taste… straight sugar isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  Ari wasn’t a fan, but I filled a bowl and topped it with Pure Dark chipotle chocolate.

Brown Sugar Ice Cream w/ Chipotle Chocolate

We did a little more work, and spent the rest of the evening watching Heartburn.  Has anyone seen this?  It was made the year before I was born, and there were so many things I recognized (specific toys, accessories, my mother’s perm…).  The film itself made me a little sad (Mike Nichols directed it), but I liked it a lot.  What movie should I order from Netflix?

P.S.  Holly’s giving away some supa-fancy protein powda!


The Big 6

I’ve always thought that the day I ran 6 miles would be the day I finally became a “real” runner.

When my alarm went off at 8, my mind was filled with that excited dread that often comes with the first day of school and first dates.  Since my day is already jam-packed today, I’d written out a list of everything I would do, from waking up to going to work, with corresponding times.  This type of thing doesn’t usually work for me, but I really wasn’t even able to include a margin of error.

Still, I puttered around, wasting time… I checked on the laundry (three times), I did the dishes, I checked the weather (chance of rain)… I was nervous, and I wanted to prolong the run for as long as possible.  But, I was also excited, and had a good feeling.  I knew I could do it!

I quickly put together a no-fail playlist.  These are all songs I’ve run to over and over again, and I know they keep my legs running.

6 Mile Playlist

Before I left, I had half a cup of coffee, half a Luna Bar, and a lot of water.

Pre-run fuel

I debated whether or not to run with a water bottle, but I didn’t want the extra awkward weight to sabotage my run. Instead I kept running back to the kitchen for more water, just to be safe.  I should probably invest in a CamelBak sometime soon…

This was my first time running with snacks.I stuffed my baggie of gummies (who needs Shot Bloks?) into the waistband of my running pants.  I’m sure there was a better option… I tried to put it in the side of my sports bra, as I’ve heard other runners do, but it was really uncomfortable.    Where do you stash your mid-exercise snacks?

Mid-run snack baggie

Finally I set off, with a not-so-brave face.

Not so brave face

I’d promised myself I was going to run at a slow, easy pace… it was more important for me to log miles than go for speed. I’m not racing against anyone! To achieve the 6 mile run, I’d planned on fusing together my go to 4.5 mile and 2.0 mile runs.  It started to rain as I passed the 2-mile point, but I powered through it.  At almost the same time as the first raindrop hit my face, I got a stitch in my right side… the same spot I’ve been getting them for the past week or so. I tried some breathing techniques, but mostly just told myself to ignore it… and it worked!

After I finished my 4.5 mile loop, I stopped and ate half of my gummies.  Then I picked the pace right back up again.  I felt as though my legs were carrying me through, and the only thing I had to do was stay awake for it.  I expected to be sore, but I didn’t think that I’d be so mentally tired! But I powered on.  I stopped and ate the last of the gummies during the final mile.

I got home, stretched and calculated my total distance: 6.4 miles!!!

6.4 miles of victory!

Total distance: 6.4 miles

Total time: 1:10:27

Maximum heart rate: 177 (89%)

Average heart rate: 166 (83%)

Calories burned: 739

For a few minutes, I felt a little nauseous and not very hungry.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted for breakfast, and puttered around for a little.  Then all of a sudden… WHAMO! I made the quickest bowl of oatmeal you’ve ever seen, just so I wouldn’t eat my own arm.

Post-Run Oatmeal

This was made with:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • splash of skim milk
  • cinnamon
  • 1 banana
  • brown sugar
  • scoop of peanut butter

After showering, I slathered on a generous helping of Bengay and promptly burned the bejeezus out of my glutes.  I also got so cold that I had to pile on Ari’s sweats (shh!) and climb under the covers.  I guess “everything in moderation” doesn’t only apply to food…

I took a bottle of POMx Pomegrante Wildberry Light White Tea to keep me hydrated on my subway ride across the boroughs.

POMx Wildberry Iced Tea

FYI: I will be posting a POMx review once I’ve tasted all of the flavors.

POMx Wildberry Nutrition

I needed to pick some things up chez maman et papa, so I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up lunch to eat at home.  It was, sadly, my quickest in-and-out trip to the store.

When I got home, there were two exciting packages waiting for me! First… my RoadID came! I wish I could show it to you, but my Photoshop program isn’t working and I can’t edit out my personal information.  It’s very cool, though!

I also received the Kay’s Naturals package I won from Jenny‘s giveaway.

Kay's Naturals

With lunch, I snacked on some Crispy Parmesan Protein Chips.

Kay's Naturals Parmesan Protein Chips

They look like baby Sun Chips!

Kay's Natural Parmesan #2

And, unlike other brands, this one was filled with chips! Don’t you hate when you buy something and realize you’ve paid for mostly air? They were pretty good… they had the consistency of Soy Crisps.

Kay's Natural Parmesan #3

My Whole Foods lunch was filled with greens, Israeli salad, grape leaves, vegan chicken salad (LOVE THIS), lemon tempeh, glazed tofu, crunch sprout salad, and a farro/wheatberry pilaf.

Whole Foods Salad Bar

While I was home, Charley and I played dress-up…

Charley's tongue

He’s joined the ranks and is now an Upwelling Dog.

Upwelling Dog

I was still snacky, so I ate a raisin walnut roll on the subway on the way to work.

Raisin Pecan Roll

Business at the restaurant was non-existent, so I went home at 7. Wahoo!  I took a salad to go, but decided to save that for lunch the next day and stopped instead at the Japanese mart on my walk to the subway.  I’ve always been curious about these seasoned “wildweeds”:


Unfortunately, I really didn’t care for them at all.  Something about the taste, and the brown weeds (which reminded me of Distric 9… sorry for that gross tidbit!) really turned my stomach and I only ate half.  This looks deceptively small… but as the above photo shows, it weighed 18 ounces!

Japanese vegetable sampler

The brown rice tuna and avocado sushi, however, was just right.  I should have just gotten more sushi!

Tuna avocado roll

The weeds left a taste in my mouth that wouldn’t go away, so I had a glass of Pinot Grigio to usher it out.

Pinot Grigio

I hadn’t had a dessert plate in a while, so I helped myself to dried fruit, Israeli pop-rocks chocolate, and almond butter.  MMM!

Dessert plate

Kitchen Bloopers

Good day, little friends! How is your Friday going so far? Do you have any weekend plans? I’m going to Maryland early tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with Ari’s family.  Should be fun! I just looked at the weather and it’s going to be in the 90s, but i’m pretty sure I won’t melt.

Yesterday started off with a breakfast mess:


Daisy Brand 2% cottage cheese with grapes, a banana, Puffins & cinnamon. Mmm!

After breakfast, we set to work on scouring the room.  Before:

Yes, that closet mess is mine.


We finally had time to set up our Ikea bookshelf, which we got, oh, two months ago.


I was Pam to Ari’s Tim.


Pretty good, huh? It makes such a difference in terms of space. And now I’m allowed to keep my magazines! I have to go home and get my cookbooks… I can’t WAIT.


Ari drilled a hole in the back of one of our shelves so we can keep our phones plugged in… I was more than a little skeptical that he wouldn’t break the whole thing, but the man knew what he was doing.


And yes, that’s your’s truly. See? Same haircut!


There are still some boxes in the closet, but it’s a LOT better than it was.


I can actually find my clothes!


We broke for lunch and went to Panera.  I got the sandwich and salad combo with a Mediterranean Veggie sammie:


I also got the Strawberry Poppyseed salad. Yum.


I didn’t end up eating the apple…


…but Panera was freezing (and as usual, I forgot a sweater) so I got a skim cappuccino and sprinkled Sugar In The Raw on top, just like my mama does.  She used to let me eat the foam with a spoon when I was wee!


After a little more cleaning, I was feeling snacky so I had a date with almond butter.  I could eat these guys every day and be very, very happy.


A little later, I went on a KILLER run with Ari’s brother.  He’s run four marathons, so I figured (correctly) that I would run harder and better with him.  As I’ve said, I’m a stronger runner with other people. We went about four miles, and I had to stop for a minute at the halfway point because I thought I was going to collapse!

Total time: 38:52 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 197 (99%)

Average heart rate: 179 (90%)

Calories burned: 475-500 (HRM is being fickle again)

All in all, a great run.  I didn’t stretch though (tsk tsk), and I’m feeling the burn today!

After I was clean and presentable, Ari and I went out to dinner. I’d kind of wanted to cook, but we don’t get to spend evenings together so often and this took less time.  We went to Locale, a new(ish) place in Queens.

I had a spicy olive that we were brought as soon as we sat down.


We split the bruschetta trio: warm eggplant ragu, portobello/mozzarella/pesto, classic tomato.


For my entrée, I ordered the fish special: grilled Wild Atlantic salmon wrapped in seaweed with a stone fruit coulis.  It also came with sautéed spinach and fingerling potatoes, but I subbed those for a mixed green salad instead.


Ari was feeling pretty sassy all through dinner.  Imagine wearing a Yankees cap in Queens!


I’d planned on having my usual dessert platter, but he suggested Cold Stone. I’m not one to turn down fully-loaded ice cream, so I ordered a “Like It” cup of Sinless Sweet Creap with hot fudge, peanut butter, and a Reese’s PB cup.  Does Sinless + Decadence = Zero? Cuz it should.


This was actually way too much for me.  I ate it all, but I felt a little sick afterwards.  I stopped at the grocery on the way home to get ingredients for chocolate chip cookies.  When baking, I usually substitute applesauce for half of the butter or oil to make it a little healthier; unfortunately this does NOT work for cookies.

I tested one out, saw that it looked more like cake, and turned the rest into a peanut butter banana cake. It’s pretty good, actually!


Batch #2 was straight-up Toll House.  Unbeatable.


It was kind of a perfect day, overall 🙂

I’m off to the gym to squeeze in some cardio before work.  I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!


Happy Humpday, bloginas and bloginos! I hope your day is going fabulously so far.  We’re scheduled to have thunderstorms today, but so far it’s beautiful out.

Yesterday I started my morning with a big ole mug ‘o yogurt.


I used Fage 0% and Chocolate PB2 to make a chocolate peanut butter mousse, then layered bananas, apricots, and cherries to make a bombdiggity parfait.

I spent the rest of the morning reading and writing furiously, and broke around 2 for lunch. I heated up a pouch of Trader Joe’s Indian Fare Carrot, Lentil & Onion Soup.




I’ve had this once before, and I really like it.  The ingredient list is simple, it’s not calorically dense for the amount of soup you get, and the flavor is awesome! The only thing that would have made it better is a little shredded coconut or chopped peanuts, like I used to do at school.


I also made a melty wrap with TJ’s meatless meatballs, light munster cheese, and roasted red pepper hummus.  Our hummus stash is running dangerously low… I think I need to hit up Elise‘s fridge.


This was my second cup of coffee for the day, and I was WIRED.


A couple hours later, I had an apple to fuel me through the last of my work.  I had a minor freakout when my computer froze and wouldn’t turn back on… but all is well.


I finally got my booty to the gym around 6. Note to self: never go to the gym at 6 on a weekday AGAIN.  It was unbelievably crowded; all the machines were taken, I couldn’t get a locker, and it was sheer pandemonium.  There was a DJ spinning by the weight machines, which was cool, but I’d rather be able to work out.  Instead, I did arms, abs, and five minutes on the treadmill… I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked. I did one-minute intervals at a range of 5.8 and 6.8 MPH, which keeps me from getting bored.

After a quick shower (which I don’t usually had to wait for… another reason not to go at this time), I ran over to Whole Foods for some dinner.


In my box, I got:

  • spinach
  • bok choi
  • seaweed salad
  • farro with apricots and almonds (!)
  • broccoli
  • sesame-glazed rainbow carrots
  • BBQ tofu
  • baked tofu

I wolfed down my meal on the subway and rushed over to the B. B. King Blues Club to meet Leslie, Stewart, and my mom for the Lovin’ Spoonful concert.

Leslie snuck her cup of Coldstone into the club…


It got a little messy! This was a tasty coffee ice cream with cheesecake combination.


We hid it by some equipment under the table…


Very stealthy.


The show was a lot of fun.  I think my mom, Stewart and Leslie were a little startled by the band’s appearance… a lot has changed since the above video was made.  They still had a great energy, however, and everyone had a great time.


When I got home I remembered it was “trash night”, so I took  all the recycling and household garbage outside.  One of the main garbage cans didn’t have a bag, so I tried to tip the can into a giant garbage bag.  Unfortunately the can was chained to the fence, so it snapped back, spilling foul-smelling liquid all over me.  And what was this liquid? Rained-on doggy poo.  I did my best to clean it up, and in doing so, covered the already-bagged garbage in the poo.  I went back inside to get some new bags, but forgot to bring my keys with me.  So I was locked out of the house, covered in poo, for about half an hour. Luckily the problem resolved itself and I got in about half an hour later, and took my third shower of the day.  P-U!

I figured that ordeal deserved a special treat, so I went for one of the fancy chocolate squares we got at Tony Caputo’s.  According to “the chocolate guy”, Amadei chocolate is the best on the planet right now.  Tony Caputo’s is the only store in Utah that is licensed to sell it.  Amadei has one all kinds of awards, and in 2006 Food & Wine magazine named it “The World’s Best Chocolate”.

The Chuao variety combines notes of plums, red fruits, and conserves.


“The chocolate guy” said the only way to really taste all of the flavors in a chocolate is to eat it first thing in the morning, before you’ve even had a glass of water.  I’ll have to do that next time.

I ate it along with a big plate of dried figs, prunes, apricots, and dates (which were smeared with almond butter).


I washed it all down with some Trader Joe’s Bedtime Tea.


The combination of tea + a long day wiped me out! I couldn’t even get through Strictly Ballroom, a 90s Australian spoof that’s a cross between Dirty Dancing and Best In Show.  It was really good, so I’m going to finish it before I go to work!

Have a splendid day 🙂

Seaweed Adventures

Good evening! I hope you’ve had wonderful weekends full of trips to the beach, outdoor activities, or whatever makes you happiest.  Mine was lovely, even though I had to work today, so I can’t complain 🙂

This morning was the usual breakfast cookie, coffee (I didn’t have time to brew a pot, so Folger’s Instant it was) and vitamin cocktail.


  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 scoop peanut butter
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 2 tbsp skim milk
  • cinnamon
  • 1 orange for garnish

Work was fine.  We had a couple hours where things were a little crazy, but the rush ended early and things weren’t too stressful for long.

For lunch (at 3:30), I ordered an egg white omelet with veggies and salad.  I grated parmesan on the eggs and covered them with a sprinkling of parmesan and pepper flakes, and a lot of ketchup and hot sauce (not pictured).


I joined the clean plate club with this one.  That’s what spending 8 hours on your feet without eating (unless you count the orange slices from the bar try 😉 ) will do! The only problem with these omelets is they’re cooked in a lot of oil, but I don’t want to irritate the chefs too much so I just let it go.

The gym was a-calling (it’s been a while), so I went straight from work.  I did 20 minutes on the stairs, a lot of strength, and started with the bike but realized I was just too tired.  I didn’t let myself succumb to feeling guilty for not having a 1 hour + workout… I’m really trying to get rid of this “all or nothing” mentality I have about exercise once and for all.  Anyway, I hopped off the bike after about two minutes and just moved on to abs.  No guilt!

Total time: 52:04 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 181 (91%)

Average heart rate: 139 (70%)

Calories burned: 398

After the gym, I went to Trader Joe’s for some groceries.  I’m going away on Friday, but I need enough to get me through the week, so I just got some staples.  The line was unbelievably long (about a 45-minute wait), but the prices couldn’t be beat!


  • blueberries
  • canned chunk light tuna in water
  • low sodium minestrone soup
  • nonfat plain Greek yogurt
  • organic blueberry fruit spread
  • extra firm tofu
  • spinach
  • dark chocolate truffle bar
  • flattened banana strips
  • frozen mango/berries
  • organic cucumbers
  • PURE bars (finally!!! I jumped out of the line when I spotted these)
  • clover honey
  • Puffins cereal
  • Mediterranean hummus (I’d originally picked a different flavor, but the guy in front of me in line convinced me to get this instead)
  • Organic Greek yogurt, honey flavored
  • organic carrots
  • bananas
  • Almond Breeze
  • Multigrain pilaf
  • roasted unsalted almond butter, creamy

I didn’t have time to go to the samples booth and I was STARVING on my subway ride home, so I had half of a Peanut Butter Cookie Luna Bar.


Even after my Luna bar snack, I was still pretty hungry so I snacked on some rebel carrots while getting dinner ready.


For the past few weeks, Miss Gliding Calm has been making the most beautiful creations with seaweed and other Japanese ingredients.  A couple nights ago, in the wee hours of the morning, I found a magical bodega (the same bodega that sold the $2.99 medjools) that had them on display in the front of the store, so I knew it was a sign.


Inspired by Gina and Erin‘s jicama rice, I made some of my own out of daikon.  I don’t have my own food processor, so I just diced about 1/4 of the root as finely as I had the patience for.


I laid out the ingredients for my cucumber avocado roll:


I only used half of the length of this sheet of seaweed to make the roll, and used the rest to make little “wraps” with the leftover cucumbers and avocado.


They turned out pretty well! With the rest of the avocado half, I made wrap with a Morningstar Farms Chik’n Patty and a Laughing Cow wedge.


I doused the sandwich in mustard and (daintily, of course)  dipped my sushi in soy sauce.


The daikon was a great addition! I didn’t miss the rice one bit.  Now, if only I had that food processor…

Now that I’ve finally stocked up on almond butter again (I haven’t bought a jar in almost two months!), I can enjoy my favorite dessert again! I had a dried date, fig, apricot and prune with a scoop of AB and some TJ’s truffle dark chocolate.


I missed this.  Peanut butter is good on everything, but nothing beats an AB-stuffed medjool. Just how it is.

There’s a mindblowing amount of work to get done tomorrow, and I’m trying to get back on a semi-normal schedule, so I’m hoping to be sleeping by midnight.  Too much of a pipe dream?  What time do you go to bed and get up? How many hours of sleep do you usually get and if you take naps throughout the day, how long are they?

Bonne nuit 🙂